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When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appeared in the game, this Three Kingdoms world was a little different

Game matrix 2024/05/30 15:50

This year, NetEase's 520 game conference announced new news about more than 40 games. In the huge game lineup, several games that have been in operation for many years have also become more and more strong, among which "The Shore of the Land" announced the character video "Living Up to the Hero's World" with Chen Shou as the main perspective at the press conference, indicating that the game is about to enter the next chapter.

The video takes Chen Shou, the editor of "Three Kingdoms", as the main perspective, and reviews the historical process from the chaotic times of the late Han Dynasty to the three divisions of the world of Wei, Shu and Wu. In this magnificent history, countless heroes and heroes have appeared on the stage, galloping vertically and horizontally, turning into a brief record of Chen Shou's pen, leaving it for future generations to comment on Zang or not.

At the end of the video, from Chen Shou's perspective, the camera focuses on the last major battle in the history of the Three Kingdoms - the Battle of Yiling, and previews the game's latest season script will be launched in July. How will "The Shore of the Land" interpret the battle of Yiling, which has many variables, and what new gameplay will it bring in the new season? This is undoubtedly what Three Kingdoms fans are most concerned about.

A variety of ways to play to meet diverse needs

In many Three Kingdoms-themed games, Chen Shou has no role, but he has his legend in history. Chen Shou is on top of the temple of the Sima family, but he can withstand the pressure of the Sima family and try his best to restore the merits and demerits of historical figures, and he has to overcome the difficulties of collecting historical materials without historians in Shudi.

On May 22, the game also released the latest issue of the Chronicles of the Land with Chen Shou as the protagonist - Shi Bi Hanzhang. The animation reviews the entire history of the Three Kingdoms from the return of the world to the disaster of Dong Zhuo in the form of flashbacks, leading players to shout "This is the statue of all living beings in the land".

And because Chen Shou, as the author of "Three Kingdoms", recorded every historical figure, so a new mechanism called "Chen Shou Characteristic Card" was also introduced in the game, allowing "Chen Shou" to change the attributes of the general.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

The so-called "Chen Shou Characteristic Card" is actually an upgrade of the original "Characteristic" system in "The Shore of the Land". In-game, Season of Conquest players will receive a free Elder Trait Card every once in a while. Different cards have different functions, ranging from increasing the stats of the generals, to changing the bonuses of other camps, and even changing the star rating of the generals, and increasing the non-5-star generals to 5 stars, greatly improving the attributes.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

The addition of trait cards clearly benefits civilians and low-Krypton players. With the help of this system, civilian players can match a more combat-ready team with a limited number of hand cards, and players who encounter high krypton can also have the power to fight. At the same time, the official limited feature card has the same upper limit for players on all servers, which ensures that the addition of the new system will not destroy the original balance.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

In order to better integrate the feature card system into the game's world view, "The Shore of the Land" not only carefully drew Chen Shou's vertical painting, but also made a pilot video for him, allowing players to pay attention to this historical figure, reflecting the game's long-standing emphasis on the historical and cultural background of the Three Kingdoms. Players configure different Chen Shou feature cards for the generals, just like letting players write their own generals' figures, creating their own history in the game.

This concept is not only reflected in the Chen Shou feature card, but also the mercenary system that is being tested on the advance server is also designed with the purpose of restoring history and improving the player's freedom.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

Players who are familiar with "The Shore of the Land" will know that many of the tasks in the game require players to form a military army to perform. The most important role of the mercenary system is that it can replace the army to complete various types of work such as building construction, resource gathering, and army recruitment. Players can freely allocate mercenary teams, no longer limited by building queues, can book mercenary work in advance, or concentrate multiple mercenary teams into the collection of a certain resource to speed up the output of resources.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

In ancient times, the battle itself required a large number of mercenaries, who were not only responsible for transporting grain and grass, building roads and bridges, but also possibly participating in battles at critical moments. The introduction of the mercenary system in the game can also be regarded as a restoration of history to a certain extent.

For players, handing over the logistics to a professional team of mercenaries can reduce cumbersome operations and remove the overly heavy "class flavor" in the early stage of SLG games. Players will also be able to focus on what they are more interested in, and better enjoy the fun of arranging and strategizing.

The game official said that it is hoped that the mercenary system can bring players a richer business experience in the future. The mercenary system, combined with other seasonal playbooks, does create more possibilities. For example, the game's previous "Hundred Industries Contend" script allows players to choose different professions to survive and develop in troubled times, and the mercenary system can obviously allow players with different orientations to go further on the road of specialization and realize their "farming dream" or "business dream".

Whether it's the Chen Shou trait card or the mercenary system, every system update of "The Shore of the Land" follows two principles. First, the new system must have a historical source, and it must never be created out of nothing; Second, the new system is always designed with the concept of empowering players, and strives to meet the diverse needs of players through a variety of gameplay.

