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No one knows this vicious fat man better than NetEase?

Game Grape 2024/06/15 19:44

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If you want to talk about the hot trends of game products now, "content and gameplay" is definitely one.

Nowadays, some competitive games that focus on gameplay are trying their best to get some content for themselves, such as publishing anime and adding plots, and they never get tired of it; In order to widen the gap between content-based games and competing products, they are also anxious to scratch their ears and cheeks, and from time to time they want to do something new to play.

But not only do you have to grasp both hands, but you also want to have both hands hard, which is not an easy task. We can also see that some heavy gameplay games have made content attempts that have a low number of views, and some content games want to introduce new gameplay, which always makes players unhappy.

But must the root of this problem be "not enough content" or "not interesting enough"? I don't think so.

Some of the content that heavy gameplay games do can't be included in the product at all, and players may not even know what they've done; And some heavy content games have rich plots, but they dry up to that when they come out with new gameplay, they guide players to experience it all by giving rewards.

But objectively speaking, this is also a matter of no choice: the concept of combining gameplay and content is easy to say, but it is a test of kung fu to do. And at present, in the domestic market, there do not seem to be many examples that can be referenced.

Therefore, when I saw the content of the Dong Zhuo series recently released in "The Shore of the Land", I was somewhat surprised: although this is not a big change at the product level, NetEase seems to have found some ways in terms of the integration of gameplay and content.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?


Dong Zhuo's life is not only Xiangguo

Let's start with the content level.

The Three Kingdoms is a theme that will never be lacking in the game market, and I'm afraid that in addition to the shooting gameplay, which is too modern to track, you can see products with the theme of the Three Kingdoms. Sometimes you watch too many Three Kingdoms games, and you even feel a little "stringed", after all, what everyone is always telling is the same story.

But if you want to change it, then I'm sorry, "adaptation is not a random editing", and trying to make players accept content that does not conform to historical facts is also a huge challenge. Therefore, digging deep into the characters has become a common idea in works of this theme, and now many works of the Three Kingdoms will shape well-known characters such as the Five Tiger Generals into more three-dimensional.

However, there are not many people who think of digging Dong Zhuo. No matter what work he is in, he will always be the image of absurdity and pot-bellied.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

But Dong Zhuo is worth it. After all, the Eastern Han Dynasty was divided into three kingdoms at the end of the year, and it was much dependent on Dong Zhuo. The Three Kingdoms don't talk about Dong Zhuo, it's like talking about the Water Margin without talking about Gao Yu, talking about the Red Chamber without talking about the Shenying waiter, and talking about the Journey to the West without talking about the stone of Dongsheng Shenzhou.

Let's first take a look at the character animation video made by "The Shore of the Land" for Dong Zhuo.

"Portraits" is a content series that "The Shore of the Land" has been doing. Prior to this, they had released videos of the life stories of many characters such as Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei through this method similar to character PV, which undoubtedly queried a number of historical materials.

In Dong Zhuo's character chronicles, "The Shore of the Land" starts from Dong Zhuo's experience when he was young. This is different from Dong Zhuo's cunning and vicious appearance in the later period that is well known to the public, and the young Dong Zhuo actually has the flavor of the protagonist of martial arts novels.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

According to the records of the Book of the Later Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo when he was young once wandered in Qiangzhong and became acquainted with many Qiang leaders. Even if he later returned home to plough the fields, there were still people who came to him from time to time. Dong Zhuo set up a banquet for these people to kill cattle, and the Qiang people also went around collecting livestock to give to Dong Zhuo, and he became a well-known figure in the local area for his bravery, courage and chivalry.

The legendary young Dong Zhuo even had an adventure. Tao Hongjing of the Southern Dynasty described in the "Ancient and Modern Sword Records" that Dong Zhuo had obtained the blade of Xiang Yu during the farming period. And this knife, like the Lord of the Rings in "The Lord of the Rings", has set him on a unique path.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

After Dong Zhuo walked out of the field, he was first appointed as a soldier and a horse to guard the fortress; Later, as the son of the Liangjia of the Six Counties, he served as Yu Linlang and defeated the rebellious Qiang people. Since then, he has risen all the way, and has been successively named Langzhong, Bingzhou Thorn History, Hedong Taishou, and Dongzhong Lang General.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

It wasn't until the Yellow Turban Incident that Dong Zhuo's career encountered twists and turns. He was punished for his disadvantage against the thief. It wasn't until the Liangzhou rebels appeared that he was ordered to be in danger, and then he turned around and paid homage to the general.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

The next thing may be even more well-known: after the death of Emperor Ling, Dong Zhuo responded to Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu and others, intending to enter Beijing to coerce the Queen Mother and kill the eunuchs. However, before Dong Zhuo arrived, Yuan Shu burned Nangong. This led Dong Zhuo to meet the Young Emperor and King Chen Liuwang in the north, and had the idea of abolishing Shao Lixian. Then he took sole power, burned, killed, and plundered, and the story of the princes of the Eighteenth Route begging for Dong began.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

It can be seen that "The Shore of the Land" has indeed done a lot of homework to portray Dong Zhuo. In the newly released dynamic portrait "Breaking Arrows and Accumulating Edges" in "The Shore of the Land", they also wrote a finale poem for Dong Zhuo: Yulin recruited a good family, and it is difficult to conquer the dust and fight a hundred battles. Take advantage of the decline and dive to seize the ambition, and the emperor will destroy the Xifeng.

And interestingly, in this dynamic portrait, the broken arrow in Dong Zhuo's hand was shot by himself when he was young, which somewhat hints at Dong Zhuo's life process of "dragon slayer eventually becomes an evil dragon".

