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Charming Altay: Some people are looking for a "pure land", and some people are creating a "hot land"

Internet rivers and lakes 2024/06/19 10:05

Life is like the road taken by herders when they change fields, full of bumps, unknowns, and unpredictable. But even so, in this fertile land far from the hustle and bustle, people have to "love, live, and hurt".

The TV series "My Altay" is on fire, and Altay, the "Northern Xinjiang Water Tower" with green grass and herds of cattle and sheep, is also on fire.

After seeing Altay, people know that the life of modern people can also be as simple as that of herdsmen.

Internet Jianghu, Charming Altay: Some people are looking for a "pure land", and some people are creating a "hot land"

In Altay, there are people who come to find the "Pure Land", and there are also such a group of people who are creating the "Hot Land".

Jingdong 618 consumption trend shows that after Altay became popular, the keyword search volume of "My Altay" on Jingdong increased by 60 times, and the turnover of "Altay specialty" increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

In the beautiful border area of Altay, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, more and more people come here to devote themselves to the grassland in this beautiful and fertile land, and create a new career and a new life together with the herdsmen on the grassland.

"Rich land" Altay, "hot land" Altay

In the local grassland of Altay, herdsmen make a living by grazing, and the Altay big-tailed sheep, as a local characteristic breed, has delicious meat and rich nutrition.

Deep in the northwestern steppes of Altay, this breed of big-tailed sheep is rarely noticed, and although the market potential is great, it is not well-known. How can we bring this breed with a history of nearly 1,000 years and the best sheep breeds selected by herders to live with nature for a long time into the public eye?

This is a valuable question.

In 2018, Li Ping gave up his job as a high-paying programmer and returned to Xinjiang to start selling mutton. Through the cooperation of Jingdong Industrial Belt, the annual sales of mutton of Sanjiang Muyang exceed 10 million.

"The cost of Xinjiang's products out of Xinjiang is very high, and fresh products such as beef and mutton have a strong timeliness, so logistics is the key." Li Ping, founder of Sanjiang Shepherd, said. Today, JD.com's system and capabilities solve this problem well.

In September 2021, JD Logistics' Urumqi "Asia No. 1" Intelligent Industrial Park, with a total area of more than 300,000 square meters, was put into use, which includes 10 high-speed automatic matrix systems. JD Logistics' first Diwolf intelligent warehousing system built in Northwest China has a daily sorting and processing capacity of 1 million pieces.

With the infrastructure, the Altay big-tailed sheep has an upward channel.

In the process of selling Xinjiang mutton to the whole country, one of the more important things Jingdong does is to bring good products to the market. The quality of mutton in Xinjiang is relatively high, and it sells better in first- and second-tier cities, and in the eyes of consumers, Jingdong is known for its quality and is the best channel for Altay big-tailed sheep to go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The herdsmen of Altay are very simple and don't know how to commercialize the delicious Altay mutton, so Jingdong Procurement and Marketing will help them sort out together: starting from the breeding and growth process of Altay sheep, analyze the natural characteristics of Altay sheep free-range; Then pay attention to the whole production process of sheep slaughtering and acid segmentation and processing to ensure that the products have good quality assurance; Then, according to the characteristics of Altay sheep, the appropriate market positioning is made, and the product matrix of mutton gift boxes, gift cards, parts of meat and other products that can meet the multi-dimensional needs of consumers for self-use, gifts, and special products is sorted out; Finally, pay attention to the process of sheep quick-frozen packaging and sub-packaging and delivery to ensure that the Xinjiang Altay sheep sent directly from the source are delicious and fresh. In this process, the procurement and marketing of herdsmen and brands continue to discuss and polish products, and together make the big-butt Altay mutton sold all over the country.

Internet Jianghu, Charming Altay: Some people are looking for a "pure land", and some people are creating a "hot land"

In fact, not only the big-tailed sheep, but also the sea buckthorn fruit in the Altay region was also sold all over the country during the 618 period. The local people also benefit.

The great development of regional characteristic industries often means the rapid development of the local economy. The upgrading of the industrial model and the upward movement of agricultural products brought by Jingdong to the Altay region have also objectively driven the income level of local Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities to rise, and promoted the economic development of local characteristic industries.

