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Ahead? Investors in the game industry want to be "Huawei"

Zhang Shule 2024/05/24 09:40

Zhang Shule is a columnist for People's Daily Online and People's Post and TelegraphSmall factories do not have the ability to develop large models

Isn't this the blue ocean?

The "investors" in the game industry also want to be far ahead.

Is it possible to become the "Huawei" of the gaming industry?

After the double growth of revenue and net profit in 2023, Kunlun Wanwei followed up with the release of the 2024 Q1 quarterly report with both revenue and net profit declining, and its net profit turned from profit to loss.

But at the same time, it is also promising.

On May 7, Kunlun Wanwei said on the interactive platform that the company has now built an independent and controllable computing power cluster.

It said that at present, the company's existing computing power is expected to be able to meet the computing power needs of large models in addition to video AIGC in the next 1-2 years.

On April 17, 2024, Kunlun Wanwei officially iterated the Tiangong model to version 3.0. Tiangong 3.0 adopts a 400 billion parameter MoE architecture, which is one of the world's largest and most powerful open-source MoE models.

Zhang Shule, far ahead? Investors in the game industry want to be "Huawei"

The company said that "Tiangong 3.0" has achieved a qualitative leap in semantic understanding and logical reasoning, with its technical knowledge ability improved by 20% compared with the previous generation model, and its math and code capabilities increased by more than 30%.

At the same time, in a number of authoritative multimodal evaluation results such as MMBench, "Tiangong 3.0" surpassed GPT4V, and a number of evaluation indicators reached the world's leading level.

It's just that under the "100 model war", whether Kunlun Wanwei, which was good at investment before, can tell a new capital story has also become the focus of attention.

In this regard, Kunlun Wanwei also gave an answer, that is, the first self-developed AI game "Club Koala" has an interactive NPC function.

It is reported that "Club Koala" was unveiled at the International Games Show in Cologne, Germany in August 2023.

Zhang Shule, far ahead? Investors in the game industry want to be "Huawei"

According to public information, the game's UGC game editor, Koala Editor, helps users achieve zero-code game development and greatly reduces the threshold for game creation.

In the first quarter of this year, Kunlun Wanwei increased its R&D investment, with a year-on-year increase of 104.4% to 349 million yuan, which was used to carry out AIGC business, and the corresponding labor costs, technical service fees and server discount fees increased.

Zhang Shule, far ahead? Investors in the game industry want to be "Huawei"

But at the same time, Kunlun Wanwei, which is good at investment, also has its own problems, the financial report shows that in the first quarter, investment income and fair value change income have declined, and the decline is more than 300%,

Is it appropriate for a former investor in the gaming industry to suddenly become a technology expert?

With more than 100 large models in China, will Kunlun's current investment have good returns?

In this regard, China Times reporter Yu Yujin had an exchange with Shule. This monkey thinks:

Kunlun Wanwei has already iterated from a game company to a venture capital company, and there is a time lag between investment and return, but Kunlun Wanwei's previous investment performance is extremely impressive, and its investment strategic vision is still reliable at present.

Zhang Shule, far ahead? Investors in the game industry want to be "Huawei"

On the whole, the income from Kunlun's previous investment can still make it sustainable even if the new investment does not produce benefits for the time being.

Kunlun Wanwei's layout and achievements on the large model are a few months earlier than ChatGPT's fame, which also reflects the uniqueness of its strategic vision.

At the same time, its large model more accurately empowers the game industry, which is a field where AI directly plays a role in the whole chain, rather than a general large model in the conventional sense, which is also the direction it has set at the end of 2022.

Zhang Shule, far ahead? Investors in the game industry want to be "Huawei"

In a sense, its style of play is more impactful and strategic.

Once mature, it may bring qualitative improvement to the game industry, especially small and medium-sized game companies at home and abroad that do not have the ability to develop and operate large models, and bring new blue ocean benefits to Kunlun Wanwei.

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