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The game is the most volatile summer file, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

Zero-state LT 2024/07/08 12:49

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

After losing the party game war, Tencent is facing NetEase with its best style of play.

At Tencent's annual meeting on January 29 this year, Ren Yuxin, COO of Tencent and president of IEG (Interactive Entertainment Business Group), said that competitive battle games are still the jewel in the crown and Tencent's basic disk.

Ren Yuxin said that on the question of whether IEG can "fight", there are articles from the outside that mention that IEG's income has declined or risen, and everyone should not have too much information in the accident department, but still look at it from the inside.

Looking back at the time when I was making games before, many games on the market at that time were MMOs, but after research, I still felt that we should make competitive battle games, because human nature likes competition, and competitive battle games have user stickiness, so we should look at the game market calmly. Ren Yuxin also believes that the competitive battle game has not declined, and the scale is still expanding.

Ren Yuxin said these words at a time when Tencent Games' local market business is not performing well in 2023, especially the party game "Yuan Dream Star", which Tencent has invested a lot of resources in, lost in the competition with NetEase's "Egg Boy Party" (see Zero State LT's previous article "Ma Huateng "Can't Sit" Can't Sit: Can "Yuan Dream Star" Win the Key Battle of the Party Game|10,000 Words Interpretation") For a while, Tencent's game business was a voice one after another.

Ren Yuxin, as the president of IEG, must have been regarded by the outside world as an internal reassurance of the military, but is this really the case?

Now that almost five months have passed since Ren Yuxin's statement, Tencent's game business has indeed ushered in significant changes.

1. Two saviors of the same IP, the indissoluble bond between "Dungeons and Warriors" and Tencent

Ren Yuxin mentioned as Tencent's basic competitive game, I believe that most players are familiar with "Glory of Kings" and "Peace Elite", or "League of Legends", because these three products have the largest number of players and the most popular event system, but in fact, Ren Yuxin said that in the past, after Tencent decided to make a competitive battle game after research, the first competitive game product launched was "Dungeons and Warriors" (DNF).

DNF is also one of the number one contributors to the rapid development of Tencent's game business and surpassing Shanda and NetEase to become the leader in the domestic market (the other major contributor is "Crossfire", in addition to "QQ Speed" and "QQ Dance", both of which were officially launched in 2008, and were later collectively called the "Four Masterpieces" of Tencent Games).

In 2024, what will reverse the multi-year decline of Tencent's domestic game business in one fell swoop is still the product of the same IP, that is, the end-to-end version of "Dungeons & Warriors" - "Dungeons & Warriors: Origins" (DNF mobile game).

DNF mobile games will be launched for public beta on May 21, but it is worth noting that the National Press and Publication Administration released the approval information for the first batch of imported online games in 2024 on February 2 this year, and DNF mobile games were approved for import versions. In March, DNF Mobile Games directly announced that the game was set for Q2. There was only a little more than a month between obtaining the version number and announcing the finalization, which is rare in the history of Tencent Games, indicating that Tencent has long been ready for the launch of this project, and only owes the east wind of the version number.

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲Figure: DNF mobile game finalized Q2 poster

In fact, DNF mobile game is the second game released by Tencent this year, and the first game released by Tencent this year is "Baijing Corridor" on January 12, with a blank period of more than 4 months in the middle, which is very rare for Tencent games, even from the date when DNF mobile games get the version number, Tencent has reserved more than 3 and a half months to prepare for the launch of DNF mobile gamesThe strong performance of DNF mobile games also proves that Tencent's vision is not wrong, and it once again staged the myth of "riding alone as a savior", completely reversing the declining performance of Tencent games in the domestic market.

2. Dominating the best-selling list for more than a month, DNF mobile games have become Tencent's most popular product in the past 6 years

On April 22, DNF Mobile Game officially announced that it would be open beta on May 21, which drove Tencent's share price up 5.46% on the same day, and the total market value rose by about HK$156 billion to HK$3.03 trillion - this is Tencent's market value exceeding HK$3 trillion again after more than 4 months.

