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Is "the second yuan to save the physical business district" an outlet or a bubble?

Game Grape 2024/06/17 07:40
This article is transferred from the public account "Lin Peiying", the original title is "Let's talk about the recent windy "two-dimensional rescue of the physical business district".

Regardless of whether you are a person in the real estate business circle, you should have recently swiped some tweets and posts talking about "how the two-dimensional business revitalized the dying old business district", such tweets are often written by personnel in the commercial real estate industry, in their hearts, the two-dimensional business = a weapon to attract young people = now to make the business district rejuvenated and have to keep up with the outlet.

Therefore, my friend Saya in the real estate business planning circle was very anxious to form a bureau, and pulled me as an old ACG, as well as Lan Tian, the planner of an emerging ACG project (it is inconvenient to disclose the specific name) team in the southwest, to talk about "whether this is a false proposition".

In fact, before chatting about this day, there were two waves of three-dimensional people who came to me to ask me "how to open a two-dimensional store". I have always had a negative view on this topic, I know that these so-called "two-dimensional businesses", the actual situation of going to the scene≈ only millet shops have business, not the various two-dimensional commodity categories that many people imagine (for example, some outsiders even think that trendy toys, emoji IP co-branded toys are also one of the categories).

The audience of the millet shop is basically female students, relatively young, price-sensitive, and the consumption power may not be as good as that of adults, so when all kinds of outsiders come to rub this mouthful of rice, I also posted an inquiry post on Xiaohongshu, attracting more than 200 consumers in the valley circle to leave a message, and everyone said that "I and the lovers around me often only go shopping and don't buy", "The price of offline millet shops is more expensive than online, unless there is a very ceremonial scene, otherwise I don't buy it". That's why I feel like "the smell of foam is strong."

My Little Red Book comment area:

So what kind of chat is this?

All of you here except me are practitioners in the commercial real estate circle, and then I was shocked to find that no one has two-dimensional attributes! (Except for an illustrator who came to listen.,It's the kind of old version of "Dragon Ball" that is two-dimensional)

Even includes another guest, Lan Tian, a practitioner who is currently planning a new two-dimensional business circle, he is a post-00s, but he is not two-dimensional, and he mentioned that "all the people in their planning team are not two-dimensional".

Interestingly, he said that their operations staff made a "Millet Circle Black Words Comparison Sheet" document for them, and when I opened it, there were wrong names of the characters in "Love of Light and Night" in the first two paragraphs.

And the host Saya is not two-dimensional, and later told us that "the question is asking and I have begun to wander, because it takes a lot of effort to understand", and then I don't know how to answer the phone later.

But it seems reasonable, not long ago I just went to Shenzhen University business creative planning teacher Wang a "shopping class", together with the class are young college students in this major, I also found that everyone is very full of students, do not play games, do not know the second dimension.

Maybe people who can do this line of work in order to get close to the offline and fashion trends, it is indeed not very compatible with the two-dimensional culture, which is also the reason why everyone is anxious in the face of the popular "two-dimensional business", I have to say, it is indeed very hard to learn, very hard to get close to the two-dimensional .

So what kind of misunderstanding will people in these real estate business circles have about the current two-dimensional business?


Myth 1: Feel

Two-dimensional business = young business

In fact, there is a business district called "Zhongzhou Bay" in Shangsha, Shenzhen, which has stepped on this pit, and has gathered thousands of high-end trendy toys, Marvel IP peripherals, teamlab art trend exhibitions and Japanese Tsutao Bookstore in one business district.

Lan Tian also mentioned that their business district is divided into two floors, the lower floor has introduced many millet shops, forming a certain scale effect, and the upper floor is trendy brand clothing, in addition to script killing shops, e-sports halls and the like, it seems that "they are all things that young people like", in fact, the audience is very different, only the lower layer of the millet shop is attracting two-dimensional young people to gather, and these people will be mutually exclusive with other businesses.

