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DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Year of Action".

Game Spinning Top 2024/05/22 11:29

Today (May 21), Dungeons & Warriors: Origins (hereinafter referred to as "DNF Mobile Game") officially opened the open beta.

DNF mobile games are the absolute focus in the first half of this year and even in 2024. From obtaining the version number in February, to opening the advance server test, and then to the official finalization, any movement of the game can attract widespread attention and heated discussions among the player group, and related topics are frequently on the hot search list of Weibo, Douyin and other platforms.

Game Gyro, DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Action Year".

Not surprisingly, DNF mobile games quickly topped the App Store's free list after opening for pre-download on May 20, and after its official launch on May 21, it continued to dominate the first place on the list, and won the first place in the best-selling list of action and role-playing games in one fell swoop, and rarely became the first place on the overall list of all iOS platforms on the same day.

In addition, as an IP that has been in operation for 16 years and has a strong stickiness with players, DNF has long been extended to music, film and television and other fields, which also makes DNF mobile game probably the most official game in recent times, and the game with the most players playing the meme. First of all, the official linkage spokesperson and guests from all walks of life brought concerts, talk shows and other wonderful activities a week before the launch, and then drove players to set off a second innovation boom on major platforms, and the influence of DNF mobile games continued to expand while achieving circle-breaking communication.

Behind such a high enthusiasm of players, it is obviously not only because of the strong appeal of IP, but also inseparable from its fine polishing of game quality and delicate capture and satisfaction of players' emotional needs and diversified experience needs. Can the strong DNF mobile game stir up the pattern of the mobile game market? Perhaps we can find the answer in the series of actions that unfold in the game.

DNF mobile games are out of the circle

As a super IP with a huge user base and deep feelings, DNF has incomparable influence and appeal in the player community. Since the official finalization, the discussion around the game has not stopped in the player community, and a wave of "teaming up" has been set off on social media, with countless players sending out team invitations in social groups, ready to relive the days of fighting side by side with their best friends.

The official also pays enough attention to the emotional needs of players, and wants to awaken players' good memories of DNF, in addition to a high degree of restoration at the gameplay level, and secondly, to arouse players' emotional resonance through more artistic content forms. To this end, from May 17th to 22nd, the official launched the "Super Playing Live Week", which carefully arranged many exciting activities around the content that players love.

Music is the key to unlocking a person's memory cylinder, and in DNF, the game OST (original soundtrack) is even more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and many of the game music - such as "Warriors Like the Wind" - are praised by players as god-level background music. On May 17, the official specially created a live broadcast called "DNF Music Co-creation Radio", inviting musicians of different styles including AlanWalker, Zhang Ze, Lu Muad, HAYA Orchestra, etc., so that DNF music has been newly interpreted in various forms such as electronic music, rock and Chinese style.

Game Gyro, DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Action Year".

When these music play, the player's memory of the game experience and the emotion of playing the game are awakened by the melody, as if traveling back to the game scene at that time. During the live broadcast, players posted barrages one after another saying that they "dreamed of returning to the Arad continent".

Game Gyro, DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Action Year".

In the name of co-creation, the participation of players and users is naturally indispensable. Guided by the live broadcast event, a wave of second creation was soon set off on the Internet, and different versions of "Warriors Like the Wind" appeared, including piano and suona.

This wind even blew to nightclubs, after AlanWalker changed "Warriors Like the Wind" to an electronic music version, DNF music quickly swept the major nightclubs, and the short video platform also began to appear The popular trend of users posting "DNF jumping in nightclubs" has also begun to appear, and then #DNF players in nightclubs collectively go crazy and jump Di # topic rushed to the hot search on major platforms.

The official is also carefully recording and interpreting the perseverance and love of players over the years, and on May 16th and 17th, the official "DNF Friends" event was launched. And released a plot micro-film called "Interpretation Master", the short film starts from the perspective of a Chongqing player, using DNF to run through the youth of him and his old friends in and out of the game, although after entering the society, they began to discount the group book called life, but when DNF appeared in front of these players in the latest form (DNF mobile game), they are still those hot-blooded warriors in memory. In "Friends Talk", the anchor and players talked about the youth of DNF in the past, and took the majority of players back to the Arad continent in the form of a documentary feature film to find the memories of the DNF era.

On the one hand, it carries out rich and interesting interactions with players through music, film and television, live broadcast trials and other content forms; On the other hand, the content from the player's perspective carefully interprets the perseverance and love of the player group over the years.

Even in the matter of cross-border linkage and signing spokespersons, the first consideration of the official is not the traffic momentum, but the fit with the players.

On May 14th, the dungeon mobile game officially announced a cross-border linkage with Bruce Lee and released a TVC, and then on May 16th, DNF mobile games officially announced Di Lieba as the spokesperson of the game. According to data from the Weibo platform (as of press time), the number of readings of a single hot search topic on a single platform exceeded 200 million.

