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"Singing Tide" did not die violently, miHoYo "lost" half?

Zinc scale 2024/06/17 17:44

Zinc scale, "Singing Tide" did not die violently, and miHoYo "lost" half of it?

miHoYo shows a "blood bar"

Written by Chen Dengxin

Editor / Li Ji

Typography/ Annalee

Benchmarking "Genshin Impact" has always been a long-cherished wish of two-dimensional games.

After about three weeks of baptism, the popularity of "Singing Tide" has risen instead of falling, and the flowing water has staged a rather rare trend of opening low and going high, becoming the strongest opponent of "Genshin Impact" since its debut in the past 4 years.

This means that the ridicule of "the beginning of the original Ming Chu" may no longer be a joke.

The question is, why is "Ming Tide", which got rid of the "theory of violent death", still being scolded? There is still a certain gap between "Ming Tide" and "Genshin Impact", why is there so much sound about miHoYo? Competing for the second place in the game, is "Jeopardy Zero" miHoYo's trump card?

The flowing water is low and high, but the scolding is still the same

"Singing Tide", not according to the routine.

From May 1, 2024, "Singing Tide" has invested heavily in a huge global warm-up in many countries and regions, and it can be said that no effort has been spared.

Under marketing, its pre-orders exceeded 32 million, while before the open beta of "Genshin Impact" was only 20 million.

As a result, the expectations of "Singing Tide" have been raised, and the appearance of Tiangang is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is regarded by the outside world as the next key challenger of "Genshin Impact".

Unexpectedly, after the official launch on May 23, the reputation of "Ming Tide" took a sharp turn.

"The copywriting, operation, publicity, market research, development and optimization of this game feel the breath of the grass platform."

"Everyone wants the Mi family to die, but everyone can't do the Mi family."

"The biggest problem with "Singing Tide" is that it is too similar to "Genshin Impact", and there is a serious lack of freshness."


Diandian data shows that the turnover of "Genshin Impact" in the first week of its launch was 350 million yuan to 400 million yuan, and the turnover of "Singing Tide" on the 5th day was 94.7 million yuan.

For a time, the argument of the violent death of "Singing Tide" was very loud.

Unexpectedly, "Ming Tide" immediately updated the character card pool, and the character Yin Lin of the Royal Sister route was well received, both the flow of water and the momentum continued to pick up, and staged a good show of low opening and high walking, which is rare in the history of games.

Zinc scale, "Singing Tide" did not die violently, and miHoYo "lost" half of it?

Just when "Singing Tide" was on the right track, there was another mysterious operation.

On June 11th, the official released a poster of "30 million global downloads of the game", in order to celebrate the lottery of ten players to give benefits, and the industry practice is the welfare of the whole server, which offended the anger of the public, and countless players poured into Station B, pushing the condemnation of "Ming Tide" to the hot search.

The lottery has been reduced to "abstraction", and the sense of sight of the grass platform team has returned.

In fact, this is not the first time that "Ming Tide" has broken the defense of players, and the earlier "XX is like this, XX as long as XX is OK, but XX has more things to consider" copywriting gave birth to a "Ming style" stalk with the same name as "Tang Niu Inequality", and its values caused an uproar.

In this regard, "Witty Cat" said: "If you can't even play "Genshin Impact", then "Ming Tide" will most likely not be able to play either. In addition, the optimization of this game, the plot, and even the values conveyed are very problematic. ”

Break the fate and erode the basic plate of miHoYo

In this context, the outside world has different views on the future of "Singing Tide", and both sides have their own opinions.

One voice believes that it is impossible to replace Genshin Impact.

In essence, although "Singing Tide" has micro-innovations, it does not have subversive gameplay, and it is difficult to defeat "Genshin Impact" by sewing and mending alone, after all, players also have sunk costs, and they generally do not easily change their doors.

An independent mobile game developer told Zinc Scale: "Genshin Impact can be regarded as the 'originator of the mountain', if you want to replace it, you must have something unique, you can't do it at the same time, only by crushing all aspects can you conquer players, 'learn Genshin Impact, like Genshin Impact' is not just talking, "Tower of Fantasy" is the best proof. ”

"Tower of Fantasy" was once known as the "only competitor" of "Genshin Impact", and even once "sneak attacked" "Genshin Impact" successfully, defeating the "Second Yuan Emperor" in a single day.