In the course of Tencent's phenomenal terminal game IP transplantation mobile game platform, DNF mobile game is the most bumpy and difficult to deliver. As early as June 2016, DNF Mobile Games recruited the first batch of test players under the name of "Tencent Mystery Fighting Mobile Game", and launched the beta test reservation in disguise.

Just when the market thought that the game was about to be launched, DNF mobile games quickly fell silent.

It wasn't until March 2019 that Tencent officially opened the reservation of DNF mobile game national server on WeChat, mobile QQ and AppTreasure, and it was scheduled for public beta on August 12, 2020. But just two days before the game's open beta, Tencent officially issued an emergency announcement that the anti-addiction system in the game needs to be upgraded (according to the grapevine, it was reported that the game test content did not match the version submitted for review), and this delay is more than three years.

In the past few years when DNF mobile games have been absent from the domestic market, a number of DNF-like products have seized the market, especially the "Crystal Nucleus" launched by the morning and night light years has achieved the best results, but as ByteDance wants to give up the game market, a number of game projects seek to sell, and the industry generally believes that it is the emergence of DNF mobile games that makes the project "Crystal Nucleus" unsellable, so ByteDance has no choice but to let the game business return to the incubation state, and the project "Crystal Nucleus" can only continue to be raised by itself.

NetEase has also launched DNF-like products, such as the terminal game "Super Fighting Dreamland" launched in 2021, inviting the "Father of DNF" Kim Yun-jong as a consultant, claiming to overturn the DNF terminal game, and the DNF has passed its peak state during the open beta of "Super Fighting Dreamland", and players have begun to churn. But unfortunately, "Super Fighting Dreamland" failed to attract this part of the lost players, making itself a hit, and the popularity of the game has always been low, resulting in repeated major changes in the content, and finally the service was suspended after less than three years of operation.

According to public data, by the end of 2023, DNF's global cumulative revenue has reached 22 billion US dollars (about 159.3 billion yuan), and such IP appeal is obviously extraordinary. As Tencent's last phenomenal end-to-end game end-to-end product, under the eager expectation of 8 million warriors, it is undoubtedly Tencent's new C-rank game of the year, which is not only scheduled to be a hit, but also a key popular game in Tencent's eyes.

Since end-to-end products can often bring several times or even more than 10 times the increase in users, and "Dungeons and Warriors", which claimed to have "8 million warriors" as early as more than ten years ago, is very likely to have 80 million or even hundreds of millions of new users, so the commercialization of this product is naturally highly anticipated.

Since the official public beta on May 21, it took only 6 hours to reach the top of the best-selling list, and since then, it has dominated the best-selling list for 29 consecutive days, until June 19, when miHoYo's "Honkai: Star Dome Railway" pulled down the top of the best-selling list. On the free list, DNF mobile games also dominated the list for 16 consecutive days.

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲ Figure: DNF mobile games continued to dominate the best-selling list for 29 days with a right-angle trend, until they were ousted from the championship by "Honkai: Star Dome Railway".

On the NGA forum, some players believe that the explosion of DNF mobile games is a special case, because almost all of the people who compete with it on the same track are dead, and DNF has become the track itself, so the success of DNF mobile games mainly depends on feelings, and the gameplay is not so important, the important thing is to be able to recall the feeling of the year, and even re-team up with friends back then, and have topic exchanges, which is the important place.

Players can only play when they are teenagers but can't afford to pay for it, and now that they are adults and have a job income, they must be able to realize their dreams, such as when they were children, they coveted the sky set, and now they are directly a character with a set of equipment, and even rotate to wear... Therefore, he believes that DNF mobile games mainly attract returning old players who have escaped from the DNF terminal game. Other players agreed, but he added that DNF, as a side-scrolling action game, is inherently suitable for making mobile games, and the difficulty lies in the need to reproduce the operation feel of terminal game skills on mobile phones.

There is no doubt that DNF mobile games have created the hottest start in the history of Tencent mobile games, but it is precisely because DNF mobile games have always topped the iOS best-selling list, and its game revenue has become difficult to predict due to the lack of references, and it is difficult for third-party data platforms to give relatively accurate revenue forecasts. DNF mobile game revenue continues to be in the black box, and no one knows how exaggerated the game's revenue has been, except for Tencent and developer NEXON.