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

In general, whether it is a portrait or a dynamic portrait, Dong Zhuo described in "The Shore of the Land" can be regarded as an image that is rarely mentioned in many works on the theme of the Three Kingdoms, which undoubtedly fills the blank content in the current literary and artistic works of the Three Kingdoms and helps the Chinese people to fully understand the Three Kingdoms. And judging from the player discussion below the video, this more complete Dong Zhuo is also what they want to see.

But it is not surprising that "The Shore of the Land" is willing to put so much effort into shaping Dong Zhuo. Judging from the past character chronicles, "The Shore of the Land" has actually been using the same amount of effort to depict the legendary characters in the Three Kingdoms era.

In my opinion, the reason why the Three Kingdoms have endured is that there is enough room for evaluation in each character. And the idea of making a character in "The Shore of the Land" actually hit the needs of lovers of the Three Kingdoms. For example, the portrait of Sun Quan that they did before also triggered a big discussion about the character among players.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

Originally, I thought that "The Shore of the Land" itself has mature gameplay, and the content can do this step, which is actually quite good. However, what I didn't expect was that the noodles they gave Dong Zhuo were more than that.


What does it really feel like to "ask for a director"?

Although the character chronicle tells a lot of stories about Dong Zhuo when he was young, why Dong Zhuo was so difficult to defeat during the "Wooing Dong" period is also worth describing.

Therefore, the recent "Shore of the Land" also previewed the new S1 season, with the theme of "Rebellion and Meritorious Service", with the background of the era of the late Han Dynasty 190 years, the Taishi Rebellion and the Eighteenth Road Princes' crusade against Dong Zhuo. Judging from the official introduction, in this new S1 season, the GVE experience will be enhanced, and players need to cooperate to eliminate the Dong Zhuo Legion forces.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

Why increase the proportion of GVE? From an operational standpoint, this not only makes it easier for new players to pick up, but also avoids them feeling too much frustration in PVP. In terms of content, this is also the most suitable way to interpret Dong Zhuo.

Dong Zhuo in history is not a reckless man. The Book of the Later Han Dynasty records that after he entered Luoyang, he "heard that the eunuchs in the world were killing Zhongliang, and although they were in the same way, they still endured hypocrisy and promoted the people." In other words, although Dong Zhuo is not a good person, he is still willing to pretend in order not to end up with those eunuchs. He wantonly appointed celebrities who had been implicated by the party before, reaching the level of "a man who is staggered, and many people are revealed". On the contrary, Dong Zhuo's own subordinates only hold the power of the army, "Zhuo is dear, and he is not in a prominent position, but only a general", which also made many states and counties accept Dong Zhuo's arrangement.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

In the S1 season, "The Shore of the Land" clearly wants to restore this history. Dong Zhuo owned the cities of Sili, Yongzhou, Yanzhou, and Yuzhou from the beginning, and also controlled some of the cities of other Kyushu. Once the season begins, players need to unite as soon as possible to keep Dong Zhuo's forces out of Honshu in order to curb his dominance of the whole world.

At the system level, players can earn merits by participating in sieges, crusading against various legion camps, and increasing their own power value during the season.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

In order to further enhance the GVE experience, "The Shore of the Land" also canceled the martial arts function in the S1 season, players will not get benefits by attacking each other, and only by fighting Dong together and exterminating all the legions under Dong Zhuo's command can they win the season.

It is worth mentioning that the mercenary gameplay, which has been proven in the later seasons, will soon be transferred to the S1 season. It will change the player's experience of building and crafting in-game, and will actually wrap the player's identity as one of the princes more completely.

The combination of system, gameplay, and content in this way also shows the feeling of "Eighteen Roads Princes Seeking Dong" at the same time, and the player's sense of substitution will obviously be improved. At the same time, this new design of S1 will further enhance the impression of "content-oriented" in the hearts of players.


The shore of the land is becoming more and more skilled

In a series of recent events, in addition to Dong Zhuo, "The Shore of the Land" also launched a new military general character Yuan Shu. As Dong Zhuo has become an important role on the road to "Xiangguo", it is quite appropriate to launch it at this time.

Game grapes, no one knows this ferocious fat man better than NetEase?

I'm sure you can already see that the combination of "The Shore of the Land" is really something. Focusing on the character of Dong Zhuo, they can not only launch a series of new game content, but also integrate with the core gameplay of the game to optimize the quality of the game.

And in order to do this, there are actually a lot of things to consider.

First, you need to choose the right role.

Why choose Dong Zhuo? The character of Dong Zhuo is well-known enough, but it is rarely excavated by Three Kingdoms-themed games. Choosing him will naturally bring enough freshness to the game; In addition, this event also includes changes to the initial experience content of new players such as the S1 season, so it is natural that a character like Dong Zhuo in the late Han Dynasty is most suitable as the protagonist.

The second is to choose the right connection between gameplay and content.

Why does it have to be "Dong Zhuo + GVE"? "The Shore of the Land" wants to be Dong Zhuo, but in fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be made into a GVE atmosphere of unity, and it can also be made into a PVP of "the princes of the Eighteen Roads have their own ghosts"; Similarly, if you want to do GVE, there is not only one choice to ask Dong, Ping Huang Turban, Yuan Shao, there is also room to do GVE.

But perhaps only "Dong Zhuo + GVE" can make the connection between content and gameplay the most natural. GVE reflects Dong Zhuo's sense of oppression in history, and Dong Zhuo rationalizes the necessity of GVE.

In this way, although this can only be regarded as a small step for "The Shore of the Land", they may have really found a methodology in the integration of content and gameplay, which is the ability that most game products on the market need to strengthen. In an increasingly fierce market environment, perhaps only by doing this can we truly have part of the ability to make high-quality games.

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