However, without disruptive innovation, "Tower of Fantasy" still failed in the challenge: in 2021, the monthly turnover of "Tower of Fantasy" will be 600 million yuan, and by 2024, the average monthly turnover will be less than 40 million yuan.

One voice believes that players have been suffering from Genshin Impact for a long time.

"Genshin Impact" has been out for about 4 years, whether it is popularity or income, the data is not as good as before, the weak trend is visible to the naked eye, and the superimposed updates and meager benefits make players hate iron but not steel.

It's time to put pressure on Genshin Impact and become a two-dimensional consensus.

"Entertainment Pioneer" said: "The Tower of Fantasy in the past and today's "Ming Tide" are all 'Genshin Impact formula opponents' that have been praised under the psychological action of this kind of player. ”

From this point of view, there is still no shortage of replacement demand for "Singing Tide" in a short period of time.

Zinc scale, "Singing Tide" did not die violently, and miHoYo "lost" half of it?

It is still inconclusive whether "Singing Tide" can succeed in the challenge, but it is an indisputable fact that miHoYo has suffered a decline, although it has accepted many challenges before, this time it may be different.

Specifically, ACG can be called the hottest subdivision of the game, and game companies of all sizes have laid out one after another, but the ending is not good, and there will even be a bubble burst in 2023.

Public data shows that in 2023, seventy percent of the two-dimensional games will not be released in a stillborn birth, and two percent of new products will see the light of day, and only one percent will be able to maintain operational iteration and maintain profitability, and the only successful "Honkai: Star Dome Railway" is still the same brother of "Genshin Impact".

Against the backdrop, "Singing Tide" can be called an outlier.

It has always been the fate of most two-dimensional games, and if "Singing Tide" can maintain the trend of getting better for a long time, it can break the "fatalism".

More importantly, it can break the belief that "only miHoYo can defeat miHoYo", which will lead to cracks in miHoYo's basic disk.

In layman's terms, "Singing Tide" made miHoYo show a "blood bar".

This means that miHoYo may be defeated, even if "Singing Tide" is not good, it doesn't matter, and there will be two-dimensional blockbuster games such as "Blue Star Plain: Travel Ballads" in the follow-up, and the industry is burning again.

"Jeopardy Zero", miHoYo's "hole card"?

Despite this, miHoYo still doesn't need to panic, and there is still the trump card of "Jeopardy Zero" in his hand to play.

"Jeopardy Zero" is miHoYo's first action role-playing two-dimensional game, and the number of pre-orders worldwide has exceeded 40 million, which is higher than the expectations of "Singing Tide".

As a result, "Jeopardy Zero" may become miHoYo's third popular game on the whole network.

"Phoenix Weekly" said: "The same only a few seconds of footage, the screen capacity of "Jeopardy Zero" is like holding a mobile hard drive of more than 200 terabytes and slamming it on a plastic USB flash drive with 64KB of memory. ”

It is not difficult to see that miHoYo has high hopes for "Jeopardy Zero".

Through the way of blood, we are eager to recreate a "Genshin Impact", so as to consolidate the mentality of "only miHoYo can defeat miHoYo" and firmly grasp the right to speak in the industry.

More importantly, miHoYo wants to compete with NetEase.

After miHoYo stood out from the waist of the industry, the contradiction with NetEase became public, and the two sides continued to play around the throne of "the second in the industry".

As an attacker, miHoYo's profit in 2021 surpassed NetEase, but its net profit in 2022 and 2023 was overtaken again, but fortunately, NetEase's revenue overwhelmed NetEase.

According to the "Top 50 Global Publishers in 2024" released by Data.ai, miHoYo's revenue in 2023 surpassed NetEase, ranking 8th, followed by NetEase in 9th.

Zinc scale, "Singing Tide" did not die violently, and miHoYo "lost" half of it?

It is not difficult to see that NetEase and miHoYo are in a state of entanglement.

An Internet observer told Zinc Scale: "The dividends of the domestic game market are almost exhausted, your stock is someone else's increment, your increment is someone else's stock, and the previously ignored segmentation track will become more important." ”

From this point of view, the burden on the shoulders of "Jeopardy Zero" is heavier, on the one hand, it has to snipe "Ringing Tide" and compete for those players who pursue the replacement of "Genshin Impact"; On the other hand, it is necessary to help miHoYo go further and become its "trump card" to compete with NetEase.

So, let's wait and see whether miHoYo can get its wish.

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