Until May 29, foreign media Bloomberg quoted data from Niko Parterners analyst Xiao Feng Zeng to estimate a figure of "more than 140 million US dollars" (about 1 billion yuan) for the turnover revenue of DNF mobile games in the first week. However, this figure is still considered to be underestimated, for example, some estimate that its first-week turnover may reach 1.5 billion.

According to a report released by Sensor Tower, in the last 11 days of May, the revenue of Dungeons & Warriors: Origins in the domestic iOS market has exceeded the combined revenue of Honor of Kings and Peace Elite in the same period, and the revenue of Tencent Games on mobile devices has increased by 12% in May.

Since the beginning of this year, before the DNF mobile game, Tencent has only released a two-dimensional game "Baijing Corridor", which fell out of the top 200 on the best-selling list two months after it was launched, and only by doing activities can it return to the top 200, and after the DNF mobile game, Tencent only launched "Tares World" on June 12, and on June 26, it will launch a Palu-like sandbox game "Create! The release plan of "Our Planet", these products will not have a significant impact on the performance of Tencent Games in the first half of the year, that is to say, the performance increment of Tencent Games in the first half of this year is mainly driven by DNF mobile games.

As for the estimation of the turnover of "Dungeons & Warriors: Origins" in the first year, the data released by various institutions is even more varied, but the author is inclined to "Dungeons & Warriors: Origins" is expected to bring tens of billions of game revenue to Tencent in 2024.

It can be seen that DNF mobile games are not only Tencent's 2024 game of the year, but also a pillar product that Tencent has waited for 6 years since "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite" to harvest a pillar product that can greatly affect game performance, but this is not only Tencent's best way, but also cannot be replicated, because this is Tencent's "four masterpieces" or Tencent's "troika" ("Dungeons and Warriors", "Crossfire" and "League of Legends").The last IP to be moved to the mobile platform.

3. "Condor Shooting", which invested 1 billion, became the Waterloo of NetEase Games

If Tencent has played its best card "Dungeons and Warriors: Origins" in May, then NetEase only played a few ordinary cards and a stinky "Shooting the Condor" in the first half of the year - one of NetEase's four major martial arts games in the past two years, and the other three are the mobile game "Against the Cold", "Sixteen Voices of Yanyun" and "Naraka: Infinite" mobile game.

But to tell the truth, "Condor Shooting" has always been the least popular and popular of the four major martial arts games, but no one expected that the performance of the game would be even worse after it was launched.

Before "Shooting the Condor" was launched, NetEase also promoted it very strongly, such as claiming to be a martial arts version of "Genshin Impact", for which NetEase claimed that it was developed by a 600-person team for 6 years, costing 1 billion, this number has exceeded the "Genshin Impact" when it was first beta, and so far there are few domestic games that claim to have reached 1 billion production costs, and the few 1 billion-level products actually only exist in the two giants of Tencent and NetEase, as well as the rise of miHoYo in recent years.

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲Figure: NetEase claims to spend 1 billion to build Jin Yong's martial arts open-world masterpiece "Shooting the Condor"

At the marketing level, the marketing team of "Condor Shooting" has always been good at playing with peers to the extreme, first of all, when the competing product "Sword Network 3" announced on March 11 that it officially canceled the equipment repair fee and ranked second in the hot search, the official Weibo personally went down to mock Diss with his face: Shocked, in 2024, there is still a charge for game equipment repair? Rest assured to shoot the condor... Help you roll the price down.

In the face of NetEase's popularity, the executive producer of "Sword Network 3" responded to "Shooting the Condor": Don't look for a marketing account for everything, you will eat a bad stomach! Whether it's cheap or not is not a matter of lip service and living for 15 years!

Of course, the executive producer of "Sword Network 3" has the confidence to reply to "Shooting the Condor", because "Sword Network 3" has been launched for 15 years, and its performance is still growing, and it is a rare evergreen product in the game industry.

