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Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of leopard transformation and the vivid diva

Music first 2024/06/19 11:15

uthor | Punpeng Editor | Fan Zhihui

"The outside world is wonderful, and the outside world is helpless."

When the classic "The Outside World" was sung, the light sticks under the stage were dimmed, and the audience turned on the flash of their mobile phones one after another, giving Karen Mok a sea of stars. Listening to the chorus of the audience, tears were already rolling in her eyes, and she couldn't wait to sigh in the interlude-

"It's beautiful."

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

Yes, it's beautiful. After watching the "Big Show" concert, you will understand that Karen Mok, who debuted 31 years ago, is really beautiful when she is immersed in her own music world.

Magnificent little love songs

In Beijing, the twilight is gentle, and the sky has not yet completely darkened.

In the consistent stage design, the opening of the concert is often a song and dance, which quickly ignites the audience's emotions and plunges into the performance. But this time Karen Mok is different, she chose "Hiroshima Love".

"I don't have enough time to love you properly, I should have stopped playing amorous games a long time ago."

Karen Mok opened her mouth, and screams and cheers rang out from the audience, which can be described as a climax. This is a song that is so popular that in our youth, we have heard the urban legend that "couples will break up if they sing this song together".

But at the Bird's Nest at this moment, this song is beautiful and people can't put it down.

Karen Mok was dressed in a grand white wedding dress and stood on the high stage of the stage. The opening love song belongs to the broken love, "He Doesn't Love Me", "The Fruit of Midsummer", "Love", like crying, solemnly saying goodbye to a love. Until she stepped off the high stage and turned the wedding dress into a light little dress in a second, the love in the song also changed its style.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

"Slowly Like You" is a little bit of love heating up, "Cloudy" is indifferent after love fades, and "Two Girls" is a love wrestle...... Karen Mok is like a naughty and amorous lover, she fell in love with the audience on the stage, and witnessed a hundred turns in love.

How to explain the charm of Karen Mok's love songs?

Her love songs are like a café at the school gate, where you drank a latte when you were young, but when you drink it when you grow up, you will blow the hot air on the rim of the cup while recalling that you drank this latte many years ago. At the same time, you understand that only Karen Mok can master the subtle ratio of coffee and sugar, sourness and sweetness in this latte.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

She has too much advantage in interpreting love songs.

On the screen, she interprets too many characters who are bent on love; In reality, her life is a romantic love myth. After watching her performance on the spot, you will understand that in fact, God favors her and does his best to help her sing her love to the fullest.

This time, the concert chose a symphony orchestra of more than 40 people to set off the love in her songs. Classical instruments surround her, telling the story of love, and the majestic symphony orchestra and the ethereal love in Karen Mok's voice form a wonderful contrast. It seems to be in the second half of an elegant, skillful, and stable life, looking back at the paranoia, reluctance and coldness of love when I was young.

In the first chapter of the whole concert, Karen Mok sang different love stories. As the sun fades and the night falls, the audience understands the good intentions of this design: there is nothing more suitable for a warm and cozy summer evening than Karen Mok's delicate love songs.

The gentleman leopard has changed, like a dream

Twenty-two years ago, Karen Mok released one of the most important albums of her music career, "i".

The concept of this album is a high-level summary of Karen Mok's life from music to life. i reads love, and this is a consistent theme in Karen Mok's songs. i or I, the first person in English, is the belief and pursuit of self.

This time the "big show" is still the same. In the previous chapter, she sang more than a dozen classic love songs in one go, and in this chapter she chose to show her vivid self. If the love song chapter moved the audience in the memory killing, then this chapter Mok Wenwei herself had a lot of fun.

For example, in "Diva", a Chinese drum was set up for the first time, and in the majestic and powerful drum sound, Karen Mok incarnated as a heroine and danced a wonderful Wing Chun under the drum; For another example, in "Moonlight", Karen Mok plays rock music and innovatively integrates a Cantonese nursery rhyme into the classical piano, reflecting the unique Mohs style.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

In this chapter, the band The Masters, consisting of Karen Mok, Arai Eleven, Terry Chen, Chen Mingdao, and James Lee, also contributed their debut. The premiere of the new songs "A Fireworks Go to Rome" and "Leopard Change", coupled with the world premiere of the new song "Weiji", Karen Mok played the electronic guzheng in the cooperation with the three most tacit producers.

Karen Mok broke through the original timbre of the guzheng and added electronic effects, which perfectly integrated into the electroacoustic band, combining Chinese and Western, presenting an irresistible charm. In a trance, she is no longer the queen of golden songs after her debut for 31 years, but an adolescent girl who has just started playing in a band, she is excited, excited, and full of energy.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

At the same time, the stage effect of the night also put a lot of effort into it. In the 80-meter-long giant screen, the leopard symbolizing Karen Mok is transformed into a leopard in the "Classic of Mountains and Seas", and the fire is burning wantonly in the eyes of the leopard.

"Wen Cheng is complete, and he wants to hide, how can he be?"

In mythology, the leopard is a quenched and reborn beast that does not eat for seven days and seven nights in order to moisten the black fur on its body into beautiful patterns. In "The Classic of Mountains and Seas", Yu Ion also sighed, "Isn't it ridiculous that the pattern is made, but it has to be hidden?" ”

31 years after her debut, Karen Mok seems to have refined a dazzling pattern and tried her best to present herself on the stage. In the giant screen, the Xuan Leopard is surrounded by Gou Chen, Lu Shu, and the White Tiger, Mok Wenwei naturally corresponds to the Xuan Leopard, TerryChen Chen Mingdao corresponds to Gou Chen, Arai Eleven corresponds to Lu Shu, and James Li Ba corresponds to the White Tiger.

