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"Singing Tide", a reference for Genshin Impact challengers

Reading entertainment 2024/05/29 23:52

Reading Entertainment, "Singing Tide", a reference for "Genshin Impact" challengers

"Singing Tide" is too similar to "Genshin Impact" in many dimensions, the same open world template, the same card drawing mode, and similar development routines, such an "original" naturally has advantages and disadvantages.Reading Entertainment | yiqiduyuText | Garlic jelly corner

Not surprisingly, "Singing Tide", which was officially launched on May 23, rushed to the hot search, and the reason why it received more attention probably came from another game - "Genshin Impact".

In the past four years, "Genshin Impact" has dominated the second-game open world track, even if there is always a voice saying that the game is "cool", but the topic heat and flowing results show that "Genshin Impact" is still the ceiling in the track, so when "Ming Tide", which is also positioned in the two-dimensional open world, is launched, players will inevitably be curious about what kind of game this game that dares to collide head-on with "Genshin Impact" is.

Now, nearly a week after the game was launched, we also know the general situation of "Singing Tide". Judging from the iOS ranking trend, "Singing Tide" has been in the second place on the free game list since it was listed, and was overwhelmed by the "DNF" mobile game launched at the same time; Judging from the flow of water, the estimated revenue of the iOS side in the mainland market in the first four days of the launch of the game is about 19.73 million yuan, which is not a small gap with the number one ace "Honkai: Star Dome Railway" last year, which is 78.942 million yuan in the first four days.

What's worse is that the game's online reputation is not satisfactory, with a TapTap score of 5.9, an NGA score of 4.9 and 2.3 on Bilibili, and a 3.2 and 3.1 on the iOS App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Reading Entertainment, "Singing Tide", a reference for "Genshin Impact" challengers

Obviously, as a challenger, "Ming Tide" is not a success at the moment, and miHoYo's defensive action against this game is only a symbolic announcement that its new action game "Jeopardy Zero" is scheduled for summer. However, given that the open-world second game is destined not to be the only "Genshin Impact", we also want to explore the current problems of "Singing Tide" and talk about what the players of the second game want.


There are far more problems than bright spots"Singing Tide" suffered a wide range of bad word-of-mouth reviews, and the first point was the optimization of the game. Whether it is PC or mobile, there are endless lags and bugs, and players will undoubtedly be angry if they are still online with such a posture after several rounds of testing. After all, whether the game is fun or not will only be known after playing, but if the optimization is not good, many people will not be able to play it in the first place.

And most of the players who can continue to play the game also give a mid-to-low rating after experiencing the game for a few hours, which means that although the game has bright spots, it is not enough to cover up the fact that the shortcomings exist, and this is the reason why "Singing Tide" lost in the first battle.

Let's talk about the advantages first, as a game on the same track as "Genshin Impact", "Singing Tide" has made a certain difference. One is that the combat system is relatively rich, and the existence of mechanisms such as bounce, perfect dodge, and toughness makes the combat gameplay of "Singing Tide" more refreshing; The second is the sound skeleton gameplay, which combines the player's world exploration drive with character development in the form of Pokémon-like, increasing the player's desire to explore the game world.But that's the end of the advantages, and the rest is the pain of gameplay caused by many problems. Including but not limited to the plot is low and boring, the character creation is poor, the music is not distinctive, the character expressions are single and stiff, and the battle is nonsensical. Even because the plot is too bad, some characters' lines have become a mockery for players.

In the first test of the game, "why are you still there" was a small fire. When the player worked hard to defeat the boss, the game character ran out to grab the head in the animation CG, and asked the player "Why are you still there", and the angry players scolded him, and after the development team modified and adjusted, there were still problems with the character's lines in the open beta.

Reading Entertainment, "Singing Tide", a reference for "Genshin Impact" challengers

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When explaining that the rear of the battlefield is equally important, he said, "The rear is like this, as long as the soldiers on the front line devote themselves to the station, obey orders and fight hard to kill the enemy, but there are a lot of things to consider in the rear", the turning words before and after the sky made the players laugh more than once, even if the official deleted this line directly after the player's feedback, but the bad copywriting has been deeply rooted in the knowledge of the player group, and this line that is contrary to common sense is now also turned into a stalk and haunts all circles.In our opinion, the key to the problems exposed by "Singing Tide" is the lack of ability and lack of intentions. As a manufacturer that is good at action games, Kuro has given full play to its own advantages to a certain extent in "Singing Tide", making the game's combat system relatively good in many similar games, but it has not been able to improve on the shortcomings.

The in-game copywriting, character lines, plot direction, and character creation all reveal that the development team lacks sufficient cultural and literary literacy accumulation, and the game with sound and frequency as the core of the worldview is musically featureless and even disorganized, reflecting the development team's carelessness in the details of the game. After the second game players generally experienced the "tuning" of "Genshin Impact" and "Honkai: Star Dome Railway", the observation of details and the taste of content have been greatly improved, and in this context, "Ming Tide" came up with a 60-point work, and only 30 points were scored in the hearts of players.

Perhaps, it could have been better to give "Singing Tide" more time, but the point is that Kuro can't wait. According to the financial report of Hero Mutual Entertainment, Kulo will have a net loss of 190 million in 2023, and his "Battle Double Pamish" is probably not enough to continue to support the long-term development of "Singing Tide".

