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Can the reconstruction of "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World", which is reconstructed on the 100th anniversary of Jin Yong's birth, break the curse of remakes?

Entertainment unicorns 2024/06/19 22:36

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"This good meeting, the excitement is not shallow, he meets in the rivers and lakes every day, and then he is a glass of wine. Let's leave it at that. ”

On October 30, 2018, a generation of martial arts master Jin Yong passed away suddenly. In 2024, it is the 100th anniversary of Mr. Jin Yong's birth, and there will be an endless stream of commemorative activities from all over the world, and his IP development will be even more lively. Penguin Films and Yaoke jointly created "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World", which was broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video at 18 o'clock on June 17.

Entertainment unicorn, Can Jin Yong's 100th anniversary of Jin Yong's birth reconstruct "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World" break the spell of remakes?

From June 17th to July 6th, Youku also officially announced the "Jin Yong series limited and free film list". Classic versions such as "The Legend of the Condor Heroes: Iron Blood Pill Heart", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes: East Evil and West Poison", "Dragon Babu", and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" are free for a limited time.

At present, there are at least six or seven Jin Yong's works to be broadcast, among which the most concerned is "The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Hero" directed by Tsui Hark and starring Xiao Zhan, in 2023, when the official lineup of the film's poster was announced, it caused heated discussions on the screen. This year, according to Fu Ruoqing, chairman and general manager of China Film Co., Ltd., "The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Hero" has been completed and is in post-production. According to reports, the film will be released this year and is planned to be released simultaneously around the world.

Jin Yong's IP remake that has entered the "Infinite Loop Universe", when will a hit be born?

"Marvel Universe"-style 2024 "Condor Shooting"

Among the "Jin Gu Wenliang", Jin Yong's popularity ranks first, and among Jin Yong's IP, the "Condor Trilogy", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", and "The Legend of the Sky and the Dragon" have the highest national popularity and IP development value. As Jin Yong's most filmed work, it is even more difficult for "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" to develop new ideas.

The first season of "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World" consists of five major units, with a total of 60 episodes. Xu Bing, Deng Ke, Cao Dun, Zang Xichuan, Yang Lei and five big-name directors directed respectively, this Sha and Bao Shangen played the new version of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, and Zhou Yiwei, Wang Jinsong and other acting schools joined, plus Chen Duling, Gao Weiguang, Meng Ziyi and other topical and good-looking supporting roles to help, it can be described as star-studded, with high expectations and a high starting point.

Lv Chao, the founder of Yaoke, mentioned in the book "Creator" that Yaoke borrowed from Marvel's method of filming the "universe" from the characters to reconstruct Jin Yong's martial arts world. "Condor Shooting" is divided into five units: the protagonists of "East Evil and West Poison" are Huang Yaoshi and Ouyang Feng, "Southern Emperor and Northern Beggar" tells the story of Duan Zhixing and Hong Qigong when they were young, "Huashan on the Sword" is equivalent to the first assembly of the top masters, "Nine Yin True Scripture" revolves around Huang Yaoshi, Feng Yu, Mei Chaofeng, Chen Xuanfeng tells stories, "Iron Blood Dan Heart" tells Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Yang Kang, The story of Mu Nianci and other martial arts masters. Original characters such as "Yihuo" and "Tanmin" have been added.

Entertainment unicorn, Can Jin Yong's 100th anniversary of Jin Yong's birth reconstruct "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World" break the spell of remakes?

It is not difficult to see that the play strives to innovate within the framework of the world view of "Shooting the Condor", and strives to complete the "Condor Universe" for the supporting roles, and from the title of the play, it reveals such an ambition: it is not called "Shooting the Condor", but named "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World", which has advantages and disadvantages.

As a national IP, most audiences are familiar with the storyline, and its adaptation is difficult to grasp. The "universe" adaptation retains the IP dividend to the greatest extent, enriches the story line, and brings more room for the screenwriter to play, and after many adaptations, the popularity of the supporting roles is no less than that of the protagonist, and the audience has a sense of freshness and interest in watching, from this point of view, its exploration is worthy of affirmation.

From the perspective of actual perception, in order to leave a long time for the supporting characters in the limited number of episodes, resulting in the compression of the main story, the first unit "Iron Blood Dan Heart" removed a large number of branch lines such as Guo Xiaotian, Yang Tiexin, Qiu Chuji and Jiangnan Seven Monsters Bet, Temujin, and Tuo Lei Huazheng, and the progress was fast. In the first episode, Guo Jing grew up in three minutes, and in just 44 minutes, Guo Jing practiced martial arts with the Seven Monsters, competed in Jiaxing, met Huang Rong, met Mu Nianci, Yang Kang flirted with the people's daughters, and Guo Jing fought and hugged the blockbuster plot of inequality. In addition, the weak play, the overly yellow filter, the impression of poor texture brought by the art setting, and the casting fit were also complained.

At present, judging from the word-of-mouth and popularity of the Douban short comment area, it is not impressive. Three days after the broadcast, the current popularity of Tencent station is nearly 22,000, and its investment promotion is average. Considering that the first unit is the plot that the audience is most familiar with, you can wait and see the content innovation part of the subsequent unit.

Serial development, the first word-of-mouth and popularity will greatly affect the second part, the second season of "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World" tells the story of "The Condor Heroes", which was previously exposed. In addition, as an essay on the same topic, the play will inevitably be compared with the film version starring Xiao Zhan.

Entertainment unicorn, Can Jin Yong's 100th anniversary of Jin Yong's birth reconstruct "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World" break the spell of remakes?