In the face of the shouting full of gunpowder, NetEase's "A Dream of Jianghu" and "Tianxia 3" have successively joined the battlefield to post a blog to persuade the fight, of which "Tianxia 3" announced the complete cancellation of equipment repair fees, and Tencent's "Tianya Mingyue Knife Mobile Game" and "Dawn of the King's Glory Star" also joined the battlefield, among which "Sword Network 3" announced the linkage with "Tianya Mingyue Knife Mobile Game", combining swords and swords, sweeping away the pig evil! (The word "pig" is also deliberately enlarged and bolded). For a while, each product likes to mention one or even more hot searches.

The initiator of the controversy, "Condor Shooting", officially took the opportunity to announce: "Condor Shooting" mall direct sales of fashion and accessories are permanently 9.9 yuan, please supervise at that time. The person in charge of the R&D team of "Condor Shooting" even wrote a letter to players in person, declaring: "The anger of our peers has strengthened our determination to bring down the price of MMO" and "The peers who have been involved can't help it".

In terms of charging mode, "Condor Shooting" obviously wants to be on par with last year's hugely successful "Against the Cold" mobile game, but after the game was launched, not only did it not reproduce the popular results of the "Against the Cold" mobile game, but it created the most unbalanced Waterloo in the history of NetEase Games, which made big players and peers in the game industry question whether NetEase can create high-quality games.

The business war set off by "Shooting the Condor" in the game circle undoubtedly accumulated enough heat for its announcement, and the game also chose to be launched in the open beta on March 28, shortly after the centenary of Mr. Jin Yong's birth, but unexpectedly encountered Waterloo. "Shooting the Condor" was only ranked 15th on the best-selling list, and after more than a month, it fell outside the top 100. According to third-party data, the turnover of "Condor Shooting" barely exceeded 100 million in the first month, which can be said to be very poor.

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲Figure: The ranking trend of NetEase's "Condor Shooting" free list and best-selling list in the past three months

In comparison, the product "The Legend of the New Condor Heroes: Iron Blood Pill Heart", which was published by CMGE, has a turnover of more than 200 million in the first month. And then the loss of players in "Condor Shooting" was serious, and the turnover was even more serious, so from the perspective of return on investment, it is not an exaggeration to say that the product "Condor Shooting" is the biggest failure case in the history of NetEase.

In the conference call after the Q1 financial report in 2024, Ding Lei was dissatisfied with the performance of "Condor Shooting" launched in March, claiming that the person in charge and core members had been replaced, and said that the new version would be launched in the summer vacation.

In fact, the summer file may be the most critical period for "Condor Shooting" to come back to life.

Because the current TV series "Jin Yong's Martial Arts World: Iron Blood Pill Heart" is being broadcast on Tencent Video, and the movie "The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Man" is rumored to be released in the summer, plus this year is the year of Jin Yong's centennial birth, the game can be marketed and promoted from film and television publicity. However, Ding Lei can trust his employees, but whether the new version of "Condor Shooting" after returning to the furnace can save this project, when the time comes, just pull it out and test whether it is a donkey or a horse.

4. Tencent VS NetEase Game Basic Disk, who is the only file in the game industry

In 2023, Tencent's two head products, "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite", remain stable, and a number of new games launched in recent years have performed outstandingly.

In its 2023 annual financial report, Tencent summarized these games as "key popular games", judging mobile games with an annual turnover of more than 4 billion yuan and an average daily active game of more than 5 million per quarter, and mobile games with daily active users of more than 2 million, and disclosed that the number of games has increased from 6 to 8. In the 2024 Q1 post-earnings conference call, Evergreen Games became the focus of discussion on Tencent's game business. Perhaps Tencent's definitions of these two concepts are not exactly the same, but the previous 8 "key popular games" must belong to the category of evergreen games.

As for Tencent's evergreen games?

Different institutions or people have different interpretations of this. For example, Sensor Tower said in an in-depth analysis report that from 2019 to 2023, the total global cumulative revenue of 82 products in the global mobile game market exceeded 220 billion US dollars, "maintaining a significant evergreen trend", of which Tencent's "Glory of Kings" and "Peace Elite" and other 5 "evergreen" mobile games are listed, namely "Glory of Kings", "Peace Elite", "CrossFire: Gunfight King", "QQ Speed Racer Game", "Naruto", These five products bring publishers an average of $5.2 billion in annual revenue, the highest of any vendor.

