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The first month or break 5 billion turnover? DNF mobile game revenue surpasses "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite"

Game Spinning Top 2024/06/19 15:27

On June 17, Sensor Tower released the TOP30 global revenue ranking of Chinese mobile game publishers in May 2024.

According to the platform's data, in May 2024, a total of 40 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted in the top 100 global mobile game publishers in terms of revenue, attracting a total of 2.11 billion US dollars (about 15.31 billion yuan), accounting for 39.7% of the revenue of the world's top 100 mobile game publishers in this period. (Note: Only publisher revenue is counted, and third-party Android channels in China are not included.) )

DNF mobile games helped Tencent retain the top spot, and "Ming Tide" pushed Kuluo games to break into the TOP30

Game top, the first month or break 5 billion turnover? DNF mobile game revenue surpasses "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite"

In May, Tencent continued to top the list of Chinese game manufacturers' overseas revenue by virtue of the strong output of the classic IP adaptation of the mobile game Dungeons & Warriors: Origins (DNF mobile game) in major overseas regions. The mobile game was in public beta on May 21 this year, and immediately occupied the top spot in the domestic iPhone list and the best-selling mobile game list.

According to Sensor Tower data, in the last 11 days of May, the revenue of DNF mobile games in the domestic iOS market has exceeded the combined revenue of "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite", making Tencent Games' mobile revenue increase by 12% in May. As of press time, this game has been at the top of the domestic iPhone best-selling list for 28 consecutive days.

Recently, according to the data estimated by the main "domestic two-dimensional mobile game observation" of the UP master of station B, the turnover of the domestic market of DNF mobile games in the first month may have reached more than 5 billion. At present, many investment institutions and industry insiders compare the flow of DNF with the flow of "Honor of Kings", and some even believe that the number of users and commercialization capabilities of DNF mobile games are enough to support a monthly turnover of 5 billion. It is foreseeable that DNF mobile games have almost locked in the most popular new games of this year in advance.

In the TOP30 mobile game revenue list in China's App Store in May listed by Sensor Tower, DNF mobile games also ranked among the top three on the list along with "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite".

After the DNF mobile game, the new game that performed more well this year is the new open-world RPG game "Ming Tide" by Kuro Games. The game was simultaneously released on multiple platforms around the world on May 23, and immediately topped the mobile game download list in multiple markets in the United States, Japan and South Korea, second only to "Dungeons & Warriors: Origins" in the Chinese market, and is the most eye-catching two-dimensional original mobile game this year.

According to Sensor Tower Audience Insights data, 45% of Honkai: Star Rail players play Honkai: Star Rail at the same time in the U.S. and Japan. Despite this, after the launch of the second half of the 1.0 card pool on June 6, the revenue of "Singing Tide" ushered in its first peak, surpassing the performance of the first week of listing.

Within three weeks of its launch, the game received 9 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play worldwide, with revenue of more than US$50 million (about 363 million yuan), and more than 70% of the revenue came from overseas markets. Benefiting from the revenue performance of "Singing Tide", Kuluo Games also broke into the top 30 of China's mobile game publishers.

Game top, the first month or break 5 billion turnover? DNF mobile game revenue surpasses "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite"

Eagle Point's revenue surged by 411% in May, and the praise rate of Joy Net's new game "Zombie.io" exceeded 90%

In the ranking of mobile game publishers and mobile game revenue in China, there are also many new games or evergreen games that have achieved revenue growth of more than 100% month-on-month.

Game top, the first month or break 5 billion turnover? DNF mobile game revenue surpasses "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite"

For example, XD Network's "Let's Go Muffin" was officially tested in the domestic market on May 15. With healing art and soundtrack, as well as relaxed idle gameplay, the game remained in the top 10 of the best-selling iPhone mobile games in China in the second half of May, when a number of blockbuster new games were launched. Driven by this game, XD Network's revenue in the current period increased by 146% month-on-month, ranking 11 places to 14th on the list.

Another example is Eagle Point Network's "Ark of Tomorrow", Sensor Tower data shows that the national server of "Ark of Tomorrow" ushered in the fifth anniversary celebration of its listing on May 1. With the opening of the theme songs "Beacon of Mercy" and "Why Do I Be Me", the game returned to the top three best-selling iPhone mobile games in China. Its game launch, Eagle Point Network, also saw a 411% surge in revenue in May, surpassing the monthly revenue for its 2022 and 2023 anniversaries.

In May, Changyou's turn-based card game "Journey to the West: Drawing West" was launched and received more than 90% praise. The game's outstanding performance led to a 142% quarter-on-quarter increase in Changyou's revenue, ranking 36th among Chinese mobile game publishers in terms of revenue.

In terms of high ratings, Joy Net's hybrid casual shooter mobile game "Zombie.io: Potato Shooting" launched in the European and American markets at the end of April also performed well. The mobile game topped the mobile game download list in many markets such as the United States, Britain, Germany and France when it was launched. On the basis of classic elements, Joy Net injects hero teaming and equipment systems to enhance the depth of the game.

At present, the game's player praise rate in the mainstream market of Europe and the United States exceeds 90%, and the in-app purchase revenue has grown steadily, which is expected to become another popular mobile game for Joy Net after "The Legend of the Mushroom Brave".

Game top, the first month or break 5 billion turnover? DNF mobile game revenue surpasses "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite"

In addition to the companies mentioned above, the top 100 Chinese mobile game publishers in terms of global revenue include Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, FirstFun, Shengchang Network, Microfun, Dewdrop Games, Tap4Fun, Youku Shengshi, Competitive World, Hortor Games, Changyou, Youka Network, Lotus Games, Yale Technology and Zhixingtong.

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