If "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" tells the birth process of "The Great Hero", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" is the most romantic and pure love story in Jin Yong's IP. A few points of grasping the spirit of the original work are related to the success or failure of the adaptation.

The rise of Xianxia and the decline of martial arts:

Jin Yong's IP that has been repeatedly filmed for more than ten years

Repeated shooting, repeated shooting, repeated shooting. This is probably a one-sentence summary of Jin Yong's IP remakes in the past ten years.

"Where there are Chinese, there is Jin Yong's martial arts. According to incomplete statistics, Jin Yong's 14 martial arts novels have been published and distributed more than 150 million copies worldwide, and in Chinese mainland alone, more than 300 million people have read his works, and more than 100 film and television works have been adapted, and his influence is undoubted.

In fact, Jin Yong's works are also quite suitable for film and television, especially TV dramas: as a million-word long story with a tight rhythm and ups and downs in the plot, as the saying goes, "Jin Yong is realistic, Gu Long is freehand", these characteristics have made Jin Yong's IP adaptation of film and television have given birth to a number of influential boutiques. So, what went wrong?

In the 90s, Jin Yong's adaptation peaks emerged in Hong Kong and Taiwan, among which TVB's Jin Yong drama became a classic in the hearts of the post-70s and post-80s, and many versions were compared. After 2000, the center of Jin Yong's drama creation shifted to Chinese mainland. In 2006, Huayi, who had just entered the TV series, signed Zhang Jizhong, set up a studio for him and participated in the production, and Zhang Jizhong launched 9 Jin Yong dramas by himself. In 2011, Huace Film and Television launched the "New World of Martial Arts" project, announcing that it would spend 1 billion yuan to remake 8 Jin Yong and Gulong dramas, including "Dragon Babu", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "The Legend of Deer and Ding". In 2013, Yu Zheng remade "The Condor Heroes", and since then, Jin Yong's dramas have become more and more idolized.

Since the broadcast of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" in 2017, it has been a new round of Jin Yong's martial arts adaptation boom, and this stage can be described as a flood of bad dramas, except for the 17th version of "New Condor Shooting", which has a good reputation, and successfully brought out Li Yitong, most of the dramas have both word-of-mouth and ratings, including "New Smile and Proud Jianghu" with a Douban score of 2.5 points, "The Legend of Deer and Ding" with a score of 3.3 points, and "Dragon Babu" with a score of 3.4 points......

When the mainstream audience changed to 00, its aesthetic orientation has also changed, and the filter of martial arts feelings is no longer there, and from the perspective of the external environment, from fantasy, Cthulhu to crossing, the rise of online texts with different themes and types has had an impact on traditional martial arts. Statistics show that on the Himalayas, the audiobooks of Jin Yong's well-known novels such as "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" have been played about 10 million, while the audio novels of the well-known martial arts fantasy online text "Sword in the Snow" have been played more than 2.76 billion.

At the same time as the decline of the martial arts theme, it was accompanied by the explosion of the female frequency fairy theme. The fusion of Xianxia and ancient puppets has achieved a series of hits, under the spectacle of visual effects, the acting skills and playing scenes are almost negligible, and the world is born at every turn, and the tribulation of three lives and three worlds is all in order to fulfill the love of the male and female protagonists.

From "The Legend of Sword and Fairy", "Flower Thousand Bone" to "Canglan Jue", and even this year's "Walking with the Phoenix", the past 20 years have witnessed the transformation of the theme of "juvenile growth" to the "narrative of the big heroine", and with the development of streaming media platforms, "S+" Xianxia drama has become the largest source of star-making. Some practitioners said frankly that this genre is also the most capable drama for investment promotion, and the most stable basic plate every year.

At the same time, although Jin Yong's IP remakes are pounced, they have been shot repeatedly, and the root cause is that this genre has a fixed audience and a new effect. Director Guo Jingyu once revealed that the 2017 version of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" was iQiyi's largest online drama for members in the first half of 2017, with a total revenue of 339 million yuan. The 2019 version of "Heaven and Dragon Slayer" also contributed to Tencent Video's new arrivals.

Some new IP adaptations or original martial arts dramas have been born. Female-oriented martial arts dramas are mostly martial arts + emotion, such as "Listening to Snow Building" starring Qin Junjie and Yuan Bingyan, and "You Fei" starring Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo. Some popular martial arts dramas often carry out a mix and match innovation of different elements and evolve into "martial arts +", which is welcomed by the new generation of readers, and breaks out of the shell under the light of Jin Yong, showing a trend of more circle to verticalization. "Sword in the Snow" is "Martial Arts + Fantasy", "Lotus Tower" and "Detective Jane Don't Know" are "Martial Arts + Detective", "Youth Tour is an Inch of Lovesickness" is "Martial Arts + Adventure Treasure Hunt", and "The Legend of Magpie Knife Gate" is "Martial Arts + Sitcom".

There are more than 9 martial arts dramas to be broadcast this year, including "Water Dragon Yin", "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World", "Seven Nights of Snow", "Dart Man", "Heroes", "New Condor Heroes", "Young White Horse Drunken Spring Breeze", "Only This Jianghu Dream" and so on. Among them, there are IP adaptations of new generation writers such as Cangyue, and there are also manga adaptations such as "Dartman".

In the short comment area of many high-scoring dramas, comments such as "martial arts flavor and sense of rivers and lakes" often appear. The long-standing spiritual core of martial arts is still needed, but the form needs to be innovated.

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