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About us

Beijing Shangzhuangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet platform service provider that adopts a new generation of Internet and artificial intelligence technology and is committed to the innovation and development of business knowledge production methods, organization methods and value realization methods.

On the one hand, the new generation of Internet and artificial intelligence technology is used to innovate and reconstruct the production and organization of business knowledge, so as to realize the systematization, structure and precision of business knowledge, as well as the convenience and efficiency of business users to obtain business knowledge services. Help business people solve problems in their work through business knowledge, reduce the risk of business decision-making, and create more business value.

On the one hand, it is necessary to innovate the way to realize the value of business knowledge, and help relevant business knowledge direct service institutions and individuals, such as consulting companies, research institutions, enterprise training institutions, professional media, self-media, business knowledge experts, etc., to establish multi-level and multi-way business knowledge transactions and monetization methods, so as to realize the sustainable development of the business knowledge service market.

Establish a knowledge marketing service platform for business knowledge indirect service institutions, such as technology companies, marketing service companies, human resources, finance, legal and other professional service enterprises, realize the correlation between business knowledge and its products and services, enhance the brand awareness of business knowledge indirect service institutions, product and service sales through knowledge marketing, and also create a closed loop of business knowledge services and business partner selection services for business users.

Founder of the company

Li Zheng is the founder and CEO of Business News

Prior to founding Business News, he served as the CEO of CCW Media (concurrently serving as the publisher and editor-in-chief of IT Manager World, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Computer World, and the publisher of New Finance World), during which he founded, a leading CIO community in China, initiated the establishment of the China CMO Club (as the chairman of the club) and the China Digital Marketing Forum. led the 1st and 2nd National Cyber Security Publicity Week Experience Exhibition; As the vice chairman unit, he participated in the establishment of the "China Industrial Internet Alliance".

Cheng Zhimin is the founder and VP of Business News

Prior to founding Business News, he served as the assistant president of CCSHI Media Group, responsible for the distribution, new media, and products, technology and operation of CCSHI Media's Internet business business, and has many years of Internet work experience.


2016.08 Initiated and signed the first round of lead financing agreement

2016.10 Completed an angel round of financing of 30 million RMB, with investors such as Yonyou Technology, Tianchuang Chuangrun and Shifang Tiandi Venture Capital

2017.01 APP was launched for public beta

2017.02 The company obtained the certification of "Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise".

2017.08 Held a series of fintech pain point salon activities such as banking technology, insurance technology, etc

2017.12 Hosted the selection of outstanding cases of scientific and technological innovation of rural small and medium-sized financial institutions and the 2017 China Rural Financial Technology Innovation and Development Forum, and achieved a complete success

2018.03-10 Hosted the China Banking Association Xiamen, Chengdu, Xiong'an, Suzhou and other fintech roving forums

2018.12 Officially launched a new version of business knowledge (PC, App) built with knowledge graph as the core

2019.01 Officially released "Xinzhihao" to create an integrated platform for the creation and promotion of commercial value content creators

2019.05 Officially released "Xinzhi Academy" to create a trading platform for paid business knowledge and corporate training services

2019.06 Officially released the "Xinzhi Enterprise Service Mall" to provide business people with enterprise service product procurement and enterprise service partner selection services

2019.06 Officially released "Xinzhidian" to create an integrated operation platform for marketing and product sales for enterprise service providers

2019.07 Held the "Digital Marketing Online Selection Festival" to create an online trading ceremony for digital marketing products and services

2019.08 Jointly with 9 major B2B vertical trading platforms, the "2019 Retail Service Online Procurement Festival" was held.

2019.12 Jointly with many business value knowledge production institutions and individuals on the platform, held the "Win in the Prophet - 2020 Business News Festival"

2020.02 Joined hands with dozens of partners to launch the "2020 Suggestions for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" public welfare activity

2020.02 Completed the pre-A round of financing of 20 million

2020.07The curriculum system has been fully upgraded to realize the direct transaction and delivery of courses

2020.08 The "2020 National Enterprise Service Online Expo" was held in conjunction with thousands of enterprises and institutions, which received wide attention as the first professional online expo in the field of general enterprise services in China

2020.11 Held the New Knowledge Talent Popularity Challenge to open up new ideas for creators' content dissemination

2020.11 The "Mobile Creation Center" was officially released, and functions such as editing and publishing, content management, and data viewing on mobile phones are convenient for creators to quickly manage their creations on the mobile terminal

2021.02 New Star Business News 2020 Creator Selection Event is officially launched! Outstanding creators in various fields are selected through online voting

2021.03 The first session of the New Yao Xing Business New Knowledge Creator Conference was held in Beijing - Industry Observation Field, at which the incentive plan of the creator "Xin Yao Plan" was released to fully empower creators

2021.03 The New Shining Star Business New Knowledge Creator Conference was held - Management & Professional Position Field, creators and media participated in the conference, and awards were presented to outstanding creators in various fields

2021.04 New Bright Star Business New Knowledge Creator Conference - Shanghai Station ended perfectly, creators gathered together to exchange creative processes and enjoy the future of knowledge monetization

2021.12 Business News officially released the "Creator Sharing Plan", which shares a part of the platform's traffic revenue with content creators

2022.02 The 2021 Creator Selection of Business News was officially launched

2022.03 The 2021 Creator List of Business News was released, including a total of 32 awards for industry news, job news, and data release agencies.