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Internet celebrities show off their wealth, and there is no way out

Node Finance 2024/05/22 23:13

Node Finance, Internet celebrities show off their wealth, and there is no way out

There are many kinds of Internet celebrities, and showing off their wealth is probably the one that makes people envious, jealous and hateful, and naturally they are also on the cusp of traffic.

On the evening of May 21, the million-level well-known Internet celebrity "Wang Hongquanxing" was banned or blocked by major social platforms, and quickly ranked first in the hot search on Weibo. In this regard, some netizens commented that they were showing off their wealth all day long, and it was annoying to look at it, but it was finally sealed, which was very happy.

Node Finance, Internet celebrities show off their wealth, and there is no way out

Why netizens are so emotional about him, just look at some of his remarks.

In addition, Wang Hongquanxing once said, "When I go out every day, if the clothes on my body don't add up to 8 figures, I definitely can't." He also said, "We now have 7 suites in Star River, the largest of which is 991 square meters. ”

Node Finance took a look, Beijing Star River is located in the East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, and the residential area is a large flat floor, with an average reference price of 99,980 yuan/㎡ in May. Therefore, his 991-square-meter house is worth nearly 100 million yuan, and if you count the other six suites, a few small goals are more than enough.

Node Finance, Internet celebrities show off their wealth, and there is no way out

Therefore, Wang Hongquanxing's label is only two words: rich. There are a lot of rich people, like those bigwigs on Forbes, but they don't go around showing off their money. Wang Hongquanxing is the kind of Internet celebrity who specializes in showing off his wealth, and chooses the road of "showing off his wealth", and it seems that it is only a matter of time before something happens.

1, Wang Hongquanxing, he doesn't go out without 8 figures

The last time Wang Hongquanxing became a topic of conversation on the Internet, it was because he easily photographed a jade ornament with 27 million. Some netizens described that it seems easier to see him spend 27 million than we ordinary people spend 2,700 yuan.

In the videos released in the past, Wang Hongquanxing really revealed his "richness", not only showing off his wealth in words, but also in his actions. In his lens, the Hermes bag at home can fill an entire wall of the house, and travel depends on Rolls-Royce, Phantom, and Cullinan...... When you're bored, head to Prada for afternoon tea and borrow some jewelry.

What he has created is a boring and luxurious rich life that countless people envy.

So, does Wang Hongquanxing, who seems to be spending a lot of money, really rich, or is it a rich character specially created on the Internet?

Node Finance, Internet celebrities show off their wealth, and there is no way out

According to public information, Wang Hongquanxing's real name is Wang Hongquan, born in 1993, is a native of Tangshan, Hebei Province, and claims to have the titles of Tangshan Environmental Protection Image Ambassador and China Children's Charity Association Love Ambassador. Before being banned, Wang Hongquanxing's Douyin account had 4.374 million followers.

According to Tianyancha, Wang Hongquan has a total of four affiliated companies under his name, namely Baoding Whisper Leather Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Beijing Quanxing Jewelry Co., Ltd., Chongqing Xingshengquan Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Zhongshi Xingbao (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., mainly involved in jewelry, leather goods, and cultural fields. Of these, 3 are in existence and 1 has been deregistered.

Not long ago, in March 2024, the luxury collection store founded by Wang Hongquanxing officially opened, and artists such as Wu Zun, Zhu Zhengting, Zhong Liti, and Jin Qiaoqiao attended the opening ceremony, and the scene was very spectacular and luxurious. He also once called himself an actor, and once appeared at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023, and had a red carpet addiction.

However, it is such a big Internet celebrity who seems to be very rich, and he has not gotten rid of the cliché of bringing goods, which also makes him questioned as a "fake rich man", because the real ones will not show off with short videos, let alone bring goods, such as selling jadeite and diet pills, which are profitable and easy to step on thunder. Furthermore, he was suspected that he might be an Internet celebrity or white glove packaged by an MCN.

Nowadays, it doesn't matter whether he is really rich and shows off his wealth, or whether he creates a rich persona by showing off his wealth.

2. There are early signs of the ban

Internet celebrities like Wang Hongquanxing who show off their wealth have been banned, and there have been signs before.

On May 15, Tencent, Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu and other platforms issued announcements on the special governance of bad value-oriented content, and in response to the recent problems such as "extravagance and waste" and "showing off wealth and worshipping money" on the Internet, various platforms have strictly cracked down on them, advocating a rational and civilized consumption outlook and values.