For example, they don't buy trendy brand clothes, and they will sit in groups at the door of trendy brand stores, and later Lan Tian and they received complaints from trendy brand merchants: "If you do this again, we won't open it!" ”

So what I have to say here is that "two-dimensional culture" is very popular among the post-00s, but it is a circle culture with relatively strong barriers, and it will be even somewhat incompatible with many "three-dimensional culture" businesses (such as trendy fashion and celebrity idol circles). For example, the two-dimensional crowd will use the word "current charge" to describe "people who do not consume the second dimension and have a full real life", which is also a kind of "enclosure self-sprout" emotion that isolates themselves from these people.

Therefore, even if China's two-dimensional culture has little to do with the traditional Japanese stereotypes of "squatting at home" and "otaku", everyone is also happy to go offline shopping and consume, but what they like to buy will still be a little different from people from other cultures, so it does not fully represent young people's business.

And because the two-dimensional culture has been generalized in China, even if they are all two-dimensional, there are many branches in it, and some two-dimensional circles of different branches are also easy to quarrel. For example, there are game nerds who play games in the ACG circle, there are also Sankeng sisters who buy Hanfu, JK, and LO groups, and there are also 80/90s old ACG who watch "Doraemon", "One Piece" and "Naruto", and there are also "two sticks" that blend with the KPOP circle.

So I will also talk about what the main products of the current offline two-dimensional business are, and what kind of people are consuming.


Myth 2: Two-dimensional business = selling figures,

Sell comics and trendy toys

Here I have to mention what exactly does the offline two-dimensional business sell?

In the chat, I found that there will be a lot of people in the commercial real estate circle who think that trendy toy blind box stores, high-end figures, line puppy IP co-branding, loopy dolls are the current two-dimensional business, but in fact, they are not, and these audiences are often more three-dimensional people (high-end figures, etc., are said separately in audience analysis).

At present, the two-dimensional business that is attracting people is basically the grain shop, which is the transliteration of Japanese goods, which refers to anime peripherals, such as stands, keychains, badges, laser cards, folders, card sets, quicksand mahjong and other IP derivatives.

Probably something like this (network map) ↓

Game grapes, is "the second yuan to save the physical business district" an outlet or a bubble?

In fact, there is no too strong brand in the millet shop, they are more like the nature of a buyer's store, and the IP-derived millet that everyone enters is much the same, basically following the current popular IP purchase, consumers will not pay special attention to "which millet shop I must go to to consume, and I will not go to other homes", but to pay attention to "there is no IP/character millet I want to buy".

These IPs mainly come from Japanese animation, domestic two-dimensional mobile games and domestic animation, such as in the valley circle, the popular Japanese comic IPs are "Blue Prison", "Little Volleyball", "Spell Return", "Idol Dream Festival"; The popular domestic two-dimensional IPs are "Genshin Impact", "Love of Light and Night", "Honkai Star Dome Railway", "Ark of Tomorrow"; The popular domestic animation IPs are "The Blessing of Heavenly Officials" and "Demon Patriarch......

And according to the cultural self-confidence of the young generation now + the lack of head pillar of the Japanese comic IP juvenile comic + the impact of the B station first trial and then broadcast policy,It will be found that in the post-00-10 two-dimensional crowd,The influence of the Japanese man's IP is gradually declining,There will be more and more young two-dimensional people,It's not a Japanese comic that enters the pit,It's a domestic two-dimensional mobile game or domestic animation,Everyone will also think"The domestic two-dimensional is not worse than the Japanese one",Now the Internet joke will ridicule "School Animation Club = Genshin Shrine"。

There will be a lot of characters under each IP, the popular characters are good to sell, and the unpopular characters are relatively unsalable, everyone mainly pays because of the "character love", because there is solid content and emotional companionship for IP works behind the characters, as for the "design style" and "quality", these are secondary considerations, so the consumption logic of Guzi is also different from the trendy toys that are closer to artworks.

And because the content of anime and game IP is serialized periodically, the popularity of the characters will also change with the popularity of the work, so there will also be "a character is very popular at the beginning, and then the popularity drops after the anime ends and becomes less popular", which will affect the sales of millet. is not like Disney and Sanrio who keep the content updated all the time, but have a stable classic IP with popularity, which requires buyers to understand what the current popular anime and popular games are.