Simulate history, not copy it

The variety of gameplay is the secret of the invincible position of "The Shore of the Land" in the continuous operation process. So how does the game manage to bring such a variety of gameplay together? The answer lies in the wide variety of season playbooks.

The season script of "The Shore of the Land" can be divided into two categories. One is the rule script, and the other is the historical script.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

In the rule-based script, the game will introduce new gameplay rules to allow players to experience the fun of gambling that is different from ordinary scripts. For example, the script of "Responding to the Favorable Weather" introduces weather changes and corresponding tactics to change the player's game process, while the script of "Soldiers and Cars" introduces powerful siege equipment to change the rhythm of the city's offensive and defensive battles.

In the historical script, the game will design the script based on the major events of the Three Kingdoms period, allowing players to join different forces on a seasonal basis and experience the torrent of history. The game "Guandu Battle" and "Red Cliff Warriors", which were launched last year, can be regarded as two very representative historical scripts.

In the script of "Guandu Battle", the game added "Guandu" as a special location and modified the surrounding terrain, so that the focus of the game between Cao and Yuan and the two major forces was Guandu. The game also introduces the rules of accumulating grain and garrisoning soldiers, giving players the opportunity to learn Cao Cao's tactics to attack the opponent's granary, and also gives players the opportunity to learn from Yuan Shao's lesson and use the granary as bait to fight the opponent's ambush battle.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

In the script of "Red Cliff Soldiers", all forces will join forces to start a confrontation with Cao Cao's camp. The script not only introduces new rules such as water battles, warships, and fire attacks that are in line with the background of the Battle of Red Cliffs, but also adds unique faction characteristics to different forces, increasing the complexity of the game between players.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

From the past historical scripts, we can feel that whether it is the battlefield situation on the front line or the domestic and foreign affairs in the rear, the design script of "The Shore of the Land" is not a bookbag copying history, but refines the historical situation into a series of rules, guides the player's behavior through the rules, promotes the development of the situation, and finally promotes a battlefield situation that is highly similar to history. In such a battlefield, players will also face the same choices as historical figures, which greatly enhances the sense of substitution.

For the upcoming script of the Battle of Yiling, presumably the game will continue the original design idea.

However, compared with Guandu and Chibi, it is not easy to design the script of "The Battle of Yiling" well. The fire burned the 700-mile company camp, Lu Xun was a god in a battle, and Liu Bei retreated to the country. However, how to differentiate the fire attack of the Battle of Yiling from the battlefields such as Chibi, and how to restore the terrain and topography of the "Baoyuan Xi Dangerous Land" in the mouths of Cao Pi and Zhuge Liang through battlefield design are all tests of the designer's skills.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

In addition to the frontal battlefield in the Battle of Yiling, the off-the-field political game of the three families of Wei, Shu and Wu also affected the trend of the battle at all times. Historically, a large number of generals on both sides of Sun and Liu were pinned down in order to guard against Cao Wei and did not rush to the battlefield of Yiling. The two sides also made their own strange moves to pull each other's hind legs in diplomacy, such as Sun Quan being a minister, Liu Bei sending an envoy to condolence Cao Cao, and so on. And simulating a complex diplomatic situation is the favorite drama of veteran players of "The Shore of the Land". On the stage of Yiling, where the three families of Wei, Shu and Wu frequently play games, players who are well versed in vertical and horizontal battles don't know how many wonderful spy war dramas they can play!

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different

The script of the Battle of Yiling is expected to be launched in July, adding another variable to this year's summer SLG war. In order to allow players to better prepare for the battle, but also to allow newcomers to catch up with the big army as soon as possible. Since May, "The Shore of the Land" has prepared a large number of benefits: in addition to regular rewards such as tiger charms and generals, five-star red-faced generals will also be awarded, and players will be able to choose any season generals and seasonal tactics to participate in ordinary seasons. During the period, there will also be a variety of return activities such as portraits of military generals, solar term portraits, and city appearances.

Game matrix, When the author of "Three Kingdoms" appears in the game, this Three Kingdoms world is a little different


Since the opening of the SLG category of "Rate Soil-like", "Rate the Shore of the Land" has not stopped innovating. Every time the new content is a real gameplay innovation, there are few gimmicks.

Over the years, "The Shore of the Land" has successively played slogans such as "Chinese originality", "living up to the times" and "feeling the charm of the Eastern War". The originality here not only refers to the continuous innovation of the game's official art resources and script gameplay, but also means that the official has always encouraged players to create their own history and write their own stories in the game.

As shown in this pilot video, Chen Shou wrote the history of the Three Kingdoms by himself, and turned Yun Yun's stars into pieces of text and included them in the simple scrolls for future generations to learn from. In fact, "The Shore of the Land" hopes that every player can be their own Chen Shou, and turn their various experiences in the game into memories and record them in their hearts. Even if you look back years later, you can draw strength from your past experiences. Only in this way can it be regarded as living up to the times.

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