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"Singing Tide" major version update: the fierce battle in the second game is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"

Game Spinning Top 2024/07/03 11:31

On June 28, "Singing Tide", which has been online for more than a month, officially launched the 1.1 major version of "Awakening in the Sky in the Past Years".

On the day the version was launched, the game rushed directly back to the 6th position on the IOS best-selling list, and it is currently relatively stable at the top of each list, and the boost brought by the big version is really not to be underestimated.

And in the past month, the popularity and commercial results of this work can also be described as good news.

In less than a day after the pre-download was opened, "Rising Tide" has topped the free charts in more than 100 countries and regions. Subsequently, in the first week of launch, it basically achieved an astonishing result of 500 million yuan. And as soon as the "Yinlin" card pool was released on June 7, the game topped the best-selling list in 8 global markets including Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Singapore.

This shows that this work is not a wave of online streams, but a stable path to the second game that can gain player support by opening a new card pool.

Now, with the popularity of the "Imashio" pool visible to the naked eye, it can indeed be said that this is another powerful IP that can generate stable income after "Battle Double Pamish".

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"

However, in the past month, "Singing Tide" has also been living in controversy.

On the one hand, there is an all-round torture of the game's content, and on the other hand, there are many doubts about the commercial performance - why can "Singing Tide" rush up?

Looking back at Kuro's movements in recent years, I think that behind the various controversies of "Singing Tide", it is still about the drastic changes that are taking place in the second game track. Compared with the past relying on the core of two-dimensional culture to be small and broad, the current second game is more like a "brave game".

I have to say that the biggest popularity since the launch of "Singing Tide" has to be the various "rhythms".

For example, players are dissatisfied with some of the game's plot copywriting and character creation, and gradually ferment in the discussion, and finally completely out of the circle in the form of "Mingchao style". Now everyone will say two sentences "XX is like this, XX only needs XX, and XX has a lot of things to consider" - occasionally netizens come out to remind that the Ming style is ABA format, don't use it wrong.

Of course, after similar fun and ridicule, what players care about most must be the game's follow-up content updates and operational arrangements.

Therefore, after the initial rhythm broke out, Kulo also used the attitude of "sliding and kneeling at the speed of light" to arrange welfare compensation in an orderly manner, solve optimization problems, and quickly carry out iterations of gameplay content and functions, which can be regarded as temporarily stabilizing the situation. It can also be seen from the commercial achievements mentioned at the beginning that "Singing Tide" still has considerable product appeal.

But how did this headwind tradition come about, and how did Kulo really play black and red marketing?

In fact, this may be due to the fact that the situation faced by Kuro is always complex, and it can be said that he is facing some new challenges at each stage. This undoubtedly has high requirements for the decision-making, judgment and execution of the team's R&D and operation processes, and they must keep learning and trying to make a breakthrough - and they don't have much time.

Previously, many media and game KOLs have made a detailed combing of the development process of Kulo since its establishment, whether from the perspective of company scale or product research and development, Kulo can be called a manufacturer that has completed rapid development and growth in a relatively short period of time.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"

If Kulo's first game "Battlefield Double Ponytail" in 2016 was still a conventional product that conformed to the mainstream second-game form at that time, then the follow-up 2019 "Battle Double Pamish" was a key step that was enough to impact the second-game track pattern without 3D technology accumulation and action research and development experience.

Having just gained a foothold in the 3D action category and has his own stable user base, Kuro has to use "Singing Tide" to keep up with the open world craze. To this end, it took only two years for Kuro to expand the team to nearly 1,000 members in 2022, while also receiving investment from Tencent.

Leaving aside R&D experience and technical issues, many people at that time doubted that under the occupation of the market by "Genshin Impact", "Singing Tide" could still enjoy many dividends when it was launched. In the long R&D process, Kulo only has one product "Battle Double Pamish" to support revenue, which also makes people sweat.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"The big world is not so easy to follow

At the same time, the polishing process of "Singing Tide" can be regarded as ups and downs. Although "Singing Tide" can attract a lot of attention every time it is tested, it has also encountered some big problems, and even the official overturned and redone the copywriting and other content after the second test, which is the version we see now.

On the one hand, it is more expensive and sustainable investment, more unpredictable risks, and more fierce market competition, and on the other hand, it is the first time to contact the open world and realize the global synchronous launch. With so many tasks and expectations on his shoulders, perhaps it is reasonable that "Singing Tide" lost one or the other in the first month of its launch, and the rhythm was frequent.

Kuro is a bit of an "adventurer" who doesn't rest on his laurels: they always enter new areas, face new challenges when they're not ready, and then burst into problems. However, they also understand the underlying logic of the operation of the second game, and they are enough to listen to persuasion and are willing to give feedback to players with an appropriate attitude. As a result, there is a "path dependence" that starts with difficulties and then turns against the wind, and finally reaps certain results.