Before chatting at that time, saya found a brand introduction book of "ACG IP Authorization" to show me, and some of the IPs in it are also very outrageous, such as classic European cartoons or emoji IPs such as "Smurfs", "linefriend", "Moomin", and "Glory of Kings" and "Peace Elite", which may have a high proportion of ACG players but are not actually ACG games......

It can be seen how much tuition fees commercial real estate developers have to pay.


Myth 3: The audience is 25-30+ age groups

Young people, effectively driving other consumption

In fact, according to the data of Lantian's business district, the main people who come to consume the millet shop are middle school girls, and their unit price is very low, such as 50 yuan per capita, but because of the huge quantity, the actual consumption is still very considerable, and there is something to earn. (The rent in the southwest area is low but + deduction point is 1000 yuan / square).

But because it is mainly female students under the age of 18, it can basically only drive the consumption of bubble tea shops, restaurants and clothing with double-digit prices.

At that time, a listener from Haining County, Zhejiang Province, who is a fur business district, said: "I want to set up a two-dimensional business downstairs in a shopping mall to attract young people to consume fur", and we quickly interrupted her thoughts.

Another eldest brother asked: "Can the two-dimensional business be matched with the bar format, and the two-dimensional crowd drinks?" ”

We asked, "Do middle school girls drink?" ”

This is not the meaning that the two-dimensional crowd does not drink, but the current offline two-dimensional business is mainly the millet shop, and the consumers of the millet shop are mainly young female students, and the female students are not very compatible with the bar format, but if someone dares to boldly try to introduce other 25-30+ two-dimensional businesses into the offline success, it may be able to match the bar.

Here I want to mention the figure store, Lan Tian mentioned that they also have a few figure stores in their business district, and the consumer group is very different from the millet shop, mainly 30+ middle-aged men, their customer unit price is very high, a single order of thousands of yuan (high-end figures), but the frequency is relatively low, it belongs to the kind of business that eats one order after another for a month.

This group of people is not one of the two-dimensional young people who are currently gathered on a large scale in the shopping mall, they can only be regarded as the old two-dimensional of the 80/90s with feelings, and the IP and categories they like are not the same as those mentioned above, there may be more Japanese comic IPs with childhood memories of the post-80s/90s, console game IPs or American comic IPs of Marvel DC, but because the number of people is relatively small, it is still not recommended to open this kind of store on a large scale offline.

I have also asked college students in the student community before, why it seems that almost all offline millet shops are consumed by female students, and male students do not buy millet?

Some male students buy millet, but most of them buy less corn.

After discussion, the following reasons were obtained:

1. Because of some differences in the world's stereotypes of the sexes, male students will feel that millet is a decorative ornament, hanging on the body or bag, and it is easy to be pointed at.

2. Compared with "thin" IP derivatives like millet, I prefer the "three-dimensional" feeling of the figure, because women care about delicacy and visual beauty when consuming two-dimensional content, and men care more about the shape and texture (to put it very vaguely, it actually means "touch").

3. In addition, male students will feel that "small things" such as millet are not cost-effective, and they can use them in life such as figurines or digital products, which are more cost-effective.

It is mentioned here that male students will like to buy figures, but they will mainly buy figures through online channels, and the offline scene is still mainly 30+ middle-aged men buying, or there are also some millet shops that will be sold with some figures, so as to attract some male students passing by.

This is a figure (network image)↓

Game grapes, is "the second yuan to save the physical business district" an outlet or a bubble?


Myth 4: They are here to buy things.

Just bring in one or two millet shops

In fact, what can attract these female students to gather offline is the atmosphere of offline social gathering.

Everyone has been in the virtual world for a long time, so they need to come to the real "noodle base", and visiting the millet shop together has become the reason for the noodle base.

Then this requires that the millet shop needs to be a cluster effect, not only one or two, but at least more than five, so that everyone can find a way to go shopping for an afternoon, and then with the surrounding milk tea and restaurants, or some clothing stores, handicraft stores, and stationery stores that students can afford, constitute a whole walking route.

