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Five hundred and fifty thousand in two years, boosting is more profitable than ordinary people?

Internet things 2024/05/10 14:25

or the first time, the "Fat Cat Incident" made game boosting a hot topic on the Internet.

When most people think that game boosting is a niche market and there is no possibility of making a lot of money, the emergence of the topic of "fat cats save money, and game boosting saves more than 500,000 yuan in two years" directly subverted most people's imagination.

If you think about it, the demand for competitive games is indeed very obvious, because the essence of competitive games is with strong winning, defeat and confrontation, so "social comparison" appears in the game, and people's comparison psychology and vanity psychology are infinitely magnified.

The huge group of game users is also the foundation that supports the savage growth of the game boosting industry.

According to the "2023 China Game Industry Report", the actual sales revenue of the domestic game market was 302.964 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.95%, and the user scale was 668 million, which means that nearly half of the Chinese are gamers.

However, after understanding, I found that although the market exists, not everyone can achieve an annual income of hundreds of thousands.

What about the Internet, 510,000 in two years, boosting is more profitable than ordinary people?

1. "A power-leveler without feelings"

If the release of the first game companion App in 2014 by Wanyu Internet Cafe is regarded as the starting point of the industry, the companion play and boosting have gone through 10 years of development.

In the past 10 years, the play market has also had a certain scale. According to relevant statistics, the scale of the domestic game market will exceed 14 billion yuan in 2021.

With the emergence of the market, there is a need for boosting and playing, and a business has naturally formed between the booster and the booster.

For example, those players who really want to brand their accounts with glory, but don't have much ability or free time, it is natural for them to spend money to find a booster.

Normally, there are three main types of customers who want to improve their ranks, and those who want to improve their ranks to show off are one; The other is to use a high-level account to bring a sister. After all, the higher the rank, the more popular it is with girls; There is also an entertainment anchor, who may not be strong, but they need to maintain a high level to maintain the image of the live broadcast.

What about the Internet, 510,000 in two years, boosting is more profitable than ordinary people?

It may be difficult for outsiders to understand the cost of points, but as long as there are players who need to score points in a short period of time, the value of boosting will become particularly obvious for this part of the players.

Just imagine, I usually can't play a big rank for a month or two, but I spent a little money to hit it in a few days, and I suddenly felt very cool and worth it when I looked at my own big rank mark or mark.

If you have a certain strength of your own, and you are willing to play kryptonite players, you need to drop a segment every season, and you waste your time when you upgrade to a different level, and you have a special mentality when you encounter bad teammates, so in order to maintain the glory mark in one step, the best way is to spend a few dollars every season and find a booster to play.

And often at this time, the profession of leveling will also be misunderstood as "making money by playing the game happily".

A professional booster with a talent for gaming may be a game enthusiast to some extent. But after really becoming a professional booster, the mentality of playing games will also change.

Therefore, for most professional boosters who want to make money through games, there is no fun or infun when making orders, and there is no happiness or unhappiness, and they are not in the mood to show off their operations when they encounter a large number of games, and they will only be for the hundreds of dollars in front of them, or even dozens of dollars.

What about the Internet, 510,000 in two years, boosting is more profitable than ordinary people?

At the end of the day, it's a really painful feeling when a pro booster becomes a game to complete a mission.

There are many things to worry about, such as whether you will be topped out because of improper operation, whether you will encounter teammates who are bad, whether you will overtime and have not completed the task, and most importantly, you have to worry about the win rate, and your heart is full of burden.

In such a comparison, due to the irregular time of the order, and even the seller's requirements for the previous time, the irregular work and rest, irregular diet, etc. are all minor problems.

Of course, this does not mean that as a professional booster, you will definitely be able to earn a lot of money after hard work.

In this era of mature game market, due to the huge group of boosters, the unit price is often very low, and boosters can often only increase their income by increasing the number of orders and investing more time, so boosting is also a very hard profession.

2. How high is the threshold for 201?

Taking Taobao platform as an example, searching for the keyword "boosting", there are more than 4,000 online stores that provide boosting services, and the price is generally between 15-100 yuan.

Taobao also provides an official recommendation column for the boosting platform, the monthly sales of these boosting platforms have at least 9,000 orders, and the maximum can reach 14,000 orders, if calculated according to the price of a single 30 yuan, the monthly income of the one with the least sales can also reach 270,000 yuan.

However, the actual amount of money for each booster is not 30 yuan, and the booster who receives orders from the platform or studio will also be commissioned. At the same time, it is not literally understood, you can get a handful of money by playing a game, but you must win a game on behalf of you to have a "salary".

And this "win" also has a winning rate requirement, not "losing is not counted as winning".

The mechanics of each game are also different, for example, the matchmaking mechanism of Honor of Kings is probably that ordinary players are basically limited to a win rate of about fifty, and they have the ability and skill to overcome the game mechanics.

Only those who really have the strength to overcome the system's mechanism, bad teammates, and supernatural opponents, even in the face of any uncertain situation other than that, can finally take all the orders and maintain the winning rate, are eligible to win the order.

The threshold is not lower than that of other industries, or even higher, and it can be said that it is purely dependent on technology. To put it bluntly, because the highest efficiency is required, it needs to have a variety of boosting game ideas.

Image source: Taobao screenshot

At the same time, because of the requirement for the highest efficiency, if you want to earn the ideal income, the booster must finish every order efficiently and then exchange money. If you don't have a lot of lists, you need the studio's help to find them.

Between the winning rate requirements and the intermediary order, there is also a certain upper limit for boosting money. There are not many people who can save 500,000 in two years like "Fat Cat", and this is still a booster with a hero's win rate of 92%.

According to the content of the incident, it can also be found that other boosters only earn more than 1,000 a week, and he can earn 5,000 himself.

And to earn more than 500,000 yuan, you need to constantly take orders, whether it is a low or high level, whether it is a package section or a package day, all of them will not be let go, and even have to play every day and night.

If you are not in good health, you may not be able to win a few games a day, and the platform will take 30% of the fee.

It is reported that at present, the popular game boosting trading platforms mainly include professional game boosting apps such as "Booster Pass", "Booster Pills" and "Booster Mom" and e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Xianyu.

In the case of a small number of orders, some studios and platforms may have the means of lowering prices to obtain orders in order to enhance their competitiveness, and the problem of shrinking profits caused by this can only be borne by the thugs with the least bargaining power most of the time.

On the other hand, if there is too many orders received by the platform, the only way is to "sell" it to peers.

In addition, although the boosting market is huge, due to the very low threshold as a B-side, there will be a large number of intermediary platforms and Internet companies that have opened boosting businesses, and countless ordinary players have also poured into it to make money, but there are not many boosters who really get high income.

And from a long-term perspective, the boosting market will eventually be in a buyer's market for a long time, plus the boosting market is in a mess, at present, there are many studios in China, and there are all kinds of student parties and white-collar workers interspersed with it, and even occasionally there are inmates to train to generate income, mixed with fish and dragons.

As the popularity of the game declines, the buyer's market demand disappears, and the period when anyone with a little skill can make money will eventually pass. If you don't have a certain skill in game boosting, having a main business is the safest choice.

What about the Internet, 510,000 in two years, boosting is more profitable than ordinary people?


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