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Warcraft reopened, can it be popular for a month?

Zhang Shule 2024/06/28 09:20

Zhang Shule is a columnist for People's Daily Online and People's Post and Telegraph

World of Warcraft returns,

It's hard to escape the peak at the beginning!

Who the hell is still playing World of Warcraft.

How long do Warcraft live?

Zhang Shule, Warcraft reopens, can it be popular for a month?

At 6 o'clock on the 27th, the "World of Warcraft" nostalgic server "Wrath of the Lich King" will be opened, and players who participated in the last round of testing can use their original characters to enter the game.

Early in the morning, many netizens were waiting to open the server and were ready to enter the game as soon as possible, but many netizens complained that they couldn't get in and disconnected.

Some netizens mentioned that they "typed in the password indiscriminately, and then still asked me to line up", and questioned the World of Warcraft official deliberately stirring up the heat.

Some netizens posted that "there is no verification link at all" and "make a fake queuing page to play monkey, this operation refreshes cognition".

The netizen also said that on the login interface, the player's account password is entered by 1 or knocked randomly, and the same can be queued, and the queue number is 400 + 60 Take a random number, which is a fake page.

It is reported that in order to slow down the queue, World of Warcraft has officially lifted the lock status of the "Silver Northern Expedition", "Herold", "Dragon's Tooth", and "Dreadnought" servers.

Regarding the problem of not being able to log in when the queue is full, the official response said: We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will continuously monitor the status of each server and optimize it if necessary. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Zhang Shule, Warcraft reopens, can it be popular for a month?

According to the game, due to the technical access has not been fully completed, from June 27th to July 10th, the game time will not be consumed, the Battle.net mall service will not be available, and the server will also be temporarily locked.

On July 10, it is expected to be suspended for 24 hours.

Once the maintenance is complete, all WotLK services will be fully restarted and server restrictions will be lifted.

At 10:30 a.m. on the 27th, Blizzard introduced that the official server of the national server "World of Warcraft" will return on August 1, and the "Battle for the Center of the Earth" version will be launched globally on August 27.

In addition, team executives will visit Shanghai, ChinaJoy, and bring the launch time of Hearthstone.

World of Warcraft nostalgia is difficult to log in as soon as the server is opened, proving that World of Warcraft still has a large user base?

How long can the heat of the return of World of Warcraft last?

In this regard, interface news reporter Fang Shiqi, Sina Finance Yuan Yiming and Shule had an exchange, this monkey thought:

The World of Warcraft nostalgia suit is very likely to start at the peak.

It's not surprising that nostalgic clothing is difficult to land on.

Zhang Shule, Warcraft reopens, can it be popular for a month?

In fact, there was a problem when the nostalgic service was launched, that is, a large number of users poured in, resulting in queues.

In the past, this situation often occurred in the early days of server launch and special festivals such as the Spring Festival.

This time, it was also due to the influx of players due to the launch date, and the eagerness to be able to clarify the data related to their former accounts to be restored.

So, it led to such a hot external perception at the moment.

But for now, it can't be assumed that World of Warcraft still has a large user base.

When the service was discontinued in 2009, it used to be 5 million people waiting.

And now the number of users of the Warcraft nostalgic service should not even be 1/10 of the peak of the year.

Zhang Shule, Warcraft reopens, can it be popular for a month?

At the same time, the difficulty of landing is predictable, but it reflects the lack of preparation on the side, which shows a kind of haste in the middle of the reopening process.

How long Warcraft will live is no longer a question of time, because there is no time.

World of Warcraft, as an online game that has been 20 years old, is more of a feeling.

After all, its core users are essentially middle-aged, and these people have very little time to play, and they are more of a return to feelings.

Zhang Shule, Warcraft reopens, can it be popular for a month?

After the return of Blizzard's national server, World of Warcraft players will return because of their feelings.

However, games such as "World of Warcraft" are no longer in full swing in 2009 when they changed agents, and this wave of returns, old players are estimated to shrink by 9%.

So, World of Warcraft can fall into a game trap called the pinnacle of the start.

That is, it was popular when the server was first opened, and in the subsequent period of more than a month. It's going to get colder and colder.

Zhang Shule, Warcraft reopens, can it be popular for a month?

At the same time, in the era of mobile games, MMO games represented by World of Warcraft, as the main genre in the PC online game era, are non-mainstream in mobile games.

Therefore, at a time when a variety of game carriers are surging, and at a time when PC game users are gradually becoming scarce, MMO will maintain a momentum of decline and continue if there is no innovation and change in the new gameplay experience.

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