For example, Bruce Lee's martial arts style is full of the beauty of strength and speed, which is highly similar to the refreshing hitting style of DNF mobile games, and Di Lieba's straightforward and hearty personality is very consistent with the tags of fighting, blood, and emotional bonds in DNF mobile games, because the linkage between them does not produce any sense of disobedience, but is easier to gain player recognition and resonance.

With effective linkage, the popularity and circle-breaking influence of DNF mobile games have also reached a new height. There are also many DNF topics on the hot search.

The official capture of the subtle needs of players is also very keen, after the official announcement of the spokesperson, many players said that they want to preemptively register the ID of artists and big anchors - before the head anchor Xu Xu Bao was preemptively registered because of the ID in the advance test, it can only be changed to "Xu Xu Bao Hehe", in order to meet the needs of wanting to play the game for the first time and register your favorite ID, the official pre-download was opened one day in advance on May 20. The incident even appeared on the hot search on Weibo, and many players said that "I can't grab it, I can't grab it at all", which shows the popularity of DNF mobile games.

For the player community, DNF has become an old friend. This series of activities officially planned not only allowed players to find the original time and exclusive memories, but also took this opportunity to let players meet, know and accompany each other again. Of course, not only old players, but also the content matrix built by DNF with IP culture is also constantly attracting new users outside the circle to join this ecosystem.

Game Gyro, DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Action Year".

I don't know if you have noticed that after the DNF mobile game is launched today (May 21), as long as you enter keywords such as "DNF mobile game", "dungeon", "ghost swordsman" and other keywords in the WeChat chat box, there will be an easter egg effect of "ghost swordsman slashing screen falling out of the gift package", and clicking on the easter egg will also enter DNF's exclusive AR welfare gameplay.

It is reported that the in-depth cooperation between WeChat and DNF mobile games is also the most refined and most powerful investment in Tencent Games, and the two have also planned a series of "fun" content gameplay, through the function of one-click live broadcast of the video number to open up the game account data, and combined with the platform's "Tower of Delusion Climbing Challenge", "Season Leaderboarding" and other platform exclusive gameplay.

As one of Tencent's most important products this year, DNF mobile games are bound to have greater resource tilt in the development of game live broadcast and video business, which also provides enough impetus for DNF mobile games to build a player content ecology.

On the one hand, Channels has precise social reach and a huge amount of traffic entrance, so creators can get more traffic support; On the other hand, as content platforms pursue a combined business model of live broadcast, video and community, Channels has natural ecological advantages, and creators can better accumulate their own private domain traffic.

Now search for DNF mobile game-related vocabulary in the video account, and you can already see the teaching and strategy of the game everywhere.

Obviously, with the construction of the live broadcast ecology, DNF mobile games will undoubtedly have a new channel and form in breaking the circle, more users will learn about this game and IP through WeChat and video account channels, more game gods will also stand out from it, and the content ecology of DNF mobile games will also be further enriched and have more diverse forms of expression.

With the arrival of DNF mobile games, DNF IP has achieved a second breakthrough in multiple dimensions, allowing old players to chant "Ye Qing Hui" at the same time, it is also constantly attracting more fresh blood to feel the connotation of this 15-year-old IP culture on the new carrier of DNF mobile games.

Left hand feelings, right hand innovation

In fact, before the official launch, DNF mobile games also faced a series of doubts. "Whether the mobile game is based on the old book", "The picture quality can't keep up with the times", "Is there any playability if there are too many deletions and changes", etc., these are all points that players are worried about.

But by the time the game actually launched, players found that these issues were no longer a concern. It's all due to the team's meticulous polishing of the quality of the game and the innovation for mobile.

First of all, in terms of game experience, DNF has always been known for its refreshing sense of impact, in order to restore the operating feel of the terminal game in the mobile game, DNF mobile game has specially exaggerated the key frames, so that the hitting effect has stronger feedback and visual effects. Combined with the optimization of keyframe pauses, screen vibrations, and impact displacements, the mobile game perfectly inherits the punch-to-flesh feeling of the terminal game.

"The sense of blow visible to the naked eye", "the originator of action fighting", "fighting games still have to look at DNF"...... These are the real evaluations given by players who participated in the advance test or experienced the official server, and we can also intuitively feel the high recognition of DNF mobile games by players.

In order to adapt to the mobile terminal and lower the threshold for getting started, DNF mobile games have made significant innovations. The refreshing arcade-style hitting experience in the terminal game is achieved through multiple keys, and the screen on the mobile terminal obviously does not support all skills to be presented in the form of UI.

To put it simply, one-click combos allow players to sort up to 5 skills and set them as a key, and they can play beautiful combos with just one click in a row; The swipe release uses the characteristics of the mobile screen to complete the skill match by holding down a specific button to touch different skills.

