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I've discovered three secrets from many of the hottest metaverse games

and digital media 2024/05/22 13:40

There is no need to say how popular the metaverse is. It seems that the VC that does not invest in the metaverse is already a classical VC, and it is the same as never hearing of the metaverse.

However, there are a thousand metaverses in the hearts of a thousand people, how to define it, and how can it be implemented from concept to application?

The sci-fi movie "Ready Player One" is the closest film and television model to the imagination of the metaverse, although the story is cyberpunk, the parallel world it mentions coincides with the idea of the metaverse.

Metaverse, meta means "transcendence", universe refers to "universe", a virtual world that is parallel to the real world but beyond it, that is, the virtual world reproduces everything in reality as it is, and at the same time has a new creation.

Under this assumption, if you are a music fan, in the future, you can invite your friends from the metaverse to instantly travel to Beijing Cadillac Center, Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Center, Hong Kong Red Pavilion and other venues to listen to a concert, the protagonist of this concert can be a world-class star, of course, also played by their metaverse clone.

I have also experienced several popular games or applications such as Roblox, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Axie Infnity, UTONMOS, etc., which are relatively popular and closest to the form of the metaverse, and have a feel for the "future" in advance, and come to the following conclusions:

1. In the game world of the metaverse, players enjoy the freedom here, and players from all walks of life play freelyThis kind of whimsical gameplay, on the contrary, creates exquisite private scene layout, and the wonderful game link design is also attracting more and more players, and the concept game has great potential.

2. If the real-world physical buying and selling or e-commerce transactions are shifted to the metaverse in the future, and a new trading framework is built, a huge profitable market may be formed.

3The initial state that is still developing, such as the immersion of concept games, is still relatively limited, and most players operate in front of the PC screen. The real metaverse will be more flexible once it is attached to the holographic virtual reality environment under future technology.

01 Metaverse Concept 1.0: The World of Games

The so-called concept of the metaverse is important - to give players enough space to play freely, because the metaverse pursues the imitation of the real world, and reality is not scripted.

These platforms also offer users the possibility to create and develop, starting with the "land" in the world of the system, and after a successful transaction, all the rest of the development is left to the player.

Games are made up of scenarios and players, so the diversity of innovation is also focused on both.

In the system, a pattern of a city is formed. Players can call friends and have a hearty party in beautiful gardens, private homes and more. When you are tired of playing, go outdoors, go to the exhibition halls, galleries, towers and other places to see the latest NFT paintings, which one is pleasing to the eye, you can directly click the link to buy it.

And Digital Media, I have discovered three secrets from many of the hottest metaverse games

In addition, the playground with a simulated store is also for the sale of land, and some platforms are different, and players build their own game projects on their own one-third of an acre, such as: The Sandbox, Roblox, etc. Walk between the different tiles of these systems, not into different buildings, but into a variety of different games. This kind of platform does not provide games in the first place, but only provides a development platform and community, and the original intention is to realize a decentralized world created by users, and the same is what the metaverse wants.

And Digital Media, I have discovered three secrets from many of the hottest metaverse games

No matter which of the above gameplay, the major platforms will provide rich and complete tools to minimize the threshold for operation. It doesn't take a lot of time, you don't need professional programming skills, as long as you are creative, the existing tools can easily help you make it happen. The sandbox even has a free 3D modeling service.

In terms of player freedom, the similarly played decentraland game even adopts the DAO community governance model - players can create polls to vote on platform activities and rules. These actions will result in changes to the Decentraland smart contract on the Ethereum network. This operation has a monumental significance for decentralized gaming.

The key is free play, and there is no limit to where you can play, so games where the creation point is placed on the player themselves are also very popular.

For example, the popular game Axie Infinity on Ethereum, the core is "pets", and the system collectively refers to them as Axies. The platform has painstakingly designed the rules of uniqueness for Axies: Axies have more than 500 different body parts available, including aquatic, beast, bird, insect, plant, and reptile parts. Each type of part has four different rarity levels: Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary – while Axies can be a combination of any body part, so they are highly variable and often very rare.

And Digital Media, I have discovered three secrets from many of the hottest metaverse games

These metaverse concept games, compared with multi-player online role-playing games, do not have any scripted plot, there is no single end, and the player who buys it is the decision-maker of everything on this territory, from building houses to post-gameplay, all are planned by the player's creativity.

The concept game wants to achieve the effect of players showing their strengths by giving enough freedom, such as architects can build houses in it, merchants can open stores in it, etc., and finally form a rich virtual world like reality, which is like the metaverse.

Axie Infinity's Pokemon best embodies the diverse settings of players in the metaverse in the future, and this multi-faceted setting of different characters has always been the cornerstone of the appeal of all games, whether it is escapism or breakthroughs, and a large number of players are rushing to it.

In the future, in the parallel world shaped by the metaverse, there will still be clear differences and changing scenes, such as The Sandbox and Roblox. It's just that in the realm of the metaverse, what we see is a replica of the real world. If you can open the window and see the viaduct and there is a snack shop downstairs, then the metaverse will be designed in this way, which is how it is defined by its "parallel" world, and it is also different from the concept game.

02 Metaverse Concept 2.0: It is a place to make money

You may wonder why I came to the metaverse since it's the same as real life? Because here you can design a new character by yourself and re-experience the world. The sociability of parallel worlds gives people a possibility beyond Milan Kundera's summary, when he said that "man can only live once, cannot be corrected, cannot be prepared". This new possibility, full of unknowns and excitement, is full of appeal.

