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"miHoYo Launcher" is officially launched, has miHoYo's "Battle Net" time arrived?

Game Spinning Top 2024/05/23 11:53

On May 22nd, the official website of miHoYo Launcher was officially launched, and the official website of Honkai Impact 3 has taken the lead in opening the download channel.

Game Top, "miHoYo Launcher" is officially launched, miHoYo's "Battle.net" time has arrived?

According to the downloaded and installed client, the current "miHoYo launcher" integrates 4 games, including "Honkai Impact 3", "Honkai: Star Dome Railway", "Jeopardy Zero" and "Genshin Impact", of which "Genshin Impact" and "Honkai Impact 3" can download games through the launcher, "Honkai: Star Dome Railway" is still in "stay tuned", and "Jeopardy Zero" has not yet been officially launched.

Game Top, "miHoYo Launcher" is officially launched, miHoYo's "Battle.net" time has arrived?

In April this year, miHoYo officially posted on Miyou that the PC client of its games "Genshin Impact", "Honkai Impact 3" and "Honkai: Star Dome Railway" will be updated in the near future, and players can choose to download and install the "miHoYo Launcher" after receiving the update.

This also means that miHoYo's own comprehensive game platform similar to Blizzard Battle.net and Tencent WeGame is about to be born. At the beginning of April, Qichacha Information showed that miHoYo had completed the software copyright registration of the "miHoYo Game Aggregation Launcher Platform" (i.e., "miHoYo Launcher").

As a giant in the current game market, miHoYo's games have a strong market influence and have gained a large number of loyal players. For miHoYo, the "miHoYo Launcher" is not only a simple one-click game launcher, but also a key step towards product layout and player ecological construction.

According to a recent Newzoo article on global gaming market statistics, PC game sales, microtransactions, and subscription revenue increased by 8.4% in 2023 compared to 2022, while console game revenue increased by only 0.3%.

At the same time, revenue from mobile games shrank by 2.1%. Meanwhile, the total revenue for mobile games in 2023 is $89.9 billion, console games are $52.4 billion, and PC games are $39.6 billion. In other words, the market growth rate of PC games last year was much higher than that of the console game market, and there is still a lot of room for growth in terms of market revenue.

Game Top, "miHoYo Launcher" is officially launched, miHoYo's "Battle.net" time has arrived?

With the recovery and expansion of the PC game market, coupled with the popularity of multi-terminal publishing strategies, PC game launchers may become the next traffic entrance for major manufacturers.

miHoYo clearly has no reason to give up this entrance.

In terms of player experience, a launcher that integrates the "Mi Family Bucket" is obviously much more convenient than finding game icons one by one on the computer. At the same time, the "miHoYo Launcher" is not only a single game launcher, but also carries the function of player community and interactive communication, that is, miHoYo's "Miyou Club".

Judging from the management page of "Genshin Impact" and "Honkai Impact 3" on the launcher, "Mi Youshe" is integrated into the first icon on the right side of the page, in addition to the QR code promotion of APP download, there is also a direct entrance to the web version, for PC players, this web entrance is obviously very convenient and fast.

Game Top, "miHoYo Launcher" is officially launched, miHoYo's "Battle.net" time has arrived?

Through the use of game accounts by players to communicate, miHoYo, the official community of PC game launchers, has formed a complete private domain traffic and social system. The construction of a solid social system can maintain a large number of core users, and the channel for players of one game to try to experience other games becomes simple and fast, which can naturally stimulate players' desire to play and expand the user pool of its games.

In terms of channels, this is also an important measure for miHoYo to further build its own official channels. In terms of mobile terminals, iOS is monopolized by Apple because of the system ecology, but there are too many channels in Android, and the high percentage of channels also makes many manufacturers miserable.

And most of the games in the Android channel mall such as Xiaomi, App Treasure, etc., need to access the channel SDK (Software Development Kit, software development kit) with its own channel account system, the game company does not directly own the users of the channel service in name, and the mainstream sharing model is also the channel first collects money, and then settles with the game company.

The traditional channel model is obviously not what miHoYo wants, not only is a large part of the profit divided, but users are also scattered across various channels. Therefore, in 2021, when "Genshin Impact" was released on the Tencent App Treasure, it was not connected to the account system of the App Treasure. It can be said that miHoYo is a big victory for the Android channel.

It is foreseeable that after the official launch of the "miHoYo Launcher", more and more players will pay more attention to the meaning of "official uniform".

The unified miHoYo account login is of great significance for the convenience of multi-terminal synchronization, and the constraints of traditional channels on miHoYo will be further weakened, which not only saves the high channel commission, but also holds a large number of users in their own hands, which should be the dream vision of all manufacturers.

With the further expansion of the PC market in the future, perhaps more and more powerful manufacturers will launch their own launchers, but there are only a handful of them with this strength. But for miHoYo, the moment of its own "battle network" may be just around the corner.

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