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No one can refuse the joy of the magic game

Game matrix 2024/05/09 11:32

In the blink of an eye, "Plants vs. Zombies" has ushered in its 15th anniversary, and the original game composer Laura Shigihara recently posted a commemorative video, which caused many players to feel nostalgic.

In the past 15 years, "Plants vs. Zombies" has long since changed from a simple game to a collection of memes, and even Puff-shroom has become an independent sexual P category. While everyone is playing memes, there are endless magic versions of this game, and some have even left tower defense to become other game types.

And players have long been not satisfied with just playing other people's magic games, but have used the game as a ring to play the electronic fighting crickets of plants VS zombies. It can only be said that you never know where the brains of big puff mushroom lovers will go.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

Speaking of magic games, in fact, it has a long history, from the earliest red and white machines, arcade machines to the latest games, many players are tired of wanting to transform the game into various versions to try their skills, sometimes it is to change the perverted character to make himself an invincible existence, and sometimes it is to change the perverted enemy to challenge the limit at extremely high difficulty.

On the video platform, uploading the game slice and live streaming the game content have gradually become an invisible traffic password in the small circle. Some people love to watch it, and naturally some people will do it. Magic games have gradually become a unique subculture.

From red and white machines to arcade machines, the older the vinegar, the more fragrant it becomes

To make a magic game, you must first overcome the technical threshold. As a result, the older the game, the lower the barrier to entry for revision. Compared to the popular games of the moment, those old games on red and white machines or arcades are easier to make revisions.

On the other hand, the older the game, the larger the player base, and the players who have already played the game well have naturally become natural audiences.

Under the combination of these two factors, the main audience of the magic game is thus formed. They are often adapted from the classic red and white machine old four such as "Contra" and "Mario", or classic arcade machines such as "Dinosaur Kombat", "Devouring the World (Arcade Three Kingdoms)" and so on, whether it is additional difficulty or innovative gameplay, there is no shortage of onlookers.

Take the classic "Devouring World" arcade as an example, this self-produced CAPCOM game was ported to the PC platform early because the arcade base board did not have any encryption mechanism, and was widely supported by various emulators. Later, the emulator and editing tools were improved, and related revisions were constantly created.

The most common revision is to strengthen the main character. For example, Huang Zhong was recognized as the weakest back then, and the revision allowed him to constantly shoot arrows and even arrows to shoot rockets, and Shengsheng played an action game into a shooting game.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

And others such as Guan Yu's infinite hair waves, Zhang Fei's infinite blood sucking, and so on, not to mention. After the protagonist group had no fun to find, the makers set their sights on the bosses of the major levels again, and added them to the optional characters, what Xu Chu, Zhang Liao, and Xiahoudun were all dispatched by the players, and Lu Bu at the end of the pass was also ordered to join the battle, and even the three beautiful attendants did not let go. Look what you've all made!

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games


Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

In many perverted versions, the makers want to fill the entire screen with enemy soldiers so that the player's "infinite bullets" and "infinite bombs" can be used more effectively. At the end of each level, there will always be multiple bosses in the same frame, and the main one wants to beat the player to death. And this is often the time when the barrage is the most lively.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

It's hard to say what motivates veteran players to come back after years to watch these kinky games. It can only be said that the fantasy of "perversion" has long been implanted in the hearts of players. For example, after "Devouring the World" was cracked as early as the 90s, there were many arcade revisions, such as the classic "Three Holy Swords" version, where players can pick up the holy sword on the ground and chop melons and vegetables at the enemy. This can actually be regarded as the earliest metamorphosis revision game.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

Also in the arcade, many people must have played "Street Fighter" that can fill the screen, and playing the computer can indeed relieve the hatred in their hearts, but this unbalanced version becomes unplayable when it comes to battles.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

Speaking of fighting games, the related revisions have not stopped since the arcade ebbed, and the most classic of them is undoubtedly Mugen. With the efforts of countless fighting enthusiasts, this fighting engine has gradually included all the well-known characters in the arcade era, and even the well-known characters in action games, into the system, forming a huge fighting library with hundreds or thousands of characters to choose from, allowing many players to realize the fantasy of Guan Gong fighting Qin Qiong.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

Of course, having a lot of characters also comes at a cost, which can affect the balance of the game. However, for players who just want to have a good time in fighting games, using perverted characters to beat the enemy is what they are after.

