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We didn't understand the meaning of "the king eats chicken" at all

Game Spinning Top 2024/05/21 11:12

"Glory of Kings: Dawn of the Stars" (hereinafter referred to as the Dawn of the Stars) has carried out several tests and content exposures before, just when everyone thought that the gameplay of this game had been finalized, on May 16, "Dawn of the Stars" suddenly exposed the "Star Soul Battlefield" and opened a small-scale test, throwing a chicken mode covering action games in front of players. On the evening of the 16th, related topics detonated discussions on major social platforms.

Some players think that the Star Soul Battlefield has made a very correct restoration of the world view and characters of "Honor of Kings".

Some players are looking forward to improving the chicken experience.

However, some players questioned it, feeling that this sudden appearance of the model was a bit "unprofessional".

In the absence of large-scale pre-warming, relying solely on the spontaneous communication and discussion of players in recent days, as well as the fermentation of various live broadcasts and video second creations, the related topics of king + chicken have been rapidly fermented. It's not even just the collective carnival of players in the "Honor of Kings" circle, action competitions, chicken, MOBA, live broadcast audiences and even many pan-entertainment users have been quickly attracted.

So why is this "burst behavior" so appealing to players? Is it the MOBA boss who got involved in eating chicken, which triggered the onlookers of people in the game circle? Or is it an action game enthusiast? I think at the end of the day, everyone still has a lot of questions and interest in the planning ideas of "Dawn of the Stars" in terms of gameplay.

After reading the official product information and actually participating in the closed beta, I believe that I can try to sort out the thinking contained in this new model. Maybe at this juncture, this is indeed what "Dawn of the Stars" has to do.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at all

Why enter the action world at this time?

It is not difficult to see from the popular products on the market that after many years of dominating the market in the two categories of MOBA and chicken, more and more subdivided gameplay is emerging.

In recent years, products such as the "Martial Arts" series and "Hunter Arena: Legends" have also proved the feasibility of the integration of action games and strategy survival. Even if some products don't achieve enough market returns, players still have a lot of confidence in this mode that combines both exciting duels and random variables.

Of course, the addition of action gameplay will also create new pain points.

For example, the "heavy operation" trait is easy to form a learning threshold, which is not so easy to expand users. The system is too profound, and it is easy to drive away light users in the learning stage, but if the action gameplay is not brilliant enough, it will be disliked by core users, which is somewhat of a dilemma. In addition, in long-term operation, it is necessary to deal with various problems in dimensions such as balance and matching.

In short, there are many manufacturers who are optimistic about the user needs and development potential of action gameplay, but there are not many who really dare to enter the game. For teams that have not accumulated, rash project approval is likely to end up with a "broken head".

So why did Dawn of the Stars challenge the design of action gameplay?

First of all, an important reason is to meet the needs of Honor of Kings players.

Yes, although "Honor of Kings" is a representative of the MOBA category, as a large DAU product that comprehensively covers the domestic mobile game user group, it has a complex and diverse user composition.

Therefore, in the long-term communication with players, the official has a deep understanding of the various gameplay needs expected by IP audiences. This covers dimensions such as multiplayer competition, hero character building, and more refreshing action battles are naturally also included. Previously, in "Honor of Kings", we have seen the official use of different sub-gameplay attempts - and only a user base of this magnitude can support the corresponding gameplay exploration.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at all

For example, the "Heavenly Creation" mode, which covers hero design, scene construction, plot writing, level creation and other gameplay, is to meet the self-built needs of players. The "Border Breakout", which has been launched since 2018, is obviously also the production team's exploration of survival competition and hero free game. The subsequent feedback received from these gameplay methods proves the authenticity and rationality of the diverse needs of king players.

The second is that "Dawn of the Stars" has already formed its thinking and understanding of action gameplay.

For the more vertical category of action, "Dawn of the Stars" knows that as a latecomer, it must come up with something new and hard enough, and at the same time, it must conform to the habits and IP characteristics of the player group of "Honor of Kings" in order to have a chance to gain a firm foothold in this increasingly competitive field. The appearance of the Star Soul Battlefield is the result of the game completely "figuring it out".