The gods return to their places, roam in the universe, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and the five elements come and go between Xuanhuang, deducing into a cyber aesthetic with unique Chinese charm. When Karen Mok's zither sounded, the stars in the universe turned into sand grains on the zither, vibrating and floating. The gentleman leopard has changed, like a dream, between the virtual and the real, earth-shattering.

In order to have fun, Karen Mok also invited Wu Bai as a guest performer in this chapter.

Wu Bai has just finished his concert tour, and when the whole network ridiculed him as a "touring conductor", everyone ignored that he was also one of the founders of the "Mozambican national style".

He was the producer of Karen Mok's album "A Golden Flower" and single-handedly composed the 10 tracks on the album. It was he who pioneered the integration of electronic music into pop music, it was he who discovered the sensuality in her voice, and it was he who gave the audience a completely different Mok Wenwei.

After Wu Bai took the stage, he quickly pushed the atmosphere of the stage to another climax, playing the hot stalks of "overtime" and "getting off work". "Summer Night Wind" and "Last Dance" are all choruses as always, and they are all sung on and off the stage.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

The stage of cooperation between Wu Bai and Karen Mok is naturally indispensable to the classic "Strong Reason". The two stood on stage to talk about a relationship, and this is the second time they have performed the song on stage at the Bird's Nest, the last time was back in 2011, when it was Rolling Stone Records' 30th anniversary concert.

Now, singing again after 13 years, the two have rearranged "Strong Reason" and inserted a sweaty ensemble, the full battle of guzheng and electric guitar, the sound was once so high-pitched that it was about to puncture the eardrum, and the fusion of Chinese style and rock music is just right.

This is the chemical reaction that belongs only to Karen Mok and Wu Bai, and the strange force, tension and destructive power that belongs to the two of them.

A big show, its own wonderful

In the last chapter of the concert, Karen Mok melted many dark tides into the song and slowly sang it to those who understood. The concert also designed a full-scale 3D scanning portrait based on Karen Mok's classic live-action image, projecting its image onto the giant screen of the stage, instantly transforming into a metallic goddess, still sexy and fresh.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

With each song, the statue of the goddess in the giant screen changes color, like Karen Mok in different periods, showing different colors.

She sang "The Twelfth Floor", which is both the residence of the unique woman in the song and the location of Li Zongsheng's recording studio. In Li Zongsheng's words, Karen Mok in this song is extremely frank, sexy, and enjoyable.

She sang "Number One Fan", which sampled Puccini's opera "Madama Butterfly", singing about her selfishness in love with musicals and her musical career.

She sang "The Love of My Life", and she was still the paranoid and brave Bai Jingjing; She sang "When You're Old" and gave it to her mother sitting in the audience; She sang "Baby", giving the audience infinite tenderness.

In the third chapter of the concert, Karen Mok took a break from her 31-year music career, and she chose to look back with the audience.

The urban love song is Karen Mok, who tells the beauty and sorrow in love; The stunning diva is also Karen Mok, who always smashes this image after being the spokesperson for urban women for a while, and plays electronic music, stage plays, and even folk songs in a variety of ways, avant-garde and avant-garde, rebellious and exciting.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

Her life was originally a big show, and at the end of the big show, she chose to tell it warmly. So, the last song of this chapter she left for "So Many People in This World".

"A few frames of the past flashed in the evening breeze, and a few old images floated in the laughter." For the audience, all the love has been carried, and the big show finally brought tears to my eyes.

After the end of the three chapters, the audience is still reluctant to leave. In the audience's encore's call, she returned to sing "Stardust" and "Please Raise Your Hand If You Love Me".

She is the nextdoor's version of Lady Liberty, armed with a glow stick, a shirt and jeans, and a delicate little crown. When she sang "Please raise your hand if you love me", the audience couldn't hold back any longer, got up from their seats, listened to Mo Hou's command, and waved the light sticks alternately while jumping and waving their left and right hands until they exhausted the last bit of energy in their bodies tonight.

Music first, Karen Mok's Nest concert, the stage of the leopard and the living diva

The stage ended, and everyone left. As you walk along the river to catch the last subway, you can always hear the crowd still humming the song. The voice is very soft, enjoyable, and reluctant. After this Karen Mok concert, this gentle humming is like the silent insect chirping in the field after the storm has calmed down.

That's right, this is a concert that can be called a storm, with feelings, quality, and warmth, and it is a veritable big show.

Sincerity and innovation deserve respect

Every audience who watched the concert never forgot that it was not easy to make a big show for Karen Mok.

She has too many facets, sexy, rebellious, and warm; She has too many kinds of music, narrative, rock, vintage; She has so many emotions, loneliness, anger, and compassion.

Behind this big show is the strong alliance between Xiami Music Entertainment and Mojia Baby Studio, Earth Entertainment, and CMClive.

Previously, Xiami Music Entertainment has hosted music festivals of various sizes such as Aranya Xiami Music Festival and Xiami Chamber Music Festival, and has also produced large-scale concerts of artists at home and abroad, such as Zhao Lei's "No Signal" tour, Zhong Hanliang's "O" theme concert, and Kings of Convenience China Tour. After the experience of different scales and different types of performances, Xiami Music Entertainment has enough confidence to participate in hosting such a complex and distinctive Mok Wenwei "Big Show" Bird's Nest Concert.

The whole concert, whether it is the "hardware" of the stage or the "software" of the concept, shows the temperament of "big show", bringing a wonderful sensory experience to the audience.

Sincerity and innovation deserve respect. From Karen Mok in front of the stage to Xiami Music Entertainment behind the scenes, they may all testify that only after tempering can there be a big show.

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