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Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is coming

Game Spinning Top 2024/06/20 12:02

Junmeng Games officially lays out the mini game track!

Junmeng Games, a veteran domestic game company, recently launched a mini game creation competition, which is open to developers from universities and social tracks. As soon as the competition was launched, it set off a strong response among teachers, students and professional developers from many well-known universities. Junmeng's strong layout of the new track of mini games will inevitably cause a "wave" in the industry, and targeting students and industry start-up teams will also inject new blood into the game industry.

Game Gyro, Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is coming

Junmeng Games entered colleges and universities

Ms. Miao Zhiyi, CEO of Junmeng Games, mentioned in her speech at Tongji University that the Junmeng Mini Game Creation Contest is a grand event carefully planned by Junmeng Games to stimulate the creativity of young people and cultivate new forces in the game industry. The competition aims to connect college students and passionate creators/teams in the game industry, encourage them to use their imagination to create diversified game works, and let a wider range of players feel the charm of games through the medium of mini programs.

Game Gyro, Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is coming

Game Gyro, Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is comingJunmeng CEO Miao Zhiyi Tongji University preached

In the past period, Junmeng Games has entered the campuses of Tongji University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Wuhan University, South China University of Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Xiamen University, and more than 1,000 university teachers and students listened to the sharing session of Junmeng Mini Game Creation Competition. Junmeng's sharing not only gave the teachers and students a deeper understanding of the game industry, but also stimulated their enthusiasm to participate in the creation competition.

Game Gyro, Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is coming

Hainan Lingshui government strongly supports

It is worth mentioning that the Lingshui government of Hainan Province also provided strong support for the competition. Relying on the institutional advantages of Hainan Free Trade Port and the foundation of its own mini game industry, Lingshui provides "one-stop" local services with a global vision for high-growth mini game creators in the incubation period, and is committed to building the world's largest mini game creator base, with the goal of becoming the preferred work and life destination for global mini game developers.

Game Gyro, Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is coming

As the first city in the country to focus on mini games and mini games going overseas, the Lingshui government has promulgated special support policies for mini games and built a small game industry base. After enterprises settle in the Lingshui Mini Game Base, they can enjoy the preferential policy of upstairs accommodation, downstairs office, and bag check-in, and no rent in the first year of occupancy, which greatly reduces the cost and threshold of enterprise settlement.

The Lingshui Mini Game Creator Base, located in Haifeng Town, is a typical example of this, which will soon become an international creator harbor, and will also become the venue for the final summer camp of the Mini Game Creation Contest "Dream Making Plan".

The final of the Mini Game Creation Contest will be held here on July 26th! The finalist teams will be developed here for 15 days, not only will they receive careful guidance and help from professional mentors, but also provide game planning, art, technical personnel, operation and distribution support throughout the process, so as to improve the original sparkling creativity into a market-ready work.

In addition to the traditional gold, silver and bronze awards, Junmeng Games has also set up more than 19 awards such as "Code Conqueror", "Interactive Magician", "Visual Wonder", etc., and the final selected projects or teams have the opportunity to directly sign with Junmeng or receive Junmeng's project investment!

At present, the registration for the Mini Game Creation Contest has been opened, and both IAA and IAP Mini Program game projects can participate! The registration deadline for the preliminary round is 24:00 on July 20, at that time, the official website registration channel will be closed, and the final finalists will be announced around July 23, and there is still 1 month before the final registration date.

Junmeng Games has set up a scientific and fair selection criteria for the preliminary selection, and an authoritative jury composed of well-known producers, technical & art experts and industry celebrities will comprehensively score from the dimensions of "technology", "art creativity" and "market potential" to select the finalist teams or games.

The holding of the Junmeng Mini Game Creation Contest not only provides a stage for college students and game industry enthusiasts to show their talents, but also injects new impetus into the innovation and development of the game industry. Through this event, we can see the responsibility and pursuit of Junmeng Games in the game industry, and also see the future and hope of China's game industry.

In the digital age, games have become an important form of cultural expression. Through games, we can experience different worlds, feel different emotions, and learn about different cultures. With the development of the industry and market changes, the market share of Mini Program games has gradually increased, and the number of users has increased by more than 20% compared to 2023.

Game Gyro, Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is coming

Through this competition, Junmeng Games also actively cooperates with universities and UNITY Research Institute and other institutions to provide strong support for cultivating talents in the game industry. Through in-depth exchanges with students, we can discover more potential game creators, and inject new ideas and creativity into the future development of the game industry.

Game Gyro, Junmeng enters the mini-game track! The new event is coming

About Junmeng

As a veteran game manufacturer in China, Junmeng Games has also launched a series of IP products such as "Ragnarok", "Qin Shi Mingyue" and "Thunderbolt Jianghu". Let's look forward to the second spring of Junmeng Games this time and bring different surprises to players!

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