At the same time, miHoYo's second action game "Jeopardy Zero" will be launched this summer, and the "Blue Star Original Travel Ballad" that broke out in March this year is also regarded as a strong challenger to "Genshin Impact", and masterpieces such as "Black Myth: Wukong" will also steal user attention in the second half of the year, and it seems that it can only be seen and discussed when it is launched in the first half of the year. Therefore, the strategy of rushing to go online first to see if it can properly recover blood is also the main reason why "Ming Tide" overturned when it was launched.


The trap of "authenticity".Rationally speaking, if you ignore the optimization of the game for the time being, "Rising Tide" is at least a mid-to-upper long-term operation project, after all, most long-term operation games are incomplete at the beginning. But because "Singing Tide" and "Genshin Impact" belong to the same track, this new game needs to face more dimensional considerations.The most important thing is whether you can get out of the shadow of your predecessors. There is no doubt that "Singing Tide" is too similar to "Genshin Impact" in many dimensions, with the same open-world template, the same card drawing mode, and similar development routines, such an "original" naturally has advantages and disadvantages.Reading Entertainment, "Singing Tide", a reference for "Genshin Impact" challengersThe advantage is that it can target Genshin Impact's long grass players and people who have retired from the pit, so that they can migrate to "Singing Tide" "painlessly", and share the leftovers of the open world track with stronger action elements. At the same time, copying the model that has been verified by Genshin Impact can also ensure market acceptance to a certain extent, so that the company has more confidence and is more conducive to attracting investors.The disadvantage is that it is not as good as "Genshin Impact", so it is almost certain to be abandoned, as some players say, why should people who are tired of playing "Genshin Impact" play a "New Genshin Impact" that is not as good as the original? In other words, if the charm of "Singing Tide" innovation can't cover the game's flaws, then "Singing Tide" is destined to be unpopular after the freshness.Although Genshin Impact, which has been going on for nearly four years, still has flaws, miHoYo's technical strength and insistence on game quality are still difficult for most domestic second-game manufacturers to catch up with. At the beginning, "Genshin Impact" was born and shook the industry, making the industry think that it was the two-dimensional open world that moved the market, but in fact, only a combination of several elements simply did not make players continue to play for so long.Is Genshin Impact's open world fun? There have been discussions about the open world among the player groups before, and the exploration drive is bound to gacha resources, making exploration into "going to work", and this problem has still not been solved; Is Genshin Impact's character development successful? Dissatisfaction with the plot characters and costume settings of certain characters has caused dissatisfaction among players, but Genshin Impact is still able to maintain its appeal to most players. What is the reason?Reading Entertainment, "Singing Tide", a reference for "Genshin Impact" challengersTo put it simply, miHoYo insists on making good games with the support of strong technical strength, and at the same time, it always pays attention to the voices of players and improves game products to bring a game experience that exceeds expectations. For example, after nearly four years, players are relatively familiar and tired, "Genshin Impact" has come up with a more than expected Fontaine plot line this year, and the character Funinga has endured a hundred years of loneliness to save the country, and the PV playback of Funingna's related plots at Station B has reached 1537.5w, attracting some players to return to the pit to play again.Then the real "original" is not those superficial similarities, but the all-round high requirements for game manufacturers: there must be sufficient technical support, at least the game optimization must be passed, the enemy should not be nonsensical, and the character movements should be flexible and natural, bringing players a relatively qualified game experience; It is necessary to have enough intentions, at least in terms of art, music, culture, etc., to exceed the aesthetics and accumulation of ordinary people, which can bring players an experience that exceeds expectations; There must be enough persistence, at least not because some people hate a certain character or a certain plot, after all, the content can never satisfy everyone.Being able to do these things can probably be called "original", and the manufacturers who can realize and do it have not yet appeared, so even if "Singing Tide" is so similar to "Genshin Impact", and even better than "Genshin Impact" in terms of running pictures, plot skipping, exploration drive, and combat system, it can only get a "not as good as Genshin Impact" evaluation.


The "challenge" will continue"Challenge" "Genshin Impact" should be said to be the main dynamic of the second-game market in the next few years. In addition to the current "Singing Tide", Tencent's "Glory of Kings World" is also an in-depth open world track, and has now entered the second confidential test stage, according to Tech Planet Information, this game has attracted much attention internally, and the project is expected to be a long-term hit comparable to "Glory of Kings".NetEase's open-world game "Codename Infinity" also released a real-world animation last year, although there is no relevant information at this year's NetEase Game Conference, but according to the official website, the current number of global pre-orders for this game has also reached 5.196 million.Reading Entertainment, "Singing Tide", a reference for "Genshin Impact" challengersIn addition to the two major manufacturers, "Blue Star Plain: Travel Ballad", which suddenly raised expectations with a PV in March this year, is also a strong challenger to this track. As a veteran of the second game field, the new action after "Blue Route" is an open world that integrates "Palu" and farming gameplay, only from the comments of the popular painting style and the bright gameplay under the PV, which may also reflect the players' expectations for the new open world game.From an industry perspective, we hope to see more open-world games to enrich the market and give players more choices, after all, dominance also means that the industry is not healthy. As for the first challenge of "Ming Tide", its courage is worthy of recognition, and if it can make the later challengers avoid detours and let manufacturers realize their own problems, it can be regarded as a valuable reference."Genshin Impact" will not be a mountain that cannot be climbed, the key is to recognize its essence and take its essence, if domestic manufacturers can keep up with the real "original", then there will definitely be more good games. So we're looking forward to this long-lasting challenge.

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