The industry in the Altay region has developed better, and people are more willing to consume.

In 618 this year, there have been more new changes in people's consumption in the Altay region.

Jingdong 618 consumption trend shows that sixty percent of the people in the Altay area are post-90s and post-00s, and the young people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are keen to "lie flat" Unlike young people, these young people living in Altay love to "please themselves" and are more willing to spend money on themselves.

During Jingdong 618, the young people of Altay became more "beautiful".

618 data shows that in Jingdong Mall, the post-90s and post-00s users who consume beauty and skin care in Altay account for 68%, 67% buy mobile phone communications, and more than 60% buy digital, computer office, and personal care products.

Jingdong 618 consumption data shows that local young people prefer to buy beauty products such as cleansing oil, and in Altay, more and more men pay attention to "sun protection", and the number of men's sunscreen shopping users increased by more than 300% year-on-year.

On the long river of the grassland far away from the hustle and bustle, beside the crystal clear crescent lake, the young people living in Altay also like skin care and makeup, and like mobile phone digital.

Altay is a "rich land" and a "hot land" for industrial development. The Kazakh and Mongolian compatriots who have lived on this land for generations, herding, drinking, drinking horses and singing mountains and rivers have also had a better life.

The mystery of "hot land": Jingdong supports the cornerstone of the county economy

Fei Xiaotong said in "Rural China", "Chinese society is rural. "The background color of the countryside is also the background color of China's county economy.

The county economy is the cornerstone and fundamental of China's economy. Altay's "hot land" also has a deeper significance.

For most people living on the front line, essay collections and TV series are a fire, igniting people's inner desire to pursue a happy life, and this desire has brought Altay to life.

But for the local people in Altay, how can we turn the fire of cultural tourism into the fire of economic growth and the fire of the lives of local herdsmen and keep burning?

To burn this fire, what is needed is not only a collection of essays, but the real economy + industry.

The key to the development of the county lies in the industry, in the exploration of new opportunities in the local industry, and the industry in the county, so that the county economy can ignite the "hot land".

The popularity of Altay 618 shows that unlike Li Wenxiu's era in the play, today's county economy has new possibilities.

Do you still remember why Li Wenxiu went to Altay in the TV series "My Altay"? It's because my mother opened a commissary over there, and she wants to "defect" to her mother. This may also indicate that in the multi-ethnic frontier region of Altay, "goods" are also an important part of the social relations between people.

At that time, this relationship may have been carried by a certain commissary, a certain regularly held bazaar, and now, in a sense, Jingdong, which has gone deep into Altay, is actually reinterpreting this relationship.

"We help local herders open up market access and help local businesses adjust their strategies so that tourists can eat delicious mutton after leaving Altay." Jingdong Procurement and Sales Haonan (pseudonym) said.

In addition, Jingdong Retail released the Chunxiao Plan, which lowered the threshold for new merchants to enter the trial operation of 0 yuan, provided up to 5,800 yuan of traffic promotion incentives, as well as new business rights and interests including rebate incentives, 1V1 training of operational capabilities, and special marketing resources, and gave special support to Xinjiang beef and mutton enterprises.

Altay's TV series is popular, prose collections are popular, many people yearn for Altay but may not have the opportunity to really go once, and there is a deep desire in their hearts, at this time, it is not a comfort to buy a little local specialty from the Internet.

As a result, the young people who stayed in Altay found their own salvation and home, and those who had never been to Altay also got their long-cherished wishes, and for the people who have lived in northern Xinjiang for generations, the economic vitality of the county has been rekindled again.

This wave is a real "win-win".

Actually, we don't have just one "Altay".

In fact, the Altay region is also a basic symbol of China's vast counties, we see Altay, ethnic unity, harmony, life is beautiful and full of hope, and in addition to Altay, there are more than 2,000 counties in the country, these small cities also contain many cultural and natural treasures.