At the same time, it is necessary for the mall to regularly hold two-dimensional related activities to attract people and add a two-dimensional atmosphere, for example, Lan Tian also mentioned that their mall has done activities such as coser meet-and-greets, millet markets, and cartoonist book signings.

There are also many female students who come offline to cosplay and take photos and collect stamps, or COS entrustment (paid customized dating, see the previous article to understand the conversation between insiders in the →: What is going on from wild to commercial in a year of entrusting COS? It would be better to stay for a longer time, wear heavier clothes, have enough air conditioning pipes, and have a place to sit and rest (otherwise it will be easy to appear that a bunch of people are sitting on the floor in front of other stores).

Only when there are more people in the same two-dimensional circle, other two-dimensional people are willing to come, and everyone will pay more attention to this kind of circle atmosphere of "they are all their own people, and there are no other three-dimensional current charges".

Therefore, many people now see that "offline shopping malls have a large number of young people gathering because of the opening of a few millet shops", because there are really not many places where two-dimensional people can go, and once a place becomes a place with "atmosphere" in everyone's hearts, a large number of people will gather here.

In the past, such places were relatively "underground", such as Guangzhou Animation Star City, Hong Kong Xinhe Building, and now Shenzhen's Great China, which are not conventional "modern new business districts".

This is also why many arguments say that "the two-dimensional business saves the old shopping mall", because the rent of the old shopping mall is low, and no one goes, so there is a way to open a millet shop with a low unit price, and it maintains a high concentration of "only the two-dimensional people come, and persuade other three-dimensional people to charge".


Myth 5: Two-dimensional circle = rice circle,

Users are extreme

Lan Tian mentioned the experience of stepping on thunder in their business district, and said that once they had a Xiao Zhan activity, and then they were sprayed on the Internet, my eyes widened, wow, what a big boldness, dare to engage in Xiao Zhan activities in the two-dimensional business district, everyone in the circle knows that this is a "feud". (It's better not to invite celebrities to the two-dimensional gathering place, but they really didn't know it at the time).

also mentioned a very thrilling incident, there was a two-dimensional female student who cut her wrists in the toilet, and this happened twice.

Everyone else was stunned: "Why? ”

Lan Tian: "There's no reason, it's just cut directly, but fortunately, it's okay later." ”

So the other people present began to talk: "Is the second dimension a very radical group?" There are even people who directly mix the second yuan with the rice circle, thinking that it is a circle.

I can only say that middle school students in adolescence, who have not been impulsive, at this age when hormones are strong and values are not fully formed, it is indeed easy to put in great efforts because of their "right heart", and they are also prone to emotional instability and instigation.

There may be a bit of an extreme side at times, but I think it's often a stress response after being "strongly disrespected".

If the business cannot comply with these rules well, it is easy to go to the opposite side of the consumer like a "heretic", especially when the business directly does something completely opposite to the interests of the two-dimensional group, it can only bear the consequences of "being criticized on the Internet", or even lose this group of consumers forever.


So based on these, what kind of mall

Is it suitable for the introduction of two-dimensional commerce?

You will find that after chatting, the current customer group of ACG business = the customer group of millet shop = the customer group of the subway, shopping mall and the customer group with consumption power on the first floor, because they are still too young.

However, according to the current trend, the two-dimensional culture is becoming more and more popular among the post-00-10 generation, and it is possible that by the time this group of people grows up to the age group of 25-30+, it will become a more popular culture?

For example, in fact, you can see that the selection of offline trendy toy stores has begun to shift from original designer IP to two-dimensional IP, the following are the photos I took in four or five trendy toy stores and boutiques under Raffles City Shenzhen, and you will find that the blind boxes and flash cards of the two-dimensional IP or OC with the two-dimensional painting style have been placed at the door of the store, while the traditional trendy toys have been placed on the side or back of the booth.

This also illustrates to some extent the argument that "trendy toys are dead, and millet is in charge", behind which is the debut of a new generation of young people.

Game grapes, is "the second yuan to save the physical business district" an outlet or a bubble?

