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Tencent Games' "King Bomb" wilted?

New entropy 2024/05/21 23:28

New entropy, Tencent Games' "King Bomb" wilted?

The contradiction between old games and new players.

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After a long wait, Tencent Games' king bomb project DNF mobile game has finally been launched.

Although there is no saturated marketing configuration when "Yuan Dream Star" was launched, it can still be seen that Tencent is making efforts on the marketing side on platforms such as Douyin, WeChat, Baidu, and Weibo. On Weibo, many groups of keywords such as DNF rushed to the hot search early, and Di Lieba's advertisement as a spokesperson was also placed in a key position; In WeChat, DNF has become a keyword, and entering it in the dialog box will trigger the animation effect and the online red envelope; On Douyin, Xu Xu Baby and other tens of millions of fans are ready to go, claiming to broadcast for 12 hours in a row.

New entropy, Tencent Games' "King Bomb" wilted?

But the unexpected came unexpectedly. At 9 o'clock Beijing time, the DNF mobile game server was opened, and all the traffic poured in for a while, the server carrying capacity was limited, and various situations occurred, such as stuck, disconnected, unable to enter, and queued for a long time, resulting in complaints from players. In the live broadcast room, many big Vs were forced to go off the air in the face of so many complaints; On Weibo and other social media, ridicule and abuse have also made DNF hang on the hot search for a long time.

New entropy, Tencent Games' "King Bomb" wilted?

Even in the secondary market, Tencent's stock price has been affected, and Tencent Holdings, which has been rising for many days, has seen a sharp adjustment today, falling by more than 3% at most.

Under a lot of pressure, at 10 o'clock Beijing time, DNF mobile game officially issued an announcement, admitting that the server was abnormal and promising to solve the problem within 90 minutes and give players compensation, but the pacification effect was limited.

At 11 o'clock, the DNF finally finished its maintenance, but the players who rushed into the game still seemed to have a hint of disappointment. The rating in the Apple game area is only 3.7, and a large number of players have given 1 star. "Pixel quality", word of mouth has almost all the way down.

New entropy, Tencent Games' "King Bomb" wilted?

Judging from the performance on the first day of launch, Tencent Games' dishes this year failed to meet the expectations of all parties.

The current reality is that Tencent Games has experienced a product shortage for a long time. At the beginning of the year, the debacle of "Yuan Dream Star", coupled with the decline in game data in the earnings season, the outside world's expectations for DNF mobile games are not high. This super IP is one of the few definite trump cards in Tencent's hands, not only making profits year after year, but also has a huge user base.

New entropy, Tencent Games' "King Bomb" wilted?

However, judging from the pre-marketing to the actions on the first day of launch, Tencent is in an unusually tangled state. Since the finalization, Tencent's publicity and marketing can be said to be very restrained, and several waves of warm-up are more aimed at existing players, and the information released for new users can be said to be quite limited. There is nothing wrong with waking up old players, but after all, DNF is a game more than ten years ago, and the portrait of old players is still focused on the era of Internet cafes, blindly returning to tradition, making the game too disconnected from the player's real state.

Judging from the feedback on the C-side, most players do not accept the game texture of "staying in 2008", we can't see the significance of the ten years of internal testing, and we haven't found innovation in the gameplay characters, and it feels like opening a feature machine that can only play Tetris in the era of smart phones. Conservatism seems to have become a sequelae of Tencent after the defeat of "Dream Star". Not attractive enough for old players, let alone attracting new ones?

According to people close to Tencent, judging from the preliminary testing, the industry's expectations for this product are generally not high, and may even be only slightly stronger than Tencent's average MMO games. However, the management attaches great importance to placing high hopes on it, and the resources given are absolutely superb, and it can be said that the stock price performance for the whole year is pinned on it. The different goals and attitudes of the front-line and high-level are reflected in the result of DNF's relatively rigid design and conservative strategy.

It is true that it is too early to sentence DNF mobile games to death at this moment, but how to update the version in the future and strengthen the attractiveness to achieve the purpose of "can change the stock price of the whole year", Tencent should still be in the middle of the head.

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