In Xinjiang Jiashi, there is a new plum called Jiashi Xinmei, which originates from France and is also called prune. This kind of prune is rich in cellulose, antioxidants, has the value of health preservation, Jiashi County is one of the earliest areas in China to introduce trial prunes, is China's largest production, processing and export base.

The new plum season is short and the fruit is not easy to preserve, so in October 2021, the Jiashi County Government and the Guangdong Aid Xinjiang Headquarters jointly built the "Yuejia Xinmei Industrial Park", and the 4 cold stores in the park were handed over to Jingdong Logistics for operation.

In July 2022, JD Logistics increased resource investment to upgrade the production warehouse, established an intelligent supply chain center in Jiashi, and introduced 12 domestic leading intelligent sorting production lines, with a daily processing peak of more than 50 tons under Xinmei's automatic picking. Since then, Jiashi Xinmei can be delivered to consumers across the country within 48 hours at the earliest, and it has also reduced transportation costs by about 20%.

According to the data of 2023, JD Logistics has driven the local Xinmei industry in Jiashi to increase its income by more than 1 billion yuan, and the per capita income of fruit farmers has exceeded 12,000 yuan.

Whether it is Altay's big-tailed sheep or Jiashi's new plumwith advanced commercial infrastructure, the county economy has new hope.

The infrastructure of the county economy includes not only visible facilities, but also invisible "commercial infrastructure".

In the county towns and many counties in the border areas, there are not many businesses that really know how to operate, especially in the border areas, where some people who have been grazing cattle for many years still retain the habit of bartering.

Jingdong has done a lot of work in Xinjiang, one of which is very important, through online and offline training, it has brought a lot of business "enlightenment" to the local people in Xinjiang, such as how to package products, how to operate brands, etc., which is of great significance for the development of local industries and commercial economy.

The economic development of Jiangsu and Zhejiang is due to the earlier opening up to the outside world, and also because the people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have had strong business thinking since ancient times. This is not the case in northern Xinjiang, so just as important as the logistics infrastructure is the "business mindset" infrastructure.

"With JD.com's profound consumer insights as support, we can tell local companies in what range the conversion rate of their products may be higher." Jingdong Purchasing and Marketing Haonan (pseudonym) said, "For local merchants, we will also train them on how to publicize and distribute to people in the first- and second-tier consumer markets, and how to make product portfolios. ”

From the "business enlightenment" at the bottom to the operation supported by data, when the new industry penetrates into the county, it is not only a mutual adaptation of production relations and productivity, but also the "internal circulation" of the county economy with new quality productivity such as big data.

For locals, the impact of the county's economic boom can be immediate.

"Through these business improvements, the income of local herdsmen and merchants has also increased significantly in recent years." Local JD merchants said. Business is getting better and better, and I have changed to a bigger and more comfortable house.

The growth of the county economy is a two-way street.

On the one hand, industrial growth has driven people's income growth, and the released consumption power has made people's living standards higher; On the other hand, after the increase in consumption, it will stimulate new industrial production, and then form an "internal cycle" from consumption to production.

From this point of view, the "Altay model" is also a solution to the "internal circulation" of the county.

From Altay to Beijing, from Jiashi to Xi'an, from basic logistics to business operations, JD.com has found a methodology to integrate the county economy into the ecosystem of a unified market.

As a result, in addition to Altay, Xinjiang, thousands of county-level economies in the country are also becoming the new cornerstone of the county-level economy.


The county economy under the basis of new quality productivity is not only a solution to "internal circulation", but also the background color of "rejuvenation of a big country".

From the Qin and Han dynasties to the Tang Dynasty to the present day, China's county system has a history of thousands of years. The county-level administrative districts are the basic plate for the rejuvenation of our great country. Many of the scenery in the county town are unknown, and the sincerity and simplicity in the countryside are not known. And these unknown and unknown countryside truly represent the background color of China.

In the long river of history, Altay's explosion is a small wave, which may not have the energy of a heat wave, but it also makes people fascinated. When you try to see through the waves and see the sunlight that shines through people's hearts, the scenery you see is just as written in Li Juan's essay collection:

"The world is warm and the grasslands are bright. Everyone's eyes are fresh and joyful.

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