Guojin Securities released a report saying that there are currently only 20 games in China that meet the definition of evergreen mobile games (mobile games that have been online for more than 3 years and can stabilize within 50 on the best-selling list of iOS games every year).Among them, Tencent is significantly ahead of other domestic game companies with a 50% share, and 9 games on the list have been online for more than 5 years, including "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite", "QQ Speed", "CrossFire: Gunfight King", "Naruto", "QQ Dance", "Call of Duty Mobile Game", "Happy Landlord", "FC Football World" and "Clash of Clans". In addition, among the 7 potential evergreen mobile games, a total of 4 Tencent games were selected, including "Battle of the Golden Shovel", "League of Legends Mobile Game", "Dark Zone Breakout" and "Yuan Dream Star".

In addition, statistics of Tencent's financial reports in the past year can be found that 6 games have been named and praised for their "outstanding performance", including "Valorant", "Ark of Destiny", "League of Legends Mobile Game", "Battle of the Golden Shovel", "Dark Zone Breakout", "Naruto", but it does not mean that these 6 games are defined by Tencent"Key popular games", maybe some are, but some can only be said to be potential models, and they are only praised as new products that have achieved certain results.

The selection criteria for key popular games are very strict, and Tencent announced in its Q1 financial report that it has reached 8, but the specific list has not been disclosed. The author believes that Tencent's 8 key popular games include the old terminal games "League of Legends", "CrossFire", "Dungeons and Warriors", known as the "troika", and the mobile games "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite", "CrossFire: Gunfight King", "Battle of the Golden Shovel" and "League of Legends Mobile Game". Among them, "The Battle of the Golden Shovel" and "League of Legends Mobile Game" are two new additions. And it should be emphasized that with the latest release of "Dungeons & Warriors: Origins", in fact, the number of key popular games under Tencent has reached 9.

Tencent's 2024 Q1 financial report shows that the revenue of games in the local market is 34.5 billion yuan, and the turnover of the two leading games of "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite" has resumed year-on-year growth in March this year. At the same time, Tencent's game revenue in the international market was 13.6 billion yuan, and the turnover of Tencent's international game market in the first quarter increased by 34% year-on-year. Tencent Chairman and CEO Pony Ma said in the Q1 financial report that the total game turnover in the first quarter of this year has increased, laying the foundation for the recovery of game revenue growth in the next few quarters.

Among them, the biggest contributor to the rapid growth of the international market is Supercell's 3v3 MOBA product Brawl Stars. In December 2022, Brawl Stars boldly removed the random probability chest mode from the game and began to explore a new commercial model. Since then, its revenue has fallen into a trough, but after a year of persistent trial and error and iteration, Brawl Stars has finally found a monetization model that suits it, not only breaking away from the bottom, but also surpassing the previous peak level.

Between June 2023 and February 2024, Brawl Stars has seen a 2.4x increase in MAU and a 3.9x increase in DAU. This means that 40 million to 50 million daily active players around the world have been sucked away by Brawl Stars in half a year, and it has also brought an 8.8x increase in revenue to Brawl Stars over the same period, making it the highest-grossing game in Supercell.

According to third-party data, the estimated revenue of Brawl Stars' Google Play and App Store just exceeded 600 million yuan in March, and further exceeded 700 million yuan in April. Since this product also has an official website recharge channel in addition to the mobile store, its actual revenue in April may reach 800 million or even more, as if it has the trend of "glory of overseas kings". Driven by the popularity of the international server, the national server of "Brawl Stars" also ushered in an increase in income.

On NetEase's side, although NetEase has not officially put forward the concept of key popular games or evergreen games, we can still use similar standards to measure NetEase's game products, such as the evergreen game report released by Guojin Securities, NetEase has a total of 5 products including "Fantasy Journey to the West", "Journey to the West", "A Chinese Ghost Story", "Onmyoji" and "The Shore of the Land", and "Egg Boy Party" and "Against the Cold Water Mobile Game" were selected as potential evergreen mobile games.