Game grapes, is "the second yuan to save the physical business district" an outlet or a bubble?

Game grapes, is "the second yuan to save the physical business district" an outlet or a bubble?

Game grapes, is "the second yuan to save the physical business district" an outlet or a bubble?

It's not wrong to make some layout preparations in the business district from now on, such as making up for the two-dimensional knowledge from now on.

At present, if the shopping mall is to be done, it may indeed be more suitable for the kind of shopping mall that has been low in rent and has been silent for a while.

There is also a stationery store and convenience store near the school, where you can buy some millet to sell together.

If it is a shopping mall with a large flow of people and other trendy businesses for young people in the age group of 25-30+, it is not very recommended, unless it is like the shopping mall where Lan Tian is located, which has made upper and lower compartments, and does not mix different businesses together.

In terms of regional two-dimensional concentration, my personal observation is Shanghai> Guangzhou> Chengdu> Beijing> Shenzhen (no data, just personal feelings, if your observation is different, welcome to chat in the comment area).

But when chatting, there are also two other big brothers who provide brain holes, that is, there are also business districts now, relying on the cultural packaging of the enduring IP of "Pokémon" in the entire business district, and they are also living well, is it possible to choose some classic pan-two-dimensional IPs like this, such as "Doraemon", or post-80/90s childhood anime IP, such as "Naruto", "Astro Boy", "One Piece" and the like, just do the content packaging of the entire shopping mall, and the business of the shopping mall itself is still a normal format, It can also attract 25-30+ people at the moment.

Actually, I think this idea is quite good, but because there are not too many shopping malls that dare to do it, and other shopping malls dare not do it, maybe you can test the waters with a joint event first.

In addition, after talking about the current situation of the real estate business circle this time, I am also very curious about the status of the two-dimensional IP side? Will you consider entering an offline mall?

According to my current observation, the official of the ACG game IP has not opened an official offline peripheral store, and will only do IP licensing, so I may also think that this is very risky?

Some friends in "Back to the Future: 1999" said that they have a special peripheral design department, but the shipment of new products is very small every time, often lower than the actual purchase of fans, resulting in out-of-stock.


If you stand in the two-dimensional business


In fact, this article should be the same as what I wrote before, "Looking at the IP Version Replacement of Young People from Animation, Stationery and Toy Wholesale City" and "Insider's Dialogue: What is going on from wild to commercial in a year of entrusting COS?" These two articles are read together.

It will be found that after the epidemic, the offline of ACG business is a very obvious trend, not only the millet shop mentioned this time, the entrusted COS mentioned earlier, but also the phenomenon of wearing cosplay costumes to go shopping, dancing random dances, and cultural tourism X ACG IP.

On the one hand, of course, it has something to do with the fact that the epidemic has been liberalized, and students can come to play offline + most of the students are now two-dimensional, but on the other hand, I want to say that during the epidemic, the two-dimensional circle has also been involved in many people who were originally more "ready-charged" - a large number of online classes at home, which has brought the dividends of online entertainment during the epidemic, and the new generation of students, many of whom have entered the pit at this time, have become a new two-dimensional group.

And during the epidemic, the domestic entertainment circle/film and television drama production has also been hit hard, and there is basically no new content to watch, and a large number of female entertainment consumer groups that originally belonged to the consumption of film and television/star chasing have shifted to otome games, male Vtuber, and sports/music fans with a large number of male characters (this is also the main IP source of millet in the millet store now), this part of the population was originally very full, and when the epidemic was released, they quickly returned to the offline, but the content consumption experience of the second yuan was retained, Therefore, a large part of the rise of offline two-dimensional commerce is also due to them.

However, I have talked to friends before, and we all feel that the consumption of young men is equally important (but it needs another set of consumption patterns), as long as the younger generation does not marry or have children, and in the end, regardless of men and women, everyone will turn to "self-pleasing consumption".

For example, spending more money to take care of one's appearance (men's cosmetics market and street fashion clothing and other men's consumer goods that were also very popular before) are more willing to spend money to buy things that make them happy, and two-dimensional and games are such categories.

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