So, I'm very satisfied with real life and I'm not interested in games, is it necessary to come to the metaverse? There is, too, because there is money to be made here.

For example, although the gameplay of space, equipment, and regular game upgrades remain the same, the trading methods have changed. They are connected to the blockchain and are beginning to point to the future. Blockchain is also an important reason why they are called "metaverse concept" games.

For example, CV and decentraland are both Ethereum-based projects, and users need to log in with their Metamask wallets to start trading. Tradable land, equipment, etc., will be officially marked as NFT assets after being certified, and if their ownership changes, they will also be recorded on the blockchain, and some data may be set to public viewing.

And Digital Media, I have discovered three secrets from many of the hottest metaverse games

As Sky Mavis, the team behind Axie Infinity, quotes in the white paper: "We believe in a future where work and play are one. We believe in empowering our players and providing them with economic opportunities. ”

In the future, players can also earn money from the metaverse, just like in the real world, there are architects building houses, gardeners planting flowers and plants, etc., and everything in this world will use the blockchain to mark its uniqueness, the legitimacy of transactions, and the model is just like what the concept game shows.

In addition, the reality of the metaverse means that it will have more unlimited development space, that is, ordinary businesses use this place as a display platform to copy physical transactions in reality.

For example, it is not impossible to imagine that your online store will be moved to a virtual shopping street in the metaverse, with physical photos displayed on the shelves and detailed information in Taobao format attached below, so that consumers can visit and order here, then you will become a metaverse merchant. Back then, a big reason why short video was gaining traction was also its trading feasibility.

Such a future is also in the possibility of the evolution of the metaverse.

03 Metaverse Concept 3.0: Virtual and Reality

Liu Cixin, the author of "The Three-Body Problem", once famously commented: "There are two roads in front of human beings, one is outward, leading to the sea of stars; One to the inside, to virtual reality ».

In addition, recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook also said at the end of an interview with Time magazine that Apple called the so-called "metaverse" concept augmented reality (AR).

At the same time, Cook also emphasized that artificial intelligence technology has been used in products that were once unexpected, and the superposition of the virtual world and the real world in AR will not only not distract human attention from the physical world, but even strengthen the relationship and cooperation between each other.

These two, virtual reality (VR) - the imitation of reality, augmented reality (AR) - the annotation and transcendence of reality, are the core of the future metaverse. For example, in the parallel world simulated by the metaverse, we can immerse ourselves in various street view buildings, etc., which are "real things". But when you need to navigate, an arrow pointing the direction may appear directly in front of you, and intelligent navigation is a "virtual effect". The integration of physical objects + additional information may be the essence of the metaverse.

So, how do we need to depict what it looks like?

First of all, to be parallel to the real world, the metaverse must exist for a long time and independently, without being affected by the decisions of any single company or sudden bankruptcy. The current metaverse concept games are nothing more than virtual reality + social/shopping, and virtual reality technology can create many good applications in the future, but as long as they still need to be born on other platforms, they can be installed or uninstalled. There are risks associated with long-term independence.

In addition, what the metaverse wants is the participation of the whole people, and the future created by the public, the applications created on the metaverse should be connected to each other to ensure that the equipment bought by users in scenario A of the metaverse can still be used in scenario B, which requires decentralization. The existing centralization faces complex potential problems, such as Android and IOS are now separated, and when users change phones, file migration is a real headache. To decentralize, it is difficult to achieve the effect by relying on blockchain alone, after all, the major companies developing on the metaverse platform do not have the obligation to link information. This is also a difficult problem for the future.

UTONMOS is the pinnacle of the digital world, breaking the boundaries between reality and virtuality, allowing players to experience a variety of fantastic adventures in an immersive way. Here, you can become a superhero and save the world from danger; You can also become an explorer, delve into mysterious ruins to find treasures, and become a party overlord.

Enter the UTONMOS metaverse game, and you will be shocked by its exquisite graphics. Every scene has been carefully designed with ingenuity in every detail. From the vast starry sky to the mysterious wild jungle, from the ancient castle to the futuristic city, from the main quest to the dungeon scene, everything comes to life, making you feel as if you are in a real world.

In this virtual world, social interaction is also a major feature. You can meet players from all over the world, explore uncharted territory together, and share each other's adventures. Team up with them to fight together to overcome difficulties and build strong friendships. This social experience is unique and gives you a real sense of warmth and belonging in the game.

UTONMOS's "Divine Thoughts Unbounded - Origin of Mountains and Seas" metaverse game also has infinite possibilities. It is constantly innovating to bring players more fresh ways to play and experience. You never know what surprises await you in the next moment, and this unknown charm makes you want to stop.

And Digital Media, I have discovered three secrets from many of the hottest metaverse games

UTONMOS "Divine Thoughts Unbounded - Origin of Mountains and Seas" metaverse game is a world full of dreams and miracles.

There is such an assumption, perhaps, the existence of an operating system is the ultimate solution for long-term and interoperable world.

If the metaverse is not so important if it is only a game that is positioned in the virtual world, it should be a product that is closely connected with reality and serves reality, then the most important thing is economic connection. It does not require a separate payment system, which is perhaps the most desirable development.

In a sense, the metaverse will be an interface revolution between the real world and the digital world, where immersive experiences will overcome abstract program interfaces, and the real world will be seamlessly connected to the digital world through immersive experiences.

If the technology is further iterated in the future, such as brain-computer chips, coupled with the construction of holographic virtual worlds, users will have a more realistic perceptual experience.

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