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If you don't follow this wave, I'm afraid you'll miss the new outbreak of barrage gameplay

Game Spinning Top 2024/06/18 11:16

Looking back on the live interactive gameplay industry in 2023, the barrage interactive gameplay is definitely a popular track that has sprung up.

From being considered a small function at the beginning, to later reports such as "creating 10,000 anchors per day" and "the monthly turnover of blockbuster products on the whole platform exceeding 60 million" became popular, it can be said that a new field full of temptations and opportunities has opened up in a short period of time.

The impact of the interactive gameplay is undoubtedly multifaceted. For anchors, this is a good opportunity to start broadcasting, the requirements for certain professional skills are not too demanding, and the anchor has a good chance of earning income by continuing to broadcast; For interactive game developers, this is a new track with low cost and high profits; It's also a fun thing for a wide range of live viewers. The diverse possibilities brought by the interactive gameplay of danmaku are creating a larger market.

In 2024, however, the trend has changed significantly.

After a whole year of rapid progress, the market competition caused by the entry of a large number of new products and the improvement of related regulatory policies have made the industry begin to enter the stage of "volume". The relaxed and barbaric growth atmosphere is no longer there, the anchors have begun to train live broadcast skills, and manufacturers are also iterating on the specifications of interactive gameplay, and everyone is thinking about how to refine the operation and make this market continue for a long time.

Of course, the development of barrage interactive gameplay must be indispensable to the planning of the live broadcast platform. For example, a head platform like Kuaishou has been actively exploring the evolution direction of barrage interactive gameplay.

In April last year, after Kuaishou Live officially accessed the barrage interactive gameplay, it not only introduced popular gameplay for ecological transformation for the first time, but also incubated the phenomenal product "Soldiers in the City", which has achieved good results. In the follow-up, Kuaishou Live not only planned hundreds of products, but also used the summer festival to explore the expressiveness of the barrage gameplay, and at the same time continuously optimized the policy to provide better traffic pools and sharing methods to help the growth of anchors and guilds.

Now, in the face of an increasingly complex market environment, Kuaishou Live has proposed to innovate the form of barrage interactive gameplay - a model called "party interactive gameplay" has arrived. What's the experience like? After some investigation and exchanges, we tried to sort out some new thoughts on the interactive gameplay of the barrage in Kuaishou Live.

Upgrade of interactive form: The introduction of "guests" is more participatory

The so-called party interactive gameplay is actually a new type of multiplayer interactive content tool for Kuaishou live broadcast. This mode will increase the "guest" characters who can participate in the game on the basis of retaining the barrage gameplay and the audience's viewing experience, so that the process experience of individuals, teams and streamers winning is more immersive, so as to improve the efficiency of paid conversion.

First, let's talk about what a "guest" is.

The interactive gameplay of the barrage has gone through iterations, and there are actually some diversified attempts in the gameplay theme. From the most mainstream "red and blue duel" to survival tower defense, idle immortal repair, obstacle racing, etc., users' choices are indeed gradually increasing. However, the biggest problem of "lack of participation" has not been better solved.

Because no matter how the gameplay changes, the entry point of the user's participation lies in the behavior of sending barrages and throwing gifts to the anchor. Although the gameplay completely based on the live broadcast ecology can also mobilize the participation emotion, this kind of "indirect participation" has become more and more difficult to meet the needs of users, and the relatively single payment point is not conducive to track development.

Game Gyro, This wave is not followed, I'm afraid I'm going to miss the new outbreak of barrage gameplay

Based on the iteration of demand, Kuaishou Live decided to focus on enhancing the experience of live broadcast users in the interactive gameplay of the party, and this key design is "guests".

In party mode, the platform will add interactive methods such as taps/joysticks for users who become "guests", and there is no link such as downloading and registering to jump out, but can directly participate in game operations in the live broadcast room. To put it simply, users no longer only have the form of "off-site cheering", but can directly participate in the interactive gameplay by being invited to be a "guest".