To sum up, I think this suddenly officially announced action gameplay can be regarded as "unexpected and reasonable". It has a deep inheritance of IP, and also has a unique expansion of the current popular gameplay, and when it comes to the gameplay itself, you can see its ambition more clearly.

It's not just "the king eats chicken", it's a key step in digging deeper

As a late entry player in the field of action and chicken, "Dawn of the Stars" must have some new ideas and new content to attract new players. So focusing on the heated discussions caused by the Star Soul Battlefield, and then examining its presentation in the dimensions of ideas, content, and IP empowerment, it may be found that the official plan for this product is not only the superficial addition and subtraction.

The framework of King + Chicken seems to be easy to understand: isn't it just to integrate popular IPs and categories in an attempt to explode again? Recently, many players, KOLs, and media have also done a lot of analysis on the game's gameplay features. The accurate restoration of the characters of "Honor of Kings" on the Star Soul Battlefield, the characteristic system of switching heroes, and the implantation of MOBA elements are all regarded as a concentrated presentation of opening and eating chicken in the way of kings.

But in my opinion, if the king IP matrix covering multiple products is to meet the needs of "Honor of Kings" players from various categories of gameplay, then the filling of action gameplay in "Dawn of the Stars" is to echo the pursuit and expectation of IP audiences for action experience.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at all

If you look a little more open, you will find that there are actually many advantages to this line of thinking.

From the player's point of view, especially for those new users who have been lured by the IP, it is uncertain whether they can be left by the action gameplay. And "Dawn of the Stars" expands the chicken experience of Star Soul Battlefield on the basis of side-scrolling action, which is likely to help new players find their favorite dimension for the action genre. After all, action gameplay is also a big category, and everyone can get different points, one more plate and one more choice, and players always don't lose.

In short, the emergence of the Star Soul Battlefield is indeed of great help to us to understand the pioneering ideas of the king IP. On the one hand, it allows us to see what kind of freshness the IP elements of "Honor of Kings" can inject into the chicken frame; On the other hand, the addition of Chicken has also raised our expectations for the future of Starbreak - this game wants much more than we imagined.

I know it's not easy to achieve this multi-movement structure. But I think the team added a lot of insurance in order to realize this ambition. For example, in the early stage of development, we maintained in-depth communication with the well-known "Martial Arts" and "Meteor Butterfly Sword" teams, and started to co-create from multiple perspectives and different experiences, which is undoubtedly a smart way to ensure that the action experience is polished.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at all

Of course, even with the help of a master, the key to success lies in whether the Star Soul Battlefield can meet the player's increasingly high threshold for action gameplay. To this end, in the process of co-creation, TiMi and the teams of "Martial Arts" and "Meteor Butterfly Sword" put forward three consensus category evolution points: balance, experience threshold and degree of freedom. These three points are very concise, and they are obviously all about the depth of the player experience.

Let's start with balance, which is a very complex issue - I dare say that the perception of balance is very different between players and manufacturers.

For example, many players feel that the game of eating chicken actually "does not need balance so much", and everyone likes to hear about the "optimal solution". How many weapons are extra IMBA, what's wrong? If you can't beat it, you can join it, and it won't affect the daily coolness.

The production team was considering: I have designed so many styles, why do players only like one or two? It's not ecologically healthy. The result is a wave of weakening patches, which makes everyone unhappy. It can only be said that the overall view of the manufacturer will inevitably be at odds with players who pay attention to their own revenue, and how to deal with it is the art of operation.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at allHeroes are key

The more clever thing about "Dawn of the Stars" is that it chooses to focus on the concept of "hero" that it is best at, and uses the numerical balance accumulated by "Honor of Kings" over the years as the base, so as to avoid detours. On this basis, the setting of free switching heroes and treasure chests in the battlefield can also open new heroes also gives players more "balance choices": even if the battle situation is temporarily suppressed, there is a greater chance of trial and error.

In addition, the threshold of entry is also an interesting concept.