Since the report of Guojin Securities is only for mobile games, NetEase also has "Fantasy Westward Journey" and "Westward Journey", two evergreen-level terminal games with more than 20 years of history, as well as "Naraka: Bladepoint", which are popular in the world.

Judging from NetEase's financial report in Q1 2024, NetEase's evergreen games have undiminished vitality, such as the Q1 revenue of the mobile game "Fantasy Journey to the West" hit a new high; In the 6th anniversary of the launch of the service, the revenue of Q1 and DAU in May reached a new high; On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the launch of "The Shore of the Land", Q1 revenue also hit a new high in the past three years.

Although NetEase also has a lot of evergreen games, and since this year, there have been several old games that have shown a rejuvenating performance, such as "The Fifth Personality", but compared with Tencent, it is far from enough, Tencent has a crushing level advantage in creating evergreen games, this is because Tencent is better at competitive games with big DAUs, and the vitality of such games is also more vigorous, on the contrary, the MMO that NetEase is good at is easy to decay with the extension of the game life cycle, such as "Against the Water and Cold Mobile Game" that is trying to take the big DAU route , and now it has often fallen outside the top 10 of the best-selling list. Of course, "Egg Boy Party" may be able to break the spell and become one of the few evergreen games that NetEase can compete with Tencent's popular games in the future.

In contrast, Tencent's 9 key popular games and the popular "Brawl Stars" in the international market are all competitive games, and this is what Ren Yuxin has repeatedly emphasized, "Tencent must keep its basic disk (competitive games), and cannot be shaken by the current popular MMO and ACG", among which the best MMO among domestic game manufacturers is NetEase, and the best at ACG is miHoYo, so Ren Yuxin is the head of Tencent's game empire, The understanding of today's gaming market landscape is to the point.

It is worth mentioning that Tencent's entry threshold for its key popular games is the highest in the industry, because this is because Tencent has the largest plate of Chinese game users, and the 9 key popular games selected are all competitive games, which can attract a larger number of player users, and like the MMO game track that NetEase is better at, before the mobile game "Against the Cold" mobile game, it is a game mode with high ARPU and low DUA supported by heavy krypton players, so if you look at it from the perspective of the number of active users of the game, Many of NetEase's evergreen games can't even be included in Tencent's list of key popular games, because Tencent requires 5 million DAUs for mobile games and 2 million DAUs for desktop games.

It is precisely because there is a huge gap between NetEase and Tencent in the performance of creating evergreen games, so even in 2023, NetEase's best performance, the gap between NetEase and Tencent's domestic game revenue has been widened again. Combined with the financial reports of Tencent and NetEase, excluding NetEase's related value-added service revenue (such as CC live broadcast, etc.), only counting game revenue, the difference between the two revenue in 2022 is 101.73 billion yuan, but in 2023, this revenue gap will expand to 104.1 billion yuan. Of course, one of the main reasons for the widening of the revenue gap between NetEase and Tencent in 2023 is the loss of Blizzard's family bucket game agency rights, as well as the decline of old PC games such as "Fantasy Journey to the West".

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲Figure: Comparison of Tencent's NetEase income gap (2018-2023), the picture comes from Golden Ten Data

5, NetEase, which is "the most volatile summer file", can it win back a game?

With the launch of Tencent's DNF mobile game, in the field of mobile games, NetEase needs to face the pressure exerted by Tencent's three mountains, "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite" and DNF mobile games, as well as "Golden Shovel Battle" and "League of Legends", as well as "Crossfire", "Naruto", "QQ Speed" and other evergreen mobile games. Without exception, these games have the label of "competitive games", and it can be said that NetEase's gaming business is being blown up by Tencent with its best competitive game play.

In the field of the Internet, NetEase once surpassed Meituan on December 13, 2023 and sat in the position of the fourth largest Chinese Internet company in terms of market capitalization, and later lagged behind because of the introduction of the draft online game policy, and the market value of NetEase surpassed Meituan again after the impact of the draft policy on online games was eliminated, and then with the recovery of Meituan's performance, on the contrary, NetEase only handed over the new dark horse "Outside the World", and the high-cost and large-scale production of "Condor" suffered Waterloo, lacking the launch of new heavyweight games, and the overall performance was mediocre. As a result, NetEase's market value has long been thrown away by Meituan, but it is still stable in the fifth position in the market value of Internet companies.