In this way, on the one hand, the identity of "guest" will definitely attract a lot of attention in the live broadcast room, strengthening the sense of user participation from multiple dimensions such as operation and social networking, and on the other hand, after opening the user's operation incision, the platform can also introduce more new gameplay that focuses on operation, such as action, FPS, racing, adventure, role-playing, etc., greatly broadening the experience ceiling of barrage interactive gameplay.

From a commercial point of view, because the identity of "guest" amplifies consumers' personalized and explicit perception, it can also activate more diversified payment scenarios. Based on the existing gift system in the live broadcast room, the party mode will add avatar system (paper doll system), props, fashion and other content according to user preferences. It can be said that while "guest" not only improves the user experience, but also effectively generates more demand, thus opening up more payment possibilities for barrage interactive gameplay.

Game Gyro, This wave is not followed, I'm afraid I'm going to miss the new outbreak of barrage gameplay

While using the identity of "guest" to enhance the sense of participation, Kuaishou also hopes to make some innovations in the form of live broadcast products.

To this end, Kuaishou Live has built the live broadcast room in party mode into a new "sandwich structure".

At the top level, Kuaishou Live provides anchors and users with necessary social communication information to promote communication; The middle layer is based on the characteristics of different gameplay, and uses different methods such as mini program embedding, local exe package uploading, and cloud capabilities to ensure that more types of gameplay can have the best audio-visual effect on the live broadcast platform, and intuitively enhance the player's gaming experience. The ground floor is connected to RTC real-time voice interaction capabilities, which is convenient for anchors to communicate while playing and improving the efficiency of social control. As a result, efforts are made simultaneously from three levels to inject new vitality into the interactive gameplay of the barrage.

Game Gyro, This wave is not followed, I'm afraid I'm going to miss the new outbreak of barrage gameplay

Overall, Kuaishou Live's party interactive gameplay accurately hit the problem of "insufficient participation" in the previous barrage interactive gameplay. And this engagement is not only for users who watch live broadcasts, but also for how to improve the participation of game manufacturers and anchors, Kuaishou Live is also giving refined answers. Obviously, the platform captures the needs and pain points of all parties for the interactive gameplay of danmaku, and hopes to promote the market to the next stage with a concentrated innovation.

The market potential is considerable: a win-win situation for users, anchors, and developers

Whether a market can grow bigger or not is never a question of unilateral gains. In order to continue to break through the interactive gameplay of barrage, it is necessary to ensure the positive feedback of all participants, so as to expand this track wider and wider, rather than rolling up under the existing framework.

Kuaishou Live's party gameplay is obviously eyeing the new increment of barrage interactive gameplay, hoping to further explore the market performance of danmaku interactive gameplay by solving the pain points of multiple parties under the existing framework. In my opinion, if the party gameplay can really run completely, it will undoubtedly create a win-win situation for users, streamers, and developers.

The first is the developer. Judging from last year's market feedback, many manufacturers have indeed seized the upsurge of the first wave of barrage interaction and achieved considerable commercial returns with the help of "red and blue confrontation", but many popular absorption categories with considerable potential have not yet entered the game.

The reason for this is that the "threshold for access transformation" of interactive gameplay products is too high. Gameplay similar to shooting, racing and other heavy operations is difficult to be directly compatible and transplanted, but requires manufacturers to redesign the gameplay according to the characteristics of the live broadcast platform, which greatly dilutes the advantage of low cost of the barrage track, so that some manufacturers who are willing but do not match the category are unable to do so.

Now, through the party product form brought by Kuaishou Live, more manufacturers with popular categories of gameplay can finally verify mature gameplay through backward compatible transplantation, and focus more on dimensions that affect the comprehensive experience of players, such as paid design, so that more manufacturers can truly enter the positive cycle of earning revenue in new incremental channels with low-cost investment, and completely renovate the product scale of danmaku interactive gameplay.

Game Gyro, This wave is not followed, I'm afraid I'm going to miss the new outbreak of barrage gameplayIntroducing more new categories is key

The second is the anchor.

As an emerging track, there are many people who are willing to try the interactive gameplay of barrage, but judging from the relevant data, most anchors are obviously still in the exploration stage, and there is a lot of room for improvement in the efficiency of their streaming revenue.