Not to mention, the long list of new content and optimizations in version 1.1 of "Singing Tide" is obviously exactly what Kuro is best at, "timely correction" - players who eat this set seem to have a lot now.

First of all, on the character card pool, version 1.1 directly hit the pain points of second-game players and launched the "double female card pool". The first half of Jinxi, and the second half of Changli, are all "ruthless characters" that are enough for players to voluntarily pay the cost to focus on cultivating.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"Long detachment

The pink-haired sister Changli, who has gorgeous swordsmanship, and the white-haired double ponytail Jinxi who can "summon the dragon", can be said to be full of elements in the good ball area. With a textured appearance and a dazzling fighting style, they will surely become frequent guests in the next videos such as continuous performances, intensity analysis, and plot analysis.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"Imashio

It can only be said that Kulo's control of the quality of the character is really unique. Previously, just one of Jinxi's display PV could rush to the fifth place in the whole site ranking of station B, and many characters have their own fan groups, which shows the appeal of the characters of "Singing Tide" to players. If the output frequency can be maintained, the long-term market performance of "Singing Tide" is indeed expected.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"Looking forward to PV has also become a great pleasure for "Singing Tide" players

The second is the optimization of functionality and the filling of gameplay content. Optimizations such as improving tuner hoarding, reducing the cultivation burden of Shell Coins, and even adjusting character parameters and operations are all being optimized for players' urgent experience gaps. The new types of sound bones and transformation gameplay are a diversified excavation of the main system, and they are also the update direction that meets the expectations of players.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"Version 1.1 of the Sound Skeleton Transformation gameplay

It is also worth noting that the complex region "Riding the Sky" implemented in version 1.1 is also worth noting.

In addition to the addition of mechanisms such as light capture locks, pressure sensors, and streamers, this new area also adds a [Layered Map] function that provides accurate guidance. It can be seen that Kulo really wants to improve the quality of the open world by increasing scene interaction and optimizing the exploration experience, so as not to let the big world become a background.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"

Compared with the success or failure of the first month, the long-term update of a second tour can often see its strength and courage. And Kuro can always win against the headwind, perhaps because of his excellent long-term planning ability. There have been many examples of the second-game market before, and the dissatisfaction and rhythm caused by the lack of preparation in the early stage of the launch will often be accompanied by the timely evolution of the product to precipitate a group of users and then embark on a positive cycle - as long as you have the ability to resist pressure against the wind.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"There is more scene interaction

Hard grinding out of the "action factory"

Of course, many people may think that Kulo did not experience a real adventure, it was just "swimming across the river by touching Miha".

But in my opinion, the essence of this "river crossing theory" actually lies in "whether it can leapfrog from the traditional two-game system that focuses on roles and light gameplay to a new form of two-game with technical accumulation and core gameplay."

Many successful vendors over the years have faced similar choices, but this is not a chasm that can be steadily crossed.

To put it more bluntly, miHoYo has indeed found a way with its adventurous spirit and verified many possibilities, but it does not mean that those who come after are qualified to enter this ranks. This still requires courage, strength, and accumulation. Crossing the river is crossing the river, and the fact that others can cross does not mean that you can cross it, and if you pass it, that is the ability - there are so many that you can only watch it from the shore.

Moreover, does Kuro really not have something of his own?

Yes, and it's recognizable, and that's "action design".

If you look at the feedback of Kuluo's games on major social platforms and game channels, you will find that players will scold the planning, copywriting, and operation, but when it comes to action gameplay, everyone will often give a certain degree of affirmation. Even many players said that as long as the action can maintain a level of progress, then they will continue to support it.

It can be seen that no matter how the big framework changes, Kulo, who has succeeded in "crossing the catastrophe", has cultivated his core competitiveness. "Battle Twin Pamish" and "Singing Tide" have already formed a certain word-of-mouth moat among the player group after miHoYo's "Honkai Impact 3" and "Genshin Impact" respectively, which have greatly promoted the innovation of the second game method.

On the one hand, this is because Kulo's action design is really gripping in terms of audio-visual experience.

Whether it is "Battle Double Pamish" or "Singing Tide", Kulo does not just stack special effects, sewing dazzling content such as sword qi and dimensional slash into it to pursue pure gorgeousness, but uses the character movements as the base, focusing on polishing the expressiveness of camera movements and the mechanism of different characters. Therefore, although many players do not play Kulo's games, they love to watch related combo videos.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"Lucia Oath in "Battle Twin Pamish" (Source: Station B)

On the other hand, it is because Kuro has some of his own understanding of action gameplay.