Later, this fighting game melee also affected the development of commercial games. For example, SNK has launched the official fighting game "SNK Heroines" with female characters as a reference to a certain "all-female fighting" folk game.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

At that time, the development of fighting games by various non-fighting game IPs also became a small trend, such as "FATE", "Blue Fantasy" and other fighting games, and even "Flash Kagura" and "Kanma Shinobi" These IPs have launched action games - of course, serious fighting action games.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

In the context of the declining category of fighting games, these fighting games with IP are naturally not pursuing balance, but giving players the opportunity to use their favorite characters, which has opened up a new market. This also shows that the so-called "perverted game" is actually a shortcut for manufacturers to satisfy players' fantasies.

From the era of video to live broadcast, I can't forget the feelings

Just as a coin has two sides, the other side of the magic game that brings players the ultimate sense of refreshment is the pursuit of high difficulty that brings players the ultimate pain. The most typical case in this regard is the video of a foreigner playing "Mao Leo", which suddenly became popular on the Internet more than ten years ago.

This is a Japanese-made doujin game, and in order to evade Nintendo's strongest legal department, the game uses all graffiti-based meme characters. Due to the extreme difficulty of the levels and the large number of traps that engage in mentality, the game caused the streamer to go crazy throughout the whole process and caused a wide spread.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

If memory serves, it was also the rise of podcasts like James. Many of the nostalgic games recorded by the god have perverted difficulty (although that was not the designer's intention but due to too many bugs, etc.), which has made his videos more popular. For a while, playing perverted games and watching the anchor go crazy also became the traffic password in that era when video was just rising, and the extremely difficult perverted game also ushered in spring at that time.

Many perverted games that were once only circulated in niche circles have been re-excavated in the video era and have become important props for game streamers to enliven the atmosphere, such as "100 floors down if you are a man" and "100 meters if you are a man" and other games in the early years were active at this time.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

Of course, these are actually the nicknames of the game, which is convenient for spreading on the Internet. After all, most of them are niche games made overseas, and compared to those foreign names, the "Yes Man" series is much more catchy.

Later, developers also slowly saw the market for perverted games and began to consciously develop new works. Most of them are lost in the sea, but there are always a few games that become overnight. A typical case is 2017's "Overcoming the Difficulties with Bennett Foddy", which has a more apt name "Digging for Ascension", which has been widely spread by its extreme perverted difficulty and frustrating operation, tormenting major game streamers for a while.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

However, even if a few games are out of the circle, this kind of perverted game is still too difficult. Ordinary players can release pressure when they see the anchor being abused, and it's another thing to start playing by yourself. Therefore, the overall dissemination of this kind of game is still restricted, and it can only be a transfer in the live broadcast room, and whether it is out of the circle depends on luck.

In contrast, another easier way to get noticed in perverted games is to use classic games or classic characters. This has already been mentioned above, but what is new in the video age is that the perverted game is gradually moving away from the original game gameplay, and instead putting familiar characters into the popular gameplay. For example, national-level games like "Plants vs. Zombies" have many revisions and have been played by fanfic creators. Among them, the doujin made by "M Xylose M" simply became an action game - the crazy Dave directly took a gun and went into battle to beat zombies himself.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

Similar practices include putting Contra characters into Mario World, Sailor Moon and Tifa in Resident Evil, and so on. In fact, these magic mods pay more attention to the characters than the gameplay, mainly to bring players a sense of contrast.

Game matrix, no one can refuse the joy of magic games

And this trend also shows that game characters have a unique ability for veteran players, and they can awaken the memories that veteran players hide in their hearts. With these characters by your side, even if the game itself isn't that engaging, veteran players can keep playing and enjoy it.

Of course, such a demand has long been discovered and actively used by mainstream manufacturers. The "IP linkage" that is popular in various games today is to meet the needs of old players. IPs like EVA have become a panacea-style "linkage plaster".

For old games like "Legend" that do not have character IPs, the launch of "perverted suits" is another way of thinking. This allows veteran players to skip the torment of leveling up all night and experience the thrill of PK or siege directly in the game. So this kind of fast-upgrading perverted version still has its own market today.


At the end of the day, Magic Games isn't a strict game category, and even the games themselves aren't necessarily fun. Sometimes it's just a mod, sometimes it's just a "dung job" that was once abandoned, and sometimes it's just the casual work of a novice producer. But in every player's game resume, the magic game has never been absent.

In fact, the magic game is not satisfied with the present, but the player's inexplicable emotions about the past. We used to be abused in the game, so we wanted to make up for it years later. We've had some highlight moments in the game, so we want to relive them years later.

Compared with the current mainstream games, the magic game is like a low-level replacement opportunity. Sometimes they only give us temporary satisfaction, and sometimes these games bring us unexpected surprises that make us addicted. Whether it's the pursuit of pleasure or pain, the seeds of that game were planted in my heart a long time ago.

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