However, NetEase's reserve products are still relatively rich, but the magic is that NetEase's heavyweight products have announced that they are going to set the summer file or do things in the summer file. For example, NetEase's two martial arts games "Sixteen Voices of Yanyun" and "Naraka: Infinite" mobile games have announced that they will meet players in the summer file, but "Sixteen Voices of Yanyun" recently announced that it will be postponed. In addition, NetEase's open-world survival game "Seven Days World" has also announced that it will be set for the summer file. In addition, the new version of "Condor Shooting" announced that it will be reviewed by players in the summer season, and the mobile game "Against the Cold" has also launched the "reborn" version 2.0 on June 28, the first anniversary, and made the game re-enter the top five best-selling lists.

Among them, "Yanyun Sixteen Voices" and "Seven Days World" are heavyweight new products that claim a billion development costs, originally "Yanyun Sixteen Voices" was scheduled for July 26, but after the "Zhonglu test" announced the postponement, but still strive to be launched within the year, and in accordance with the previous "promise of a thousand gold" promise, every day of postponement of the official Weibo will draw a fan to send a gram of gold. The mobile game "Naraka: Bladepoint" is the end-to-end product of NetEase's competitive game "Naraka: Bladepoint", which has more than 40 million global players, and has been tested several times, judging from the current number of pre-orders and attention of more than 32 million games, it must be a popular reservation. These games, no matter which one of them, shoulder the mission of greatly boosting the performance of NetEase games.

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲ Figure: The mobile game "Naraka: Bladepoint" recently reached 32 million pre-orders on the whole network, and announced that it will be set for July 25

In addition, NetEase's "World of Warcraft" national server has also been striving to officially return in the summer file, and it is now scheduled to start on June 27, and NetEase's first product "Legend of the Holy Sword" from Sakura Studio, which lays out the global console and PC stand-alone market, will also meet players in the summer file, delivering ammunition for NetEase's "decisive summer file".

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲ Figure: NetEase announced that the "World of Warcraft" national server will officially return on June 27

Perhaps NetEase will usher in a wave of new game products "Small Universe" in the summer file, and although Tencent has played the DNF mobile game of the year, it still has a lot of heavyweight new products to enter the summer file, such as "Need for Speed: Gathering", "World Qiyuan", "Dawn of the Stars" and "Ace Warrior 2" all choose to meet players in the summer file, among which "Need for Speed: Assembly" has obtained the IP authorization of EA's well-known stand-alone works, and invited Jay Chou to endorse, known as "the first open world racing mobile game", The number of pre-orders is also as high as 30 million, "Dawn of the Stars" is "Glory of Kings" is the first derivative mobile game, which will face off with NetEase's "Naraka: Bladepoint" mobile game on the same day, and "Ace Warrior 2" did not rush to join the summer battlefield until July 6.

Zero state LT, the most volatile summer file of the game, can NetEase parry Tencent|10,000 words interpretation

▲ Picture: "Need for Speed: Assemble" invited Jay Chou to endorse

Other game manufacturers other than Tencent and NetEase are also actively fighting for the summer file, among which the biggest momentum is miHoYo's "Jeopardy Zero", which was launched on July 4, and the first domestic 3A game "Black Myth: Wukong", which is scheduled to be developed by Game Science on August 20. In addition, SLG "Three Kingdoms: Conquering the World", which was launched last month and saved the game business of Station B, has also achieved good results, and the well-known products that will be launched soon include Lilith's first new work "Sword and Expedition: Departure" created under the "Beyond Expectations" strategy, and ByteDance's $4 billion acquisition of Mutong Technology's ace MOBA product "Decisive Peak", etc., which can be called the most volatile summer file in the history of the game industry.

"The decisive battle for the most successful summer file" is a big test for NetEase's game business, and it is also the best time for NetEase to close the distance between NetEase and Tencent's game business.

Author: Pang Ruijin

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