When building the action system, in addition to ensuring that the basic levels such as the sense of impact, hit feedback, and sound effects are solid enough, Kuro is actually more willing to deepen the combat level around some specific elements. For example, in "Battle Twin Pamish", he tried to integrate "match-3" to create strategy, and in "Singing Tide", he used character switching and the sound skeleton system to expand player operations, which is impressive.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"Many players are insisting on editing the combo video of "Singing Tide" (Source: Station B)

And the appearance of the "action factory" that Kuluo has hard-grinded with two products is very valuable in today's era of second games.

Because although the core second game users still take "love for the character" and "whether it is in line with XP" as the core driving force, the current argument that "the second game does not need to be played" is actually difficult to stand.

Don't look at "Genshin Impact" and "Honkai: Star Dome Railway" are always criticized by some high-level players for "no playability", but in fact, there are still many people who draw characters and buy monthly cards purely because they like the basic gameplay of exploration or turn-based. The core logic of paying for characters is gradually broadening with the upgrading of gameplay.

Not to mention the action experience provided by Kulo, which is also an important part of the character's charm. Compared with the past era when you could only focus on vertical painting and plot competition, the unique gameplay framework of "Singing Tide" is obviously more malleable, and it is very likely that in the future, after the character pool is further expanded and the plot is fully polished, more positive feedback from players will be received.

It can be said that under the influence of these manufacturers who have "successfully crossed the river", if there is no special IP sentiment bonus, it is likely that it will be difficult to win the love of players because they cannot keep up with the current "second-game character presentation standards", and then they will not be able to run through the entire business cycle.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"

As a result, we can see that manufacturers like Eagle Point, which has enjoyed great success, have also gone through a more painful stage of transformation and accumulation over the years.

Even though Ark of Tomorrow is still a sizable hit, it's time for a big 3D product like The End to be brought to the table. And Eagle Horn is obviously different from other manufacturers in terms of brand building and understanding of core gameplay, and the cultivation path of "The End" is another topic worth paying attention to.

Of course, referring to the current content performance and commercial achievements of "Singing Tide", it is nothing to remain optimistic about Kuro. But it's undeniable that Kuro has followed miHoYo's pace and gradually forged his irreplaceability to qualify for the next stage of the table, which is perhaps more important.

What doesn't kill me will make me strong

Since the introduction of this category and culture into the domestic market by the "Second Tour Emperor", the Second Tour track has undergone extremely drastic evolution in the past ten years. From simple imitation learning to global dominance, there is certainly the myth of a small factory becoming a big man, but more undoubtedly there is no cruel competition after the launch.

Especially in the past few years, it is really the most critical transition period for the second-game market.

Manufacturers with strength and foresight are actively strengthening technical barriers to enter a new stage, and those who can't pass this level can only roll up the differences in themes and arts, and dig out more subdivided user groups. At present, there seem to be very few second-game manufacturers that can successfully "cross the catastrophe" and establish comprehensive competitiveness in terms of technology, gameplay, brand and other dimensions.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position"

Especially today, when miHoYo's product matrix across multiple categories is about to be built, the gap between products of different segments and positioning will be further widened. It is hard to imagine how much share can be grabbed in the stock market after the official launch of "Jeopardy Zero" the day after tomorrow, a completely new product that still focuses on the most basic two-dimensional vertical painting + PPT plot + card battle.

Therefore, when everyone was actively discussing whether "Ming Tide" won or not in June, perhaps the future development of "Ming Tide" was more important.

In the increasingly polarized fierce competition, for manufacturers like Kuluo who have crossed the technical threshold and formed a brand differentiation, as long as the leading project can gain a foothold in the market and sustain it for a long time, there will be more resources and more time to incubate new product forms, and continue to activate the possibilities for the second tour and even more tracks.

It is believed that with more iterations of the version, "Singing Tide" will eventually find a form that is balanced enough in terms of gameplay experience, content capacity, user service and other aspects, providing a valuable reference for later generations.

Game Gyro, "Singing Tide" major version update: the second game of fierce fighting is white-hot, but Kuro already has an "exclusive position""Today's Ling Yin, let's take this part of the road first"

Recently, there is a popular saying on the Internet, which tells brave people to enjoy the world first. In fact, this is not the case in the gaming industry. It's important to be smart and budget-wise, but in many cases, you have to risk your life once, or even many times, and finally leave your name with the blessing of some luck at the right time and place.

At present, it seems that the current stage of the second tour track belongs to manufacturers like miHoYo and Kuro, who dare to move forward, dare to face risks and then survive and live well. In the initial era of the ignorance of domestic second tours, they pressed on their net worth and gambled, so they have the right to speak today. But the tuyere always comes and goes quickly, and the successful ones who have crossed the promotion threshold always have to face more unknown dangers. When the next round begins, hopefully we'll be lucky enough to witness more brave men.

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