The current barrage gameplay and live broadcast tools still have a high business threshold for most anchors. Moreover, the barrage gameplay has no low requirements for the personal quality of the anchor, not only does it require eloquence and skilled skills, but also whether it has the right interactive awareness to effectively improve the activity of the live broadcast. In the past, things to improve the ability of anchors were more done by major live broadcast guilds, and as for individual anchors who lack information sources, they basically rely on their own efforts.

The product form of Kuaishou live broadcast party mode is consciously helping anchors strengthen their own quality and lower the threshold for broadcasting.

For example, bringing more high-quality gameplay to the platform will definitely effectively reduce the pressure on the anchor's personal quality, and also allow the anchor to effectively develop his own categories and styles in more product choices, so as to seek long-term development. At the same time, the platform provides a more interesting broadcast tool based on the core of competition in the live broadcast room, "Entertainment Basic Experience Cognition", which can also bring a more practical methodology to anchors and effectively improve the quality of live broadcasts.

Game Gyro, This wave is not followed, I'm afraid I'm going to miss the new outbreak of barrage gameplay

As for users, in addition to the engagement pain points mentioned above, there is also a lot of room for optimization at the payment level.

Since the barrage gameplay is strongly related to the paid experience such as giving gifts, the fan group must receive relatively more attention and positive feedback, and the anchor will also pay more attention to serving this kind of user group. However, the user group of Kuaishou's live barrage interactive gameplay also includes core users with high DAU.

Therefore, after effectively attracting core users to leave and retain, the new product form brought by the party model will effectively provide consumption scenarios and improve consumer feedback for more core paying users. It allows consumers to gain more focused attention from anchors and other users, and fully upgrade the viewing experience.

It is not difficult to see that Kuaishou Live's observation of the pain points of the previous barrage interactive gameplay is quite accurate, and the solutions given by the party interactive gameplay are also very targeted. But can this new model really renovate the interactive gameplay ecology of the barrage? I think this will require further contact between the platform and all walks of life.

Opportunity point for turnaround: early layout and early harvest

Now it seems that the value of the barrage interactive gameplay track is still far from being fully explored, and the development prospects of the entire market are also considerable. Especially in the current fierce competition of interactive gameplay, the evolution of party gameplay with the help of mature mechanisms will be an opportunity for manufacturers to turn the tables, of course, this also makes them iterate synchronously from the technology, product, concept, and operation concept, so as to continue to attract all participants to make the cake bigger.

A head platform like Kuaishou Live that can take the initiative to give solutions is undoubtedly the most reassuring at the moment. In particular, Kuaishou Live will not only make a fuss about the barrage interactive gameplay mode and ecology, but also add more real incentives in conjunction with the party gameplay.

It is reported that for the anchors who start the full party broadcast and generate party flow, the platform will give turnover sharing rewards according to the anchor granularity, and the anchors who reach 3 sub-task stalls at the same time can get a sharing reward of 20% of the highest party turnover. In terms of traffic support, starting from June 11, as long as the broadcast party gameplay is started, there will be additional support traffic to help the cold start conversion, and then according to the efficiency of the anchor's continuous interactive operation, more incentive traffic can be obtained in real time.

On June 21st, Kuaishou Live will also open an industry salon for the content and specific incentive policies of party interactive gameplay, and conduct in-depth discussions with manufacturers and individuals in the industry who want to make achievements in the field of barrage interactive gameplay, and show more follow-up arrangements. Obviously, for the barrage interactive gameplay, Kuaishou Live does not think that this is just a short-lived opportunity to make hot money, but should move towards a new stage under the communication of all parties - the key to keeping up with the next wave of explosive nodes is to lay out the all-round layout and run through the new process as soon as possible.

In the face of the layout of the head platform, perhaps we should also reconstruct some inherent views on the barrage interactive gameplay market. With the all-round iteration and assistance of the platform, a new round of development may soon come. What will happen in the future in the product form, user ecology, and business model of barrage interactive gameplay is still a proposition worthy of long-term attention.

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