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People's literature, why don't you look at the egg boy party

Zhang Shule 2024/07/04 14:32

Go to the egg boy party for class,

It's stylish!

"Egg Boy Party", which has been hot since its launch, once again broke the "dimensional wall".

Zhang Shule, People's Literature, why don't you look at the egg boy party

A few days ago, the People's Literature Publishing House and NetEase Games announced that they had reached a strategic cooperation.

In the future, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on the cross-media adaptation of the game IP of "Egg Boy Party", the promotion of new digital and new integrated publishing models, and jointly explore the industry's first "original digital IP + cultural original" digital integrated publishing model, and promote the construction of a new ecology of the cultural industry of "digital and real integration".

Wang Yi, senior vice president of NetEase, declared that in NetEase's "Egg Boy Party", Chinese culture is one of the favorite themes of players and creators.

He said that the classic story "The Fool Moves the Mountain" published by the Humanities Society has been developed into a map by the creators of "Egg Boy Party", and more than 100,000 people have become digital "Fools", and they have experienced the value of perseverance in the game.

It further said that at present, the number of games of the cultural map of "Egg Boy Party" exceeds 40 million, which is equivalent to players learning millions of cultural lessons in "Egg Boy Party".

Zhang Shule, People's Literature, why don't you look at the egg boy party

In May 2022, NetEase launched the mobile game "Egg Boy Party", which quickly broke a number of records and became the game with the highest number of daily active users in the history of NetEase Games.

By December 2023, the number of registered users will exceed 500 million, and it will be awarded the title of "National Game".

After "Egg Boy Party" came out of the circle, Eagle Point Network officially announced the two-player cooperative party game "Boum Boum".

At the same time, Sosi Technology released the domestic party game "Beast Party", and when the trial version was launched, the number of online players even exceeded 100,000.

Subsequently, Tencent's "Yuan Dream Star" also joined the battle.

On December 25, 2023, after the launch of "Dream Star", it basically ranked first in China's iPhone mobile game download list, and landed in the third place in China's App Store mobile game revenue list.

On January 25, 2024, "Dream Star" released an open letter, announcing that within less than a month of the game's launch, more than 80 million registered players and tens of millions of UGC (user-generated content) maps designed by players.

However, the chasers did not create a circle-breaking miracle like "Egg Boy Party".

Zhang Shule, People's Literature, why don't you look at the egg boy party

At the same time, the world of Egg Boy is no longer just a simple game.

Party games are not new, and there have been some early explorations in China, so why didn't they succeed until Egg Boy?

Chased by many rising stars, can NetEase succeed?

How do party games stay long-lasting?

In this regard, Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Guan Yuhui and Shule had an exchange, and this monkey thought:

Going to class in the egg boy party is NetEase's life-sustaining move.

The reason why Egg Boy can stand out in party games is mainly because the early domestic party games were too small, the gameplay was single, the game depth was lacking, and the freshness was not strong.

Zhang Shule, People's Literature, why don't you look at the egg boy party

As a casual game, party games focus on social participation, and "Egg Boy Party" just fills the domestic gap in the category of social games.

At the same time, the UGC feature of "Egg Boy Party" allows players to develop their own maps to form more gameplay, further expanding its social interest and extensibility. ”

In the face of chasers, "Egg Boy Party" led the way, and the imitation traces of the follow-up follow-up were too heavy and the follow-up was late, so it was difficult to overtake.

Compared with other categories such as MOBA and shooting, party games are more simple and easy to understand in terms of rules and gameplay.

Zhang Shule, People's Literature, why don't you look at the egg boy party

The game levels are not very difficult, and even beginners can quickly pick them up.

This will undoubtedly allow more players who have not had deep contact with the game before to integrate into it, and then achieve the effect of breaking the circle.

And its commercial value lies in the fact that once such games break the circle, they may form IPs and continue to enter various classic IPs.

However, the current domestic party games also face many problems, such as making players willing to pay, tapping potential users, and competing with traditional entertainment......

Compared with other categories, party games follow a low-paying model.

For example, "Egg Boy Party" relies on UGC-driven gameplay innovation to stick to a large number of users, forming a long tail of consumption.

Compared with other games, this mode is more likely to make players feel satisfied with less overhead.

But if the popularity is insufficient, the revenue pressure will be high.

Zhang Shule, People's Literature, why don't you look at the egg boy party

In the future, only by entering more UGC content and constantly refreshing the game experience of players can the stickiness be maintained and users pour in.

In order to stimulate the creative enthusiasm of UGC, it is important to provide materials, and if it is unique materials, it is more moat.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the strategic cooperation between the People's Literature Publishing House and NetEase Games.

And going to the egg boy party has become a new fashion.

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