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Smash 12 egg boys, NetEase has a showdown!

Zhang Shule 2024/05/28 08:56

Zhang Shule is a columnist for People's Daily Online and People's Post and TelegraphDon't be the second millennium,NetEase's massive egg boy raids Tencent!

NetEase has attacked across the board!

Zhang Shule, smash 12 egg boys, NetEase has a showdown!

On the evening of May 20, NetEase Games' annual 520 online conference arrived as scheduled.

In the next decade, we will continue to listen carefully to the opinions of players, continue to optimize the game experience, and increase the welfare of players. NetEase said so and did so.

At the meeting, NetEase released more than 12 new games such as "Firefly Assault", "Broken Land" and "Seven Days World" in one go.

These games cover a variety of gameplay categories including shooting, open world, strategy cards, tactical games, competitive multiplayer, and even VR, with a wider layout and longer battle front.

At the same time, these games not only appeared in popular IP works such as Marvel, The Lord of the Rings, Octopath Traveler, and Jiugi, but also released four new shooting games at one time.

"Marvel's Ultimate Reversal", the overseas card "dark horse" in 2022, was announced to be published by NetEase in China, which shows that NetEase Games' layout in strengthening the principle of globalization has begun to bear fruit.

Zhang Shule, smash 12 egg boys, NetEase has a showdown!

In addition, products such as "Operation Apocalypse", "Seven Days of World", and "Raid: Shadow Legends" also have their own characteristics, which will bring players a new gaming experience.

The release of these new games not only demonstrates NetEase Games' strength in game research and development, but also highlights its diversified layout in the game market.

In addition to the new games under development, more than 30 popular games in operation have also released new content for the second half of the year.

"Egg Boy Party" debuted with a new way to play, the prologue of the new world kicked off, the first batch of 12 magical Abby images were exposed, and the 2nd anniversary celebration was also announced to be set for June 14.

Zhang Shule, smash 12 egg boys, NetEase has a showdown!

The mobile game "Against the Cold" released a promotional video of the thirteen culprits at this year's 520 press conference.

The terminal game of "Against the Cold" released a demonstration video of the new genre "Canglan" and the new group book.

"Beyond the World" for the first time exposed the linkage of eight major brands in various fields including trendy toys, catering, transportation, and cleaning and care.

NetEase's artificial intelligence has also performed well, and "Egg Boy Party" continues to upgrade the UGC creation tool equipped with AI algorithms, helping the total number of maps for park players to exceed 100 million, and the maximum number of times a single map has exceeded 120 million......

What do you think of NetEase's new game reserve and layout?

Has NetEase changed its game style in recent years?

In this regard, Times Financial Reporter Xie Silin had an exchange with Shule, and this monkey thought:

The success of the egg boy made NetEase full of pride, and it began to be unwilling to be inferior to Tencent.

So, a large wave of egg boys rushed out.

Zhang Shule, smash 12 egg boys, NetEase has a showdown!

12 games, 12 egg boys; Egg Boy 12 Abby, also 12 Egg Boy.

Is it just a coincidence that NetEase values 12 so much?

It's just that it's the same massive release, wide variety and thin harvest, but the way of playing is different.

NetEase has relied on the Egg Boy Party to complete the layout of double hits, and its position in China's game industry has been stabilized, and it has the strength to further expand its achievements and explore the possibility of more blockbuster games in the vertical game field.

Zhang Shule, smash 12 egg boys, NetEase has a showdown!

NetEase's 2023 financial report data shows that NetEase recorded a net income of RMB 103.5 billion in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 7.3%.

Among them, the revenue from online games reached 81.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%; Non-GAAP net profit attributable to the parent company was 32.6 billion yuan, a significant increase of 43.0% year-on-year.

The increase was mainly due to the increase in the proportion of net revenue from mobile games such as "Egg Boy Party" and "Against the Cold".

Relevant data shows that the daily active users of "Egg Boy Party" have exceeded 40 million during the Spring Festival, and the number of registered users has also exceeded 500 million; The mobile game "Against the Cold" has reached a new milestone in the MMO field, attracting more than 100 million active users.

Zhang Shule, smash 12 egg boys, NetEase has a showdown!

At the same time, as the only company in China that has made IP games into super hits (Onmyoji), expanding the IP game matrix can not only protect the capital, but also have the potential to create a phenomenal hit again.

All in all, NetEase finally has the capital to expand massively.

It's just based on the company's habits in games for more than 20 years, unlike Tencent that has money to buy and buy, but NetEase has money to develop independently.

This session of NetEase is OK again.

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