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Chinese games, competing for the right to speak in global artificial intelligence

Zhang Shule 2024/06/06 10:16

Zhang Shule is a columnist for People's Daily Online and People's Post and Telegraph

Chinese games,

Crazy roll AI, don't rub hot spots!

2024 is regarded as the first year of artificial intelligence applications.

Zhang Shule, Chinese Games, competes for the right to speak in global artificial intelligence

Major game manufacturers are also accelerating the implementation of AI applications recently.

In February this year, Giant Network completed the filing of the first game vertical model.

In March, Tencent released its self-developed game AI engine, providing a full range of AI solutions for game developers and operators.

More companies are also taking the lead on the AI track and are very active in showing their achievements.

From May 1, the "Guidelines for Sustainable Development Reporting of Listed Companies (Trial)" issued by the Shanghai and Shenzhen North Stock Exchanges officially came into effect.

The Guidelines make it mandatory for the disclosure of sustainability reports of sample companies of SSE 180, STAR 50, SZSE 100 and ChiNext Indexes, as well as companies listed both domestically and overseas.

Affected by this, the disclosure of ESG reports and sustainable development reports of listed companies has once again attracted attention from all walks of life.

However, the media found that the enthusiasm of game companies was unexpectedly high.

According to preliminary statistics from the media, although most A-share game companies are not required to disclose relevant information, many companies still released their ESG or sustainability reports in March and April this year.

Zhang Shule, Chinese Games, competes for the right to speak in global artificial intelligence

Among them, artificial intelligence and AIGC are widely mentioned by various game companies, and "information security" and "protection of minors" are also high-frequency keywords.

Due to the different characteristics of each link of production and business activities such as supply, production, and sales, ESG, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility in each industry have a focus.

As the relationship between game companies and AI technology becomes more and more close, the application of AI in the game industry is becoming more and more extensive and deep. As a result, keywords such as artificial intelligence, AI, and AIGC frequently appear in the reports of game companies.

Take Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, the game company with the largest A-share revenue, as an example.

The company's ESG report mentions artificial intelligence and AI more than 60 times, including the use of AI technology to upgrade and iterate the "Turing" of the art design platform, so that self-developed AI products can serve the production of high-quality content, thereby reducing losses in R&D, promotion, operation and other links.

Promote and popularize AI knowledge to students through the public welfare platform of science popularization and special lectures; Apply AI technology in the form of comics, creative posters, etc., to improve employees' understanding of corporate culture and workplace literacy, and participate in the formulation of the first generative AI standard in China.

Zhang Shule, Chinese Games, competes for the right to speak in global artificial intelligence

Also as an A-share game company with a revenue of more than 10 billion, Century Huatong also introduced the application cases of AI technology in the sustainable development report.

Among them, well-known IP products such as "Legend", "Dragon Nest" and "Rainbow Island" will be connected to AI tools to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

A new generation of green intelligent computing center is built by adopting innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence system optimization and intelligent perception centralized monitoring platform.

With the help of AI, VR and other technologies and equipment, we will carry out education on the Red Revolution.

A "digital therapeutic" product for children with autism developed through human-computer interaction, AI and other technologies.

Zhang Shule, Chinese Games, competes for the right to speak in global artificial intelligence

In addition, companies such as Zheshu Culture, Kaiying Network, Tom Cat, and Baotong Technology have also introduced the company's application of AI technology in their respective ESG reports.

These include using AIGC to tell traditional culture and classic stories, using AI to develop educational content for children, and empowering green and low-carbon.

Why are game companies actively investing in AI, is it hot or effective?

What changes has generative AI brought to the gaming industry?

In this regard, Chen Qijie, a reporter from the Economic Observer, had an exchange with Shule, and this monkey thought:

AI has the greatest learning opportunities in games, and it is also the most efficient.

In this process, Chinese games are undergoing a deeper transformation of AI applications, or will become the leader of the global technology trend.

The collective entry of Chinese game manufacturers will give Chinese artificial intelligence more say in the world.

Zhang Shule, Chinese Games, competes for the right to speak in global artificial intelligence

Games are more diverse than other mediums, that is, as the most complex form in the entertainment and media industry, the components of games include all forms of content in the field of entertainment media, and are a complex of text, images, sound effects, music, 3D models, animations, movies, codes and other types of resources.

This is precisely the testing ground that AIGC can fully cover.

In other words, AI has a place for AI in the entire chain of the game industry, not simply to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but to free up the hands of game developers and operators and give them more time to stimulate creativity.

After all, in addition to the technical background, the game is more of a creative and ascending world.

Therefore, AI is not a hot spot for the game industry, but a technological revolution.

For now, there are two aspects of game scenarios that can be well integrated with AI:

The first is the R&D level of voice and original picture generation, game testing, which has been applied to a certain extent.

Zhang Shule, Chinese Games, competes for the right to speak in global artificial intelligence

The second is that AI NPCs have appeared in the game experience, and at the same time, UGC games can assist users in generating original game content. As for text, code, music, and video, which require a higher level of creativity and more complexity, they are still just toys.

But on the whole, AI is now just a simple plug-in, almost like a toy, and the reason why it is difficult to apply on a large scale is that the creative components and interactive content of the whole chain of games are relatively complex, and extremely vertical, covering various digital technologies.

It is difficult for AI to "graduate" from deep learning for a while, and it will take time to temper.

Due to the initial use, the R&D and maintenance costs of AIGC have not been diluted on a long timeline, and the application is not deep enough, so the cost reduction and efficiency increase will not be obvious in the financial report in the short term.

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