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"Shoot at Zombies" double-ended top-10 best-selling list, and the popularity of genre integration is highlighted by mini-games

Game Spinning Top 2024/05/14 11:35

After the popularity of mini games, many games began to implement the strategy of dual-end operation of APP+ mini games, and many of them have achieved good results. In recent times, "Shooting at Zombies" released by Big Dream Longtu can be said to be soaring, and its ranking on the iOS best-selling list has been steadily rising in the past three months, reaching the highest level of the best-selling list so far, and it is stable in the top 20.

The results of the WeChat Mini Game side are also very eye-catching, and it has been stable in the top three of the best-selling list of WeChat Mini Games for a month. According to the data released by DataEye, the purchase volume of the mobile game "Gun at the Zombies" has exceeded 150,000 sets in the past month, topping the list of medium and heavy mobile game purchases in May, and its delivery volume is more than double that of the second place.

As a model of market breakthrough, everyone's curiosity about "Shooting at Zombies" is also getting heavier, especially in the APP and mini game side can achieve such outstanding results. Earlier, a similar product "The King's Finger" achieved good results, and "Gun at Zombies" replicated this success to a certain extent, and successfully surpassed it, which is why "Gun at Zombies" is worth taking a closer look.

The meat pigeon mowing the grass tower defense is integrated, and the experience is refreshing

At the gameplay level, "Shoot at Zombies" basically combines several typical gameplay elements in the current mini game, roguelike + mowing grass + tower defense, these three elements are separated separately and are a big category in APP games, and in "Shoot at Zombies", how do these elements combine to create a very exciting game experience?

The core of the roguelike is the refreshing lawn mowing experience after the build is built, and tower defense becomes the ultimate goal of each level, which also forms the core gameplay experience of "Gun at Zombies".

The game as a whole adopts a game-breaking gameplay design, players need to hold guns, defend behind the city wall against waves of zombie attacks, once the city wall runs out of health, the game will fail. In the game, guns, skills, and armor require a lot of in-game resources to upgrade and develop, which has also become the main payment point of the game.

The game Gyro, "Shoot at Zombies" double-ended on the top 10 best-selling list, genre fusion popular through mini-games highlighted

In terms of roguelike experience, "Gun at Zombies" adopts the classic meat pigeon game design, and players need to choose the right skills to build their own build during the game. At the same time, the damage of skills, attack range, form changes, CD time, etc. are also bundled into the selection of skills, and "Gun at Zombies" further splits the above elements, making it more difficult for players to build, and the existence of randomness makes the game more playable.

For example, the difficulty of the first 3 levels is a dessert, and players can successfully clear the customs with a little attention to the choice of strategy, and when it comes to the 4th level, the difficulty curve of the game is suddenly raised. It can be said that compared with traditional APP games, "Shoot at Zombies" is much more radical in the design of payment points, with small monthly card payment, numerous gift packages and props, all of which have become a huge consumption entrance for players.

The game Gyro, "Shoot at Zombies" double-ended on the top 10 best-selling list, genre fusion popular through mini-games highlighted

Another cool thing about the game comes from the wonderful art presentation. As a small game, the art of "Shooting at Zombies" is actually not very exquisite, but it does a very good job in the presentation effect, specifically, it is to present the skill effects and combination changes in the game very intuitively, after the build is formed or the skill has a high level, the visual impulse brought by the skill effect of the full screen is comparable to that of a barrage shooter, which has also become a major motivation for players to continue to explore new routines, I have to say, "The King's Finger" The black and white graffiti paintings are indeed a little worse in terms of experience feedback.

In addition, "Gun at Zombies" also makes use of some novel elements to enhance the fun of the game, such as playing a lot of memes in the image design of zombies. The first time I saw a zombie wearing a basketball in suspenders, I believe many players would smile. The design of animal forms such as hounds and bats also makes the overall art style more diverse.

The game Gyro, "Shoot at Zombies" double-ended on the top 10 best-selling list, genre fusion popular through mini-games highlighted

On the other hand, it comes from the growth of the game brought about by numerical design. As mentioned above, "Gun at Zombies" is not like APP games that will give players as much guidance as possible in the early stage, but gives a lot of game pressure in the early stage. For example, a higher initial monster HP, a larger number of monsters, etc., for players who have just entered the pit, these are not a small obstacles to the game in the early stage. But it is also the higher difficulty curve that makes the numerical growth of skills more intuitive, and a stronger sense of achievement translates into continuous game motivation for players.

Rogue elements have gradually become the key to the success of mini-games

Now to observe the small games in front of the best-selling list, we will find that Roguelike has appeared in many list games, especially the products that focus on gameplay integration, most of which will incorporate some Rogue elements into it, with a low understanding cost and a refreshing game experience, and no too high operation requirements for players, making Roguelike a favorite that everyone is chasing. For example, 4399's "Hundred Refining Heroes", Haoteng's "King of Salted Fish", these famous works have integrated Roguelike into the game and achieved good results.

The soaring progress of "Gun at Zombies" seems to have further confirmed the charm of roguelike, and even in its purchased materials, the presentation of roguelike elements has become a fascinating focus.

DataEye conducted a study on the characteristics of the materials purchased for "Gun at Zombies", in which the selection of genres, skills and materials to display high-end game equipment became one of the important materials for game purchases, which is essentially an explanation of the game mechanics. Through the display of these game elements, it has indeed attracted a large number of players, and under the stimulation of keywords such as "meat pigeon", "mowing grass" and "tower defense", the display of intuitive game screens has also become an important reason for players to enter the pit.

The game Gyro, "Shoot at Zombies" double-ended on the top 10 best-selling list, genre fusion popular through mini-games highlighted


Looking at the current mini game market, the integration of gameplay basically exists in every product, the top three best-selling lists, the interactive "Endless Winter" is a model of 4X games, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment's "Seeking the Dao" is popular all over the network with the integration of the gameplay of cultivating immortals and opening boxes, and "Shooting at Zombies" of Big Dream Longtu combines Roguelike with elements such as tower defense and mowing lawn, becoming a dark horse player in recent months. Under the exploration of major manufacturers, there may be more new fusion categories of mini games. As a typical mechanism in the game, Roguelike may have more surprises to be discovered by manufacturers under the successful test of the market.

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