Everyone knows that the threshold for getting started is too high, but the threshold is just for action gamers. Even for novices, certain thresholds and challenges are also an important source of fulfillment.

The approach of "Dawn of the Stars" is to maximize the "decentralization" of those high-end operations, and the focus of "widening the level gap" is to put the judgment of hero cooperation, skill release timing, the understanding of hero characteristics and the collaboration of team members.

It is not difficult to play the refreshing operations such as basic attack skill combo, charged attack, and defensive counterattack in the battle, which greatly ensures that most players can enjoy the fun of ACT. Even if I didn't win in the end, there were a few flashy moves in the game that were enough to entice me to keep playing.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at allIt's the situation and timing that matter

Finally, in terms of freedom, "Dawn of the Stars" is also more open than similar products.

For example, in terms of movement and scene interaction, the game has few restrictions. Players can dodge and move very smoothly, climbing walls and climbing mountains. The "Star Shuttle", a means that can be freely launched from any position and greatly displaced, also provides a lot of imagination in the battle.

Although the overall gameplay idea is still the set of "shrinking the circle and running the poison", the interaction with a higher degree of freedom not only makes the player's running rhythm faster, but also gives the player ample strategic consideration. Launch a star shuttle at the enemy to pull the distance and open the combo, squat in the grass to raid and then quickly take advantage of the height difference terrain to evacuate, which is obviously much more flexible than the traditional chicken game of fighting, searching, running, and running on a vehicle, which is a step forward in the existing mainstream chicken eating framework.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at all

It can be seen that the team has thought about and avoided these problems that have plagued players and developers for a long time. However, these problems will certainly not be solved by a single concentrated attempt. With the enrichment of the hero pool and the filling of more gameplay in the future, the response at these levels needs to be further observed.

An undeniable situation is that even if it is a big category like eating chicken, its user base has tended to be stable or even solidified today, and without some innovative and "gimmicky" new products, it is basically difficult to grab user time in today's stock market. The feeling of the industry that has become more and more painful over the years has largely come from this.

Therefore, the entry of "Dawn of the Stars" has a desire to use big IP to drive the development of the category.

The appeal of "Honor of Kings" with a large base, a large range and multiple circles must be able to accurately introduce many players who have never been exposed to chicken and action categories, and fully perceive the fun during the gameplay, effectively injecting more vitality into the category track. And with such a key step, the subsequent construction of more gameplay content in "Dawn of the Stars" must be more leisurely.

National IP takes the lead in trying, and the category has the possibility of breaking through

Through the above disassembly, we may be able to gradually understand the internal logic of the introduction of "Dawn of the Stars" into the Star Soul Battlefield, and we can see the long-term considerations hidden behind it. Judging from the response to this test, although there are some doubts and puzzles, players and the market are generally willing to "give a chance", and look forward to seeing a more complete form in the future, and I also believe that this new product can bring more dimensions of positive impact.

Game Gyro, We didn't understand the deep meaning of "the king eats chicken" at all

For the market, the attempt of "Dawn of the Stars" may bring some new changes to the action and chicken track, and provide more inspiration for practitioners with its market performance. From the perspective of the product itself, after testing, "Dawn of the Stars" can also verify its various innovations from player feedback, and run in small steps to ensure that subsequent iterations are on the right path.

For the category, this is also an opportunity for the vertical category of action to be seen and joined by more new users and light users. Even the more cautious capital at the moment may enhance confidence due to the entry of leading brands.

And I am personally more interested in the "final form" of the big territory of the king IP matrix.

As an important part of this territory, "Dawn of the Stars" is now responsible for the development of the entire "action category", and there is a trend of "building a vertical category platform under the big matrix". How the follow-up "Honor of Kings" will use this complete matrix of layers of nested gameplay involving multi-category gameplay to continue the vitality of the IP is a strategic deployment that I am very curious about.

You must know that IP derivatives have always been a proposition that cannot be given up but is difficult to do well in the industry, if "Dawn of the Stars" can really gnaw down the action plate and let the cycle of the entire matrix run, then the reference value is self-evident. I believe that with more tests and content exposure in the future, we will soon usher in a phased answer.

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