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The AI revolution and globalization will lead the new trend of the game industry in 2024 | Game Trunk

Game Trunk 2024/07/03 23:16

With the rapid development of technology and the continuous advancement of globalization, the gaming industry in 2024 is ushering in unprecedented changes. From the deep integration of AI technology to the rise of all-platform games to the overseas expansion of Chinese game manufacturers, this year's game industry is characterized by diversification and innovation.

AIGC empowers content innovation

The convergence of AI technology has revolutionized game development. From character design to story generation, AI is gradually becoming involved in every aspect of the game. Through deep learning, AI can analyze player behavior, predict trends, and even automatically generate game levels and tasks, greatly improving development efficiency and innovation.

The application of AIGC technology has brought the innovation of game content to a new height. Not only does it generate personalized content based on player preferences, but it also adjusts game elements in real-time as part of player interactions, providing a richer and more personalized gaming experience.

Game trunk, AI revolution and globalization wave lead the new trend of the game industry in 2024 | Game Trunk

The introduction of AI players has added new vitality to the game world. They are able to simulate the behavior of real players, providing a more realistic and challenging gaming experience, especially in competitive and strategy games, where the presence of AI players greatly enhances the playability and depth of the game.

AI players can also derive AI companion play, providing solo users in MMOs with convenience such as team dungeon companionship, satisfying players who just want to play with acquaintances. The application of AIGC gives game manufacturers a new choice in addition to strong social networking, and AI companion play can also open up a new development route and effectively improve the LTV of players.

Global Competition: A New Battlefield for Chinese Game Manufacturers

In the face of fierce competition in overseas markets, Chinese game manufacturers are actively exploring emerging markets. Through in-depth understanding of local culture and market demand, Chinese games have achieved remarkable results in Southeast Asia, South Asia and other regions, and have become a popular choice in the local market.

A successful localization strategy is the key to your game's global expansion. From language translation to the integration of cultural elements, Chinese game manufacturers are constantly optimizing the localization process to better adapt to the needs of different markets.

Game trunk, AI revolution and globalization wave lead the new trend of the game industry in 2024 | Game Trunk

The development and operation of global IP is also an important factor for the success of Chinese game manufacturers in overseas markets. By creating game IP with international influence, Chinese game manufacturers are enhancing their brand value and market competitiveness.

All-platform gaming: Seize the opportunity of multiple ends

With the continuous improvement of smartphone performance, mobile games have ushered in explosive growth. In terms of graphics and gameplay, mobile games are already on par with PC and console games.

Simultaneous release on multiple platforms, allowing players to enjoy the same game experience on different devices. This strategy not only expands the game's audience, but also ensures the game's long-term operation and profitability.

Game trunk, AI revolution and globalization wave lead the new trend of the game industry in 2024 | Game Trunk

Technological innovations, such as cloud gaming and cross-save capabilities, are driving the growth of all-platform gaming. These technologies allow players to get rid of the limitations of their devices and enjoy the game anytime, anywhere


The game industry in 2024 is standing at a new historical starting point. The deep integration of AI technology, the intensification of global competition, the rise of all-platform games, and the reshaping of the industry competition pattern have all depicted a new era full of opportunities and challenges.

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