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miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

Game Spinning Top 2024/07/05 15:58

On July 4th, miHoYo's "Jeopardy Zero" arrived as scheduled.

The game's large-scale publicity and release momentum was also as expected, covering the opening screen of major social platforms.

Of course, even without these chartered publicity, there is no doubt about the attention of miHoYo and "Jeopardy Zero" itself. The game previously announced that the number of pre-orders on all platforms exceeded 40 million, and shortly after the pre-download was opened on July 2, it has successively topped the iOS free list in more than 130 countries and regions.

With a high level of attention, the topics related to the open beta of "Jeopardy Zero" have naturally appeared on Weibo hot searches several times, and also reflect several important characteristics of the game or have a distinct and differentiated design.

It can be seen that the art style that integrates comics and retro temperament, the level advancement mode that walks the grid and the character design that miHoYo has always excelled at, "Jeopardy Zero" has taken out very excellent quality in many aspects.

But what's interesting is that some contrarian voices can also be seen on the hot search. For example, "Jeopardy Zero Boredom" also appeared on the hot search this morning. However, for a game that has just come out, this seems to be a bit too early.

On TapTap, as of press time, the game has temporarily dropped from 9 points to 7.3 points, and the PC version of Station B's "Jeopardy Zero" has only a score of 5.9 points.

However, the more direct and authentic feedback often lies in whether the player is willing to pay for the game.

"Jeopardy Zero" successfully broke into the top 3 of the iOS best-selling list today, although this is also a very good result, and we do not doubt the brand's strong continued appeal, but compared to last year's "Honkai: Star Dome Railway", the debut performance of "Jeopardy Zero" does not seem to show such absolute dominance.

After all, everyone is looking forward to the fact that "Jeopardy Zero", which has a scale of more than 400 people, can reproduce the brilliant performance of "Crashing Iron", once again confirming the energy of the two-dimensional market.

But in any case, "Jeopardy Zero" is still exploding, and with the addition of another general to miHoYo, the second-game market will become more treacherous. In addition to the game experience of this new product, we would also like to take this opportunity to talk about the significance of miHoYo's journey from the ARPG of "Honkai Impact 3", first breaking the format to the open world of "Genshin Impact", then to the box court turn-based of "Honkai", and finally returning to the action category.

Much more than a two-dimensional action game

First of all, it should be emphasized that in the current position, many games are talked about "good" and "bad" nowadays, largely depending on two aspects, one is what kind of player the game wants to serve, and the other is what kind of player you are.

In a recent foreign media interview, producer Li Zhenyu mentioned two noteworthy points about the audience and game tonality that "Jeopardy Zero" hopes to face.

One is to try to make the action game less expensive to get started with, and not show difficult content in the early days.

At this point, the game is indeed very effective, although there are designs such as flicking knives, support and combo attacks, and there is no shortage of changes in basic attacks, dodges and special skills, but even players who are struggling with action games believe that after playing a few levels, they can quickly feel the thrill of basic action feedback, and then they can play with a deeper understanding in terms of attribute selection, team bonus strategy and combo selection.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

The other is that compared with the previous miHoYo products, "Jeopardy Zero" is not a "grand adventure" in tone, but more inclined to present a "ordinary person's urban life".

For me, the most eye-catching and quick immersion in the game is undoubtedly the character image, art tone, box garden scene and music, which directly hit the audio-visual experience and reflect the manufacturer's foundation. In addition, the most attractive and unique aspect of "Jeopardy Zero" in the current second-game market is the interpretation of urban life mentioned in the interview.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

Urban life under the strange appearance - this kind of theme is actually not unfamiliar, after all, the spin-off mobile game "P5X" of "P5" has been launched in China for some time, in addition, JRPGs such as "Digimon Cyber Detective" and its sister "Digimon Cyber Detective Hacker Memories" have actually shown the charm of this genre.

How is the "urban atmosphere" of "Jeopardy Zero" considered?

In fact, the game devotes a lot of weight to this part of the tutorial and main content of the first chapter.

Walking through the streets and alleys of the first Hakowa map of New Eridu, in addition to seeing a lot of concise and clean scenes linked to cultivation, you will also meet many characters with different identities, whether they are migrant girls who come to the store to earn pocket money, the owner of a ramen shop, or fans who are crazy about movie tapes, but they may all be the principals who will make requests to the protagonists. They have their own troubles, and the questions they consider and the requests they make come from fragments of ordinary people's lives. Including the main story characters like Billy, the main character will also be invited to experience the snake arcade machine and find the pleasures of those simple lives.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

Of course, the many artistic details hidden in the background boards of the shops and the graffiti on the street corners, the interesting multi-ethnic characters and their cute dialogues also participate in the expression of the city with a sense of life to a large extent.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

In fact, even the "walking grid" that has become a point of controversy seems to me to be an element that serves the "sense of urbanity", but this part is deeply bound to the gameplay, and despite the double speed setting, it obviously does not satisfy everyone, especially those players who pay more attention to and focus on the proportion of action elements.

But in any case, it is difficult for us to evaluate "Jeopardy Zero" purely from the perspective of an action game, and this is by no means the only place where miHoYo's new product stands.

