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When the Three Kingdoms ushered in the first batch of college student alliance leaders

Game matrix 2024/06/27 15:25

With the Red Sea Battle Royale in the mobile game market in recent years, the track has solidified, more and more games have begun to seek new changes, and the changes in users, the rise of Generation Z, and the younger generation have become the main force of the network, which has made new and old categories, new and old games, want to broaden their user plates, and SLG is no exception.

It was once known for its "liver and krypton", and middle-aged people were the main group, but it also began to be younger a few years ago, and the track head products and new track products all wanted to make themselves "the first SLG for young people" and eat a bite of dividends. A few years have passed, and there is no conclusion on who is "the first SLG for young people", but in terms of this year so far, when it comes to youth, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the recent new game "Three Kingdoms: Plotting the World" on Station B, a SLG game that has allowed me to see far more college students, young people, and two yuan in the game.Game matrix, when the Three Kingdoms ushered in the first batch of college student alliance leaders

"Back in the Three Kingdoms era, how many college students are you capable of turning the tide?"

The "Three Kingdoms Fever", which has never stopped, is particularly lively in the short video track that spreads quickly, especially the classic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" TV series in 94, which has become the best material for various creators.

And the Three Kingdoms, which is full of wonderful and talented people in history, is also a popular time point in the theme of "crossing", "Back to the Three Kingdoms era, cross into XXX, what will you do?" "Go back to the Three Kingdoms era and give you 50 college students, are you capable of turning the tide? ”…… Imagination like this is also a hot topic in short videos. In this regard, I have recently been obsessed with "Three Kingdoms: Plot the World", and met several college students' big cats who commented sharply on this issue: "The real Three Kingdoms don't know, but if college students are in charge of the game, I can't stand 5." "As a middle-aged social animal with a baby, a big cat with a moderate player in SLG, it is rare that he and his friends have been very active recently, this is because after a long time, everyone has finally gathered together for a long time because of the "Three Kingdoms: Plotting the World" that "does not force krypton and does not force the liver". On the first day of the game's launch, Big Cat and his friends built an account for the first time, developed steadily, and chose a top-ranked alliance to join by the way. "There are really a lot of young babies in this game, there are many college students in our league, and the leaders of the league are college students." The big cat on the first day sighed. It didn't take long for the big cat's alliance to develop more and more steadily, from robbing the state and attacking the city to conquering the national capital, and gradually became the first alliance in their state, and then something happened. "The brothers have snatched an order!" After taking the national capital Jinyang, the big cat alliance leader grabbed the "big reward three armies" order, and after spending 188 yuan to buy, he can get 18 merit-seeking orders, and he can also issue treasure chests to all members of the country, generally in SLG games, this is a super value reward for members, and most of them are funded by the alliance leader or the executives in the alliance. Because of this, the big cat alliance was boiling all of a sudden, and everyone was looking forward to the distribution of the treasure chest, but then the alliance leader said "no money" and initiated the "group collection".Game matrix, when the Three Kingdoms ushered in the first batch of college student alliance leaders

"It's the first time I've seen a treasure chest like SLG Dameng, and everyone has to crowdfund it......," Big Cat complained to his friends in the small group. However, there are also more college students who understand that the league leader has no regular source of income, and they have paid crowdfunding fees, and some bigwigs said "give a management, these are all covered".

But this crowdfunding turmoil is just the beginning of the collapse for Big Cat's alliance. In the afternoon of the same day, the big money owner who has been contributing money in the big cat league was suddenly kicked out of the alliance, and the league leader said that the "big money master" always sends red envelopes, brings allies, and the action is too big, and he is afraid of having a "heart of disobedience", and then said that in the future, the alliance will recruit management "college students first", and after another meal, he announced that he was going to go to physical education class with the college student managers, and then hit the city again, and by the way, take the brothers to "see the outside world".

Accompanied by Liancheng's mistakes, after a series of operations such as not switching to the resource state at the first time, and suddenly forming an alliance with other states without concealing management, the leader of the big cat alliance became more and more difficult to convince the public, and the alliance was also full of complaints, and the big cat hurriedly discussed the time to run away with his friends in a small group. What's even more dramatic is that before the big cats can run away, the alliance leader suddenly betrays the alliance again, and the big cat is tortured while eating melons, and finally exclaims "5 college students manage, I can't stand it". As for what happened to the big cat, another former SLG heavy player "Xi Chu" laughed hahaha, and joked by the way, "At least this shows that "Three Schemes" is really money-saving, and there are many young people, and the leader of the state league is a college student who plays for the first time." "

To be honest, "Three Kingdoms: Conquer the World" is really a very magical product, I have never discussed SLG games, the two-dimensional mobile game group for the first time appeared about SLG games, at the beginning it was two group friends into the pit, and in the afternoon it became three people, and the next day it became four people, and they were all young people who didn't play SLG mobile games before. However, unlike the young people in the Big Cat League who want to make contributions and break out of the world, the group members in the two-dimensional mobile game group enjoy the fun of the game's card drawing and teaming. From posting cards, to which generals can better play high-level land, and which generals to train first...... These are the core gameplay fun of the two-dimensional gacha mobile game, and it is also the core focus of them at the beginning when playing "Three Kingdoms: Conquering the World", in the first week of the game, the group members who played the SLG mobile game for the first time hardly discussed the alliance and forces.