Game Gyro, DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Action Year".

This optimization not only retains the depth of gameplay of the terminal game, but also greatly reduces the operation burden, so that new and old players can get started in the shortest time, and can experience the charm of action mobile games brought by DNF on different platforms.

Game Gyro, DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Action Year".

DNF mobile games are also very likely to reduce the burden of account maintenance for players. In the game, the production team added a number of back-up mechanisms, including strengthening the failure of equipment not to break, reducing the pressure on players to cultivate their accounts; As well as the enhancement level can be inherited by other equipment, and the synthesis of rare cosmetics also has a chance to guarantee.

Game Gyro, DNF Mobile Game: The first shot of the "Action Year".

By reducing the burden on the player's character development process, the development experience becomes smoother in mobile games, and the time for players to get positive feedback during the actual game process is greatly reduced. This point has been clearly reflected in both the advance test and the official server, and has been well received by players.

What is more noteworthy is the new exploration of the commercialization model of DNF mobile games. Previously, the project team said frankly that commercialization has always been a very sensitive issue, and in the past three years, it has been trying to find a balance between feelings, experience and commercialization. In order to make the game more relaxed for players, the game has significantly reduced the cost of rare costume synthesizers, the price of costume synthesizers has been reduced from 10 yuan to 5 yuan, and the cost of a single synthesis has been reduced from 2 to 1.

Judging from the actual feedback from players, whether it is rare fashion or high-amplification weapons, it is no longer exclusive to high-krypton players, and on the video platform, there has even been a strategy for zero-krypton and rare fashion.

The overall look and feel of the game is also a key issue for players, in the current mobile game market where "half of the battle is supported by special effects", DNF mobile games do not have the picture quality that attracts players at first sight, and there is no current mainstream world scenery map gameplay, can DNF mobile games still satisfy players' appetites?

In the game's Gyro's view, the pixel art style and side-scrolling fighting perspective do not mean that the DNF mobile game is poorly made, on the contrary, its excellent production is hidden in the details. For example, the quality of the special effects of the mobile game has been remade, and the 2D animation has been redrawn frame by frame, which not only reproduces the classic painting style, but also complements the operation feel, making the painting style and animation appear full of tension. Obviously, DNF mobile games pursue an overall balance including visual perception and operation feel, which also makes it more like a breath of fresh air in action games.

At the social level, a complete social ecology has been established around the game mechanics of brushing and playing groups in the terminal game, and this setting is continued in the mobile game, where players can form teams across districts in PVP, ancient dungeons, group books and other modes. And in order to improve the social experience of players, the mobile game has changed the guild and friend system to an account-based unit rather than a single character. On the premise that players will build multiple game characters, this mechanic is more conducive to deepening the emotions between players.

Looking back at the problems that players are worried about now, it has been self-defeating with the excellent performance of DNF mobile games. DNF mobile games are not bound by "feelings" or "mobile adaptation", but have trade-offs with each other, while restoring the refreshing experience of mobile games, carrying out a series of adaptation and optimization for mobile terminals, and reducing the burden on players at the level of account maintenance and commercialization...... Although many games have been listed as competitors of DNF mobile games in the market before, from the feeling that DNF mobile games give players - this is the game I want - it is difficult for us to say who can be the benchmark products of DNF mobile games, which is also an important reason why DNF mobile games can still stand out in the market environment of two-dimensional mobile games and even major game manufacturers.

DNF IP wants to move into the next 15 years

In recent years, there have been a lot of action mobile games, many of which are so-called works that conform to contemporary aesthetics and have new gameplay mechanisms. This can't help but make people a little worried about whether the long-overdue DNF mobile game can reproduce the grand occasion of the early years of terminal games.

Despite several twists and turns, it even faced a lot of doubts and challenges. But when the game is actually launched, whether it is the first place on the iOS best-selling list or the wide praise of the player group, it is enough to show that DNF mobile games are still the product worth looking forward to.

Behind the excellent results, the IP of DNF has irreplaceable weight in the minds of players. More importantly, DNF mobile games are based on years of experience in action mobile games, and have achieved a balance in terms of art, core gameplay and commercialization, so that players can experience "this is the game experience I want" as soon as they get started. At the same time, the appropriate changes to the content, gameplay, and mechanics of the game have also led to more novel replayability.

This also allows DNF mobile games not only to recall old players, but also to continuously expand outside the circle with IP culture and innovation, opening a channel to attract users outside the circle and cross-border users, realizing the second popularity of IP culture and providing a steady stream of power for the next 15 years of games and IP.

As one of Tencent's most blockbuster products this year, and even one of the products that have attracted attention in the domestic mobile game market this year, we have reason to believe that DNF mobile games will impact the action mobile game market pattern and reshuffle it. Furthermore, action mobile games may become a new explosive breakthrough under the leadership of DNF mobile games.

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