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Stealing vegetables 20 years ago suddenly became popular again among young people?

Game Spinning Top 2024/05/20 12:00

he recent game list chaos has become a must-watch show after dinner. Not only are there many new products piling up, but many slow-heating products that entered the game in the second half of last year have also begun to show strong momentum.

But if you want to say the most conspicuous one, it may have to be Tencent's "Yuan Dream Star".

At a time when the various tracks were hot, this product took advantage of the recent gameplay updates such as "stealing vegetables", and entered the 6th place on the best-selling list like a mechanical séance, winning the best result in the recent family party game.

How good is the "Stealing Vegetables" version? It can be said that the wind of "stealing vegetables" that swept the Internet 20 years ago has blown into "Yuanmeng Star" again.

Some players even go online on time every day, just to "steal the first wave of vegetables in the morning", which reminds people of the grand scene when QQ Farm swept users.

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?Farmer "crawling in the shadows"

Some players cooperate with the rich Xingbao appearance and play OOTD (i.e., daily wear) in Yuanmeng Farm.

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?

Some players faced a large area of "locust transit" and had to actively play the farm defense offensive and defensive battles.

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?

Others started to play and recruited security guards directly on social media to protect the vegetable garden.

In fact, as a product that was only launched at the end of last year, if you take out the data, from an objective perspective, "Dream Star" has achieved considerable results: since its launch, the game has attracted more than 140 million users, making it one of the fastest growing games on the market.

But having a huge user base is only the first step, and what has "Yuanmeng Star" done right since then? Just look at the statements of the Metadream players.

To sum up, there are actually three points, one is that Yuanmeng players have gradually established stable game habits; The second is to recognize various innovative gameplay, and the third is to affirm the commercial content of the game. Under the combined effect of the three, players have formed a sense of trust and belonging to "Yuanmeng Star" over time, which in turn has brought improvement at the data level.

So the question is, what has "Yuanmeng Star" done at each point?

Do social gameplay and cultivate player habits

To do social play, this time the Yuanmeng Farm is a model.

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?

What is the magic of Yuanmeng Farm? Fundamentally, it is through the gameplay that opens up the social link. By launching the version of planting vegetables and stealing vegetables, "Yuanmeng Star" not only gives players a stable sense of purpose, but also allows players to participate more actively in game socialization.

But from a further point of view, the reason why Yuanmeng Farm can "revive the glory of stealing vegetables" and become so popular in the circle of Yuanmeng players is that the gameplay of Yuanmeng Farm is very consistent with the ecology and tonality of "Yuanmeng Star" itself, and it can further evolve new fun in the brains of Yuanmeng players. Whether it's planting vegetables, stealing vegetables, playing costume changes, or gathering to mess around on the farm, the essence of "Dream Star" is still to bring simple and relaxed happiness to different types of players.

In fact, it can be seen here that "Yuan Dream Star" has a very thorough understanding of the player group, and probably only by understanding the real fun of family fun and party game socialization can we continue to launch creative ideas that can stimulate players' enthusiasm, and then cultivate players' gaming habits and create a better game ecology.

Innovate the game mode and continue to provide a fresh party game experience

In addition to the formation of players' habits, the active exploration of innovative gameplay is also an important reason for attracting a large number of users.

In February this year, "Yuanmeng Star" launched the asymmetrical competitive feature gameplay "King Don't Catch Me" to further expand the party entertainment experience of "Yuanmeng Star". After this gameplay was launched, it did achieve good results, and a large number of users on platforms such as Station B and Xiaohongshu were sharing game strategies or their own interesting game moments, which further amplified the popularity of "Don't catch me, the king".

After the successful launch of the gameplay of "Don't Catch Me", in April, it was officially announced that it would launch a linkage with Behaviour, the developer of the famous asymmetrical competitive game "Dead by Daylight", and Mathieu Côté, the producer of "Dead by Daylight", will directly participate in the design of the gameplay and provide suggestions for the theme gameplay of "Don't Catch Me".

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?

As soon as this news came out, both the industry and players' social media exploded, and the reason is very simple, although they are all asymmetrical competitions, but "Yuan Dream Star", a party game that focuses on Q Meng and family carnival, and a thriller and horror theme game like "Dead by Daylight", are generally difficult to reminisce people with.

As far as the results are concerned, this linkage has indeed brought unexpected results.

First, the official announcement of the early linkage news detonated a wave of heat because of the completely different painting styles of the two games, and the industry and players are watching the excitement, and the strong curiosity drives players to look forward to the follow-up update of "Don't Catch Me".

The second is the excellent quality of the game content of "Don't Catch Me", coupled with the blessing of the theme of Journey to the West, which makes the gameplay of asymmetric competition have a stronger freshness, and it continues to explode on social media.

For example, some players shared on Xiaohongshu that "Zhu Bajie is the big hero who saves the master" is obviously in contrast to the traditional Journey to the West narrative, and the honest and lazy Bajie also overshadows the day of the senior brother.

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?

And in another player, a friend played Tang Seng's strong position like an "inner ghost", which also became an interesting joke.

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?

This linkage is of great significance to both parties. As the originator of asymmetrical competitive gameplay, "Dead by Daylight" has brought excellent gameplay design to "Yuan Dream Star", which has improved both the fun and depth of the game.

As a new star of the current party social game, "Yuan Dream Star" relies on its strong social attributes to bring "Dead by Daylight" and even the category of asymmetrical competition to more players.

Whether it is "Dead by Daylight" or "Dream Star", both sides have really "won".

Open up the server and drive social activity

The improvement of the list results is not only because of the update of the game content, "Yuan Dream Star" has done a lot of recent actions, especially in March this year, "Yuan Dream Star" opened up the server between WeChat and QQ, becoming the first WeChat and QQ server interchange game under Tencent Games, which has attracted a lot of goodwill and really promoted the activity of players in the game.

In the past, the farthest distance between players may be, "I'm in the WeChat area, and you're in the QQ area", obviously playing the same game, but it seems to be in a different parallel universe.

The obvious benefit of server opening is that it greatly stimulates the social behavior of players, which is divided into acquaintances and strangers.

For acquaintances, there will no longer be a team that cannot form a team and capsize due to the difference in service areas, and everyone's enthusiasm for the game has also been improved, which can be said to be an effective means to stimulate players to go online; In terms of strangers, the interconnection between the WeChat area and the QQ area has undoubtedly brought together the users of the two social messaging apps, further expanding the user pool, and players are also prone to meeting more interesting people when teaming up with strangers.

User activity has risen, coupled with the excellent game quality and fine operation of "Yuanmeng Star", user stickiness and consumption have naturally been driven up. In particular, "Yuanmeng Star" has been doing well in commercialization, and the high-quality IP linkage has not been interrupted since its launch, and now there are co-branded skins of well-known IPs such as "Cherry Maruko" and "Kung Fu Panda" in the mall, and players' willingness to consume is naturally released.

The game Gyro, stealing vegetables 20 years ago, suddenly became popular again among young people?


The "leaps and bounds" of the results of "Yuan Dream Star" on this list look unexpected, but after observing their recent series of movements, it seems less surprising, more like a predictable "accumulation". From the exploration and innovation of gameplay to the completion of the interconnection between WeChat and QQ servers, every step of "Yuanmeng Star" has been decisive, fast, and has successfully achieved good results. As a strong competitor to domestic party games, what else can "Yuan Dream Star" do in the future is indeed exciting.

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