Although "Three Kingdoms: Conquer the World" is an SLG game, it seems that for the two-dimensional group, playing is still the core of the card game, but that all changed a week later. "We've gotten to the real Three Kingdoms." Group friend A suddenly said in the group.

Then the other three members of the group also began to chatter about the recent feud in their alliance. In a nutshell, it is the alliance of the group of friends and the alliance of the other two states, saying that they are going to attack the other states together, but first one of the allies repents of the backstab and causes infighting, and then the other ally is no longer single-minded, causing the alliance of the group of friends to be chaotic, the alliance leader almost betrays the alliance, and when the three families are fighting endlessly, suddenly other states get the news that they want to carry out a sneak attack. When the three alliances looked at it, they had to put aside the internal strife first, and then collectively and externally, so they united again. To be honest, this kind of alliance backstabbing, planting spies, and causing infighting are actually commonplace in SLG games, but for the two-dimensional group friends who have never played SLG, it has caused a considerable impact, and the reversal and reversal, as well as the fun of "fighting with people", have also completely aroused the interest of the group friends. If before this, the two-dimensional group friends who played "Three Kingdoms: Plot the World" were just playing the "card drawing game", then from now on, they are indeed playing the "SLG" game, and the 4 group friends began to pay attention to the power struggle between states and alliances, and they are more and more integrated into the atmosphere of "fighting with others".

The first head-on collision between SLG and young people and pan-users

In addition to the cases around him, there are still many stories about the expansion of the circle and young people in "Three Kingdoms: Seeking the World", although there are constant dramatic events and controversies, but in the current game market, it has indeed become a unique SLG game in the player ecology, and more importantly, he is really breaking the barriers between SLG and young people and pan-users little by little. The public beta guarantees 125 draws, the orange rate is 8%, and the 20 draws are guaranteed, which is enough to attract players who enjoy the fun of card drawing to go up and have a cool wave, and at the same time simplify the design of various processes, without delaying time and not forcing the liver, which meets the demands of contemporary young people to reduce their burden, and also greatly reduces the threshold of SLG games. There have been a lot of analyses and overviews on the efforts made by "Three Kingdoms: Conquer the World" in "reducing liver and reducing krypton", and the game matrix is only briefly described here, but it is undeniable that these optimized and burden-reducing designs are one of the key foundations for making it a younger pan-user, which makes it attractive to young people who don't know SLG from the game itself, or pan-users who know SLG but are discouraged by liver and krypton. When the concept of "being the first SLG game for young people" appeared two years ago, many people regarded it as a joke, because of the content and gameplay limitations of SLG itself, as well as the long-term design that stimulates feedback, it is capitalized "not adaptable" to the environment of contemporary young people. It is difficult for young people, especially college students who do not have a stable income, to find a reason to invest in SLG games and a place to stand on, so it is difficult to feel the core charm of SLG games. Furthermore, in the current Internet era, the social scene of young people and the social scene of SLG's core user circle are not interconnected. Whether it is young people who are accustomed to Internet social networking and occupy the main speaker group on the Internet, or SLG game users who are self-contained, have a strong bond social environment, and pay attention to team socialization, they all attach great importance to socializing, but the environment they are used to and the information cocoon they are in are not interconnected, which makes it more difficult for young people to integrate into the SLG environment. Although this is a bit exaggerated, in the personal opinion of the game matrix, if "Three Kingdoms: Plotting the World" is not published by Station B, then it is difficult for it to have today's achievements in the influence and expansion of pan-users and young people. On the one hand, as a platform for contemporary Generation Z to gather and a wide range of ACG users, on the other hand, it is a content platform for the history of the Three Kingdoms and various in-depth videos, the inclusiveness and diversity of Bilibili have natural advantages in creating a new social scene that integrates SLG's core users and young people to coexist. also through the nature of the platform itself and its own unique design, "Three Kingdoms: Conquering the World" has truly pulled young people and pan-users into the SLG track in a positive sense, and is in the same social scene with SLG core users. This new social scene, the first meeting of the theme and new users, and the collision between core users and new users are still a little chaotic today, but I have to say that "Three Kingdoms: Conquering the World" has made SLG's user ecology show unprecedented vitality and tell the market: A new door has opened on the SLG track.Game matrix, when the Three Kingdoms ushered in the first batch of college student alliance leaders

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