In addition to the highlights, there are some possible problems with "Jeopardy Zero".

To be honest, I haven't participated in any round of testing of Jeopardy Zero before, and after playing for two hours today, I think compared to Honkai 3, Genshin Impact, and Honken Iron, there are two points in Jeopardy Zero that deserve our attention: differentiation and burden reduction.

Let's start with differentiation.

First of all, the most obvious difference is in the presentation of the show. As mentioned above, "Jeopardy Zero" is presented in the form of comics, both in terms of stand-up dialogues and plot performances - and you must know that through "Genshin Impact" and "Crashing Iron", miHoYo has accumulated enough experience in 3D performances before, and the reason why he chose 2D performances is nothing more than the following two points:

First, for the 400-plus team size of Jeopardy Zero, a 2D performance was obviously a more economical decision.

Second, compared with the old-fashioned real-time calculation technology to go through the motions, comics are undoubtedly more novel and interesting in the eyes of players.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

In addition, in order to avoid aesthetic fatigue, although the character painting style of the comic adopts the Japanese style, the colors, brushstrokes and lines are more beautiful and comic - this may also show that "Jeopardy Zero" has attached great importance to the European and American markets from the beginning.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

Secondly, after the successive launch of "Genshin Impact" and "Crashing Iron", two open-world and box garden works, this time miHoYo obviously no longer pursues the breadth of exploration excessively, but tries to make the existing blocks as fine and detailed as possible. As you will see, although there are only a few buildings and interactive places in the "Liufen Street", the headquarters of the rope maker, the sparrow is small and has all the organs.

It is also because there is not much ink in the block exploration part, so "Jeopardy Zero" focuses more on the level experience, action combat, grid walking, and meat pigeon system.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

Let's talk about burden reduction.

In the context of content-based games and second games generally beginning to take the lightweight route, "Jeopardy Zero" is quite "familiar" to follow the trend.

At the level of content experience, "Jeopardy Zero" has added a skip button, which can be skipped by all plot players regardless of the main line and branches, and go straight to the combat part - as we all know, this point has been criticized by some "Genshin Impact" and "Crash Iron" players for a long time in the past, but it has not changed.

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

At the level of action combat, as an action game without a Z-axis and unable to jump, "Jeopardy Zero" can be said to have achieved the ultimate in subtraction: in addition to flat A, there are only three buttons: cutting people, small skills (i.e., special skills) and ultimate (i.e., finishing skills).

Game Gyro, miHoYo really messed up "Jeopardy Zero"?

While it is true that the battle load reduction allows players to easily experience Jeopardy Zero without investing too much time, effort, and learning costs, it also raises another problem: how to ensure the depth and fun of ARPG battles?

In fact, opening B station, NGA, Weibo and other social media, player communities, the lack of fun in action battles, and the slightly hypnotic level experience are currently the most complained about by players: due to the need to save energy points when casting small skills (the effect of small skills is very limited when the energy value is insufficient), the ultimate needs to accumulate noise points, and special attacks such as sprint attacks and dodge attacks are directly linked to flat A operations, so most of the time players can only continue to rely on flat A, dodge, and cut people to deal with the situation on the field, and the operation space is limited.

What's more, given that "Jeopardy Zero" is a service-oriented gacha product that requires players to log in every day to clear their physical strength, do daily work, and harvest gacha resources, the "thunder points" attacked by the above-mentioned players may be increasingly magnified in the battles experienced day after day and repeatedly, until they are completely tired and abandon the pit.

Of course, today is only the day when "Jeopardy Zero" was launched, and most players still have a shallow experience of its combat gameplay, and we can't make a conclusion about whether "Jeopardy Zero" is playable or not, but at this stage, the player's voice is still worthy of miHoYo's high attention.


In my opinion, whether it is differentiation or burden reduction, the strategy adopted by "Jeopardy Zero" can actually reflect the most authentic side of miHoYo's products - you can even say that the reason why "Jeopardy Zero" does this is because miHoYo has no choice but to do it.

After "Genshin Impact", which requires players to invest a lot of time in exploring adventures, and "Crashing Iron", which can be watched and played as a drama, there is no need for miHoYo to make a heavy game that consumes players' minds too much. For Michael's family bucket players, an action game with a relatively light experience, and a cool action game that can be launched to fight monsters when you think of it, is very suitable for the current ecological niche of "Jeopardy Zero".

For miHoYo, "Jeopardy Zero" should also be the most stable product for its current stable fundamentals and expansion of its product matrix.

After all, from "Honkai 3" to "Genshin Impact", and then to "Honkai Iron", miHoYo has done ARPGs, open-world action-adventures, and box garden-style turn-based RPGs all over the past 7 years.

As of press time, "Jeopardy Zero" did not reach the top as predicted by some industry insiders earlier (as a reference data, "Crashing Iron", which was launched in April last year, topped the iOS best-selling list within 5 hours of its launch), but the third place on the best-selling list is enough to show that the quality of miHoYo's games is still so good, and Mijia's market appeal is as good as ever.

As for how "Jeopardy Zero" will perform next, let's go and see.

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