Looking back at this announcement, it is simply a special action tailored for Internet celebrities to show off their wealth.

Facts have also proved that the title is not for Wang Hongquanxing, but for a batch. At present, along with Wang Hongquanxing, there are also well-known Internet celebrities "Bai Gongzi" and "Sister Abalone".

Bai Gongzi has nearly 3 million Douyin fans, and in his popular videos, he either mentions the garage Linan, shows off the decoration of the mansion, or shows off his million-dollar leather clothes. Because he and Wang Hongquanxing's personalities are very close, the two are often compared by netizens who wore the limited edition brand earlier.

Node Finance, Internet celebrities show off their wealth, and there is no way out

Sister Abalone is called "the richest Kuotai on the whole network" by fans, and the most well-known label is "there is always endless abalone at home". In Macau, where the rich gather, she owns two lavishly decorated "luxury palaces", and has worn a number of famous bags and jewelry worth tens of millions in the video.

Netizens noticed that the abalone and sea cucumber that often appear in the abalone sister's video are all from Hong Kong's well-known seafood chain Zhongxinghong, which has a history of more than 20 years. Therefore, some netizens speculated that the real identity of Sister Abalone was Zhong Li Lishi, one of the founders of Zhongxing Bank, but it was not confirmed by Sister Abalone.

On the whole, Wang Hongquanxing, Bai Gongzi and Sister Abalone, showing off their wealth is their common label. And for them, the way to get traffic is a luxury house, a luxury car, and a luxurious life.

"You are the only person I know about high society", many netizens once commented under Wang Hongquanxing's video.

However, behind the flaunting of wealth Internet celebrities, how to turn traffic into business is the core, and this has become an important reason why Wang Hongquanxing and others were blocked.

3. Traffic is business, and it is difficult to show off wealth for a long time

According to the enterprise investigation, Suzhou Leishenjia Cat E-commerce Co., Ltd., which Wang Hongquanxing had cooperated, was fined 200,000 yuan by the Suzhou Xiangcheng District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau for publishing false advertisements.

Let's take a look at the reason for the matter: In May 2022, the party cooperated with Wang Hongquan (Wang Hongquanxing) through a platform, and Wang Hongquan promoted the shampoo products in the party's store in the platform mall, and the product page claimed that "New Zealand human-keratin has 91 similarities with human hair protein ingredients" and other content could not provide relevant evidence.

At the time of the case, the sales of the above-mentioned products were more than 938,000 yuan, and the endorsement fees paid by the parties to Wang Hongquan totaled more than 140,000 yuan.

Node Finance, Internet celebrities show off their wealth, and there is no way out

Showing off wealth is a means for Internet celebrities such as Wang Hongquanxing to gain traffic, and behind it is not a simple life sharing, but a traffic business.

For the life of the rich, ordinary people are out of reach, and often have the psychology of curiosity, envy, and appreciation, and this has also become a kind of traffic password. It makes perfect sense in business logic that Internet celebrities show off their wealth by renting bags, renting cars, and fighting high-end hotels to show off their luxurious lives, and then monetize after attracting traffic.

However, from the perspective of disseminating positive social values, showing off wealth is obviously not a positive guidance, and Internet celebrities who win traffic based on this are naturally easy to become the target of key investigations.

As early as June 2021, the relevant person in charge of the Cyberspace Administration of China said that some online content showing off wealth caters to people's needs for pleasure and even unearned gains, and recently cleaned up more than 60,000 illegal information in short videos showing off wealth, closed 1,174 illegal live broadcast rooms, and closed 3,609 illegal accounts, but the problem still exists.

On May 15 this year, Weibo announced that it had completed the cleanup of more than 1,100 pieces of various negative value-oriented content such as "showing off wealth and worshiping money", and banned 27 illegal accounts in stages until the account was closed.

According to Weibo's disclosure, its strict crackdown includes using "the most expensive" and "sky-high prices" as gimmicks, using curiosity hunting psychology to conduct marketing hype, luxury car evaluations, and luxury house displays; show off your "second-generation family" and "rich people", and show off your "local tyrant friends" from the perspective of others; With copywriting that shows off high income and extravagant consumption, he creates false characters such as "self-made", "monthly income of millions" and "wealth freedom".

Therefore, the ban on Internet celebrities such as Wang Hongquanxing may only be the first wave, and other Internet celebrities who love to